Egyptian Navy Special Forces Adopt Beretta ARX-160

Photos of Egypt’s navel commandos, the Thunderbolts, armed with 5.56mm Beretta ARX-160 rifles have surfaced on the internet.


Egypt has also been purchasing CZ BREN A1 rifles, although it is not clear if those rifles are destined for the police or the military.

Many thanks to Albi for the tip.

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  • Mahler

    I suppose they didn’t tell them what the uniform of the day was going to be…

    • Samuel Suggs


    • anon

      It’s a PR photo showing what the gear they use for different ops, dumbass.

      • Mahler

        It was a joke… dumbass 🙂

  • O

    What’s a navel commandoe?

  • Cuban Pete

    Watching the Egyptian military playing with guns is like watching a Chicago street gang – you know they’re inept, you know someone gonna get a hurtin’, but you still watch for the entertainment and for the lulz.

    • Dan

      I’m sure you’re way more badass than they are, little internet commando.

    • Man pippy

      All they need is money for training and egyptian military is pretty much the only thing that’s still being funded.

  • snmp

    May be Evaluation purchase, but the CZ805 sound like have somes problems of reilablilities

  • Lance

    Yet they also still use domestic AKM rifles too. Seem they by what a operator wants so like Our Spec Ops its a smorgasbord of small arms they use. Its up to the operator.

    • Samuel Suggs

      um are you talking about their “military” in general or their special forces as depicted here?

  • Kav


    • Uh yea:-)

      • Samuel Suggs

        Uh HELL yea:-)

      • Samuel Suggs

        why cant you check who downvoted what like you used to?

    • Samuel Suggs

      she’s british and everything your awesome Kav

  • Hblu

    I wonder what the procurcurement debate was like.General:”I want some new guns” Same General:”oh right we run the country”

    • Samuel Suggs

      well yeah kinda

    • Derek

      That was magnificent.

    • mahmood

      actually, as the military has it’s own business plans with factories producing military and civilian products, construction contracts for the government and so forth, it was able to LEND the government out of it’s own internal budget a while ago
      so, yeah, in Egypt sometimes money flow FROM the ministry of defense to the govenrment

  • anon

    Small correction: They’re not called the “Thunderbolts”. They’re called Navy Thunderbolt commandos.

    “Thunderbolt” is the unified Egyptian military special operations organization (like USSOCOM).

    Thunderbolt have two components: Army Thunderbolt and Navy Thunderbolt, each of which is divided into further sub-units.

    • Samuel Suggs

      are you in Egypt or close to Eygpt?

      • We have a good deal of readers from Egypt both here and Facebook.

        • Samuel Suggs

          yeah is their some way I can look at your traffic stats?

        • Samuel Suggs

          thats interesting however they have had an interesting serise of military rifles over the years any idea how the Ljungman became the Hakim military rifle I mean how did they get ahold of a licesed set of blue prints and how did they think to look in Sweden

        • Samuel Suggs

          I was asking because Anon seems to be all over this with miltary terminology trivia which isnt somthing you genrally see about a modern military force anyway from people not in or from a given country hence I assumed he was eygptian

    • Joe Schmoe

      I love the name, it would have been hilarious if the Navy SF were called the Thunderbolts and the Army SF the Wolverines 😀 .

  • mohamed

    so proud to be an egyption … it’s a real photo for who asking