Damage Industries AK Modular Forearm Assembly MkIII

Damage Industries have updated theirĀ AK Modular Forearm Assembly design. The new Mark III version features a beveled front gas tube, a new relief cut design and all mounting hardware now use the same diameter hex wrench. The assembly is selling for $159.95.

Made in USA using advanced precision manufacturing with Mil-A-8625 Hardcoat Anodized protective finish. Constructed of high-strength aluminum with aerospace alloy gas block insert and heavy duty M4 metric thread fasteners.

Adds only 4-6 ounces to weapon depending on type of forearm & gas tube replaced. Optional accessories excluded from weight. Swivel available separately.


* 2 detachable side-mounting Mil-Std 1913 Rails (1 non-QD & 1 QD) which can be mounted in various positions on either side of the forearm.

* Mounting hardware. (Don’t panic. We drop stuff, too. We include extra fasteners.)

* Loc-tite.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • jamezb

    This has much more attractive lines than most AK rail systems I see. By golly I think I like it.

    • Roecar

      I’d like to see a comparison between the Midwest Industries AK rails and this. I use the Midwest rails currently, but I am considering switching to these.

  • Lance

    I say its another failed attempt to make a AK/AKM modular like a M-16/M-4 and it doesn’t work well the AK design doesn’t work well with many 1913 rails on it its gas system makes it too bulky for rails. waste of time get a AR if you want alot of rails and gadgets for it.

  • Matt Halliday

    Proof will be in using it, As lance pointed out most of the current RIS / RAS systems are not well designed and put the shooter of balance due to the unevenly distributed weight at the front end / off sides. I wonder if TFB will get a chance to test it out?

    • Mike

      You got it mine was junk.

  • Cornelius Carroll

    Still doesn’t extend the reach as much as I would like :/

  • ducky

    AK systems needs the upper hand guard to have some loose fit to avoid tensions esp. when barrel heats up. Adding accessories that either wobble or increase tension is counter-productive.

  • InfringedUpon

    I’m wondering if an optic mounted to it will hold zero. Has anyone tested that?

  • Civil War Guns

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  • SD

    They obviously didn’t listen to their customers. The transition from the front of the receiver to the handguard is unsightly. Also, they didn’t extend the rail.

  • Rich Kerr

    Looks nice, don’t like the idea that it covers the Gas Tube completely, That Tube gets HOT. The Ad-hoc modular Rail System is a nice idea, add what you need and only what you need, less weight due to eliminating unused rail sections. With todays CNC technology though; I don’t like the prices of most Rail/Hand-guards, I think many are a bit overpriced.

  • Mike

    I can tell you without reservation that the customer service from Damage Industries is ROTTEN. Let me be the first to tell you that Damage Industries DOES NOT warranty there product worth a damn! First thing they will do is try to blame your rifle for being out of spec. Then they will offer to look at the problem gas tube on your shipping dime then they will tell you again your rifle is out of spec and that your screwed and that you need to pay for return shipping.