Homebuilt automatic rifle surrendered in Bogota

Homebuilt automatic rifle

A homebuilt automatic rifle among other firearms and explosives surrendered in Bogota


This homebuilt automatic rifle was voluntarily surrendered during a weapons amnesty in Bogota, Colombia. The large diameter, fully encapsulating receiver suggests it is of a straight blow-back design utilizing a very large and heavy open-bolt (likely telescoping the entire barrel) to compensate for having no breech locking system. The trigger housing and skeletonized grip layout is very reminiscent of the .45 ‘Minuteman’ submachine gun design detailed in the book ‘Improvised Weapons of the American Underground’. Two revolver grips have been added. A very interesting exhibit from the land that also gave us scratch-built submarines…


  • Editor

    No “u” in Colombia.

  • floppyscience

    Not sure how I’d feel about firing .223 out of a homemade blowback rifle… Still, it looks pretty well-made. It’s certainly nicer than 99% of the other homemade firearms I’ve seen.

    • bbmg

      I could be more sophisticated than we are seeing, with advanced primer ignition a straight blowback mechanism was practical for 20mm cannon: http://www.quarry.nildram.co.uk/apib.html

      • Ian

        No, those cannons aren’t straight blowback. They’re pre-ignition blowback which is hugely different and far more complicated.

        The assumption that this is blowback is an arrogant one. It’s laid out with 5.56 magazines, ammo, and what appears to be the magwell on the gun is the length of a 5.56. The correct assumption is that it is in fact locked, not that it matters because this is a one off that no one will ever see again.

  • Ben 10

    Someone should get the blueprints for this thing and spread it on the net.

  • Andrey Martim

    So, this is kind a “Rifle-Chambered Sten”… I like it, seens to be easy to use and somewhat tough…

  • Lance

    Do like the Pachmeyer grip!

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    That rifle appears to be very well-made and properly put together ( at least externally ). Whoever the builder was, he / she certainly had a certain level of design and mechanical ability. Perhaps those skills could be put to better use by gainful employment with a firearms manufacturer, or even with the armed forces or police?

  • avconsumer2

    schmexy! skills to pay the bills that maker

  • BryanS

    I love that they lay out all the rounds in order to make it all so much more imposing. At least that BS is a worldwide phenomenon.

  • Zermoid

    Some damn inventive people down there!

  • Poyo

    According to http://www.orions-hammer.com/blowback/ you’ll need a 7 pound bolt to be able to fire .223, and the guy on the first photo doesn’t seem to be making much effort to hold it with one hand… On the other side, we can see only 2 “pins” on the “lower receiver” despicting a very simple firing mechanism. Greetings folks.

  • jenkins