My DIY Iron Glock

Where I come from, people joke about watering flowerbeds with motor oil. Especially those parts where they’ve buried a machine gun. There are many semi rifles that people build from 80% kits and parts: AKs, CETMEs, Uzis and the “other one”. Not much selection of pistols. True pistols, not rifles bastardized down to be one.

Shortest AK pistol. Tochka.

Shortest AK pistol. Tochka.

I don’t have a problem with few existing pistols builds, but sourcing 49 individual parts is outside of the scope of my attention span, never mind fitting them together. A year ago I started to look for an ultimate SHTF pistol build. Something that has few parts and doesn’t freeze together in a trunk when I come visit uncle Vlad, up north. A year later I got something working.

Few people realize that some builds that take a page of write-up actually may span a year or more. Not 24/7 effort, but rather keeping them on the back burner while you try to figure out something like how the f did Germans crimped front receiver bushing on MG42. This true with many builds. Sometimes it’s hard to tell when you fertilized the new build, but I distinctly remember arguing with comrade Michael, last summer, on the simplest pistol in defense of Motherland. This is when I fell in love with Glock.

I appreciate simplicity. There is the beauty of symphony of parts that harmoniously come together for one, single purpose. None of that tacticool kakashki, with extra rails and extra screws. No rails!  I can’t say that Glock design is perfect, like a fine middle game of chess where each move not only serves one purpose, but several goals at the same time, those goals interconnected many moves ahead. But Glocks work and they are very simple.

I don’t like polymers or aluminum because I can’t easily repair them. With steel, what angle grinder taketh, MIG welder giveth back. My original thoughts on building a pistol to use Glock parts was part polymer, part steel. And by “polymer” I don’t mean Nylon 6, mold injected, but more like bondo and some fiberglass cloth. Mold injection and 3d printing is soooo not SHTF.

One distinguishing feature of Glock is that frame doesn’t receive as much stress as pistols where its barrel is attached to its frame directly. This gives a perfect opportunity to slack off on the frame integrity and just weave it out of paperclips (next build idea?) I did experiment with a good number of molds and designs. One line of thinking was to make it like an investment casting, with cheap wax mold that could be used to make either epoxy based or aluminum (like in a lawn chair) cast. I struggled with was dimensional consistency and fragility of molds. The limited steel skeleton grew bigger, encompassing more tasks, and eventually became the top contender.

Rubber molds, urethane molds, wax molds, molds molds molds.

Rubber molds, urethane molds, wax molds, molds molds molds.

Current “Iron Glock” is actually 10-th major iteration of the 4-th model design. It’s predecessors were left in the scrap heap. Sheet metal stampings are frequently associated with cheap, fast production; however, when formed it creates uniformly thin, yet durable frame walls. Additional machining, forming and fitting can make stampings precise enough. This frame, although may not be perfectly suited as a factory production model is a great alternative for home built guns.

Scrap heap of previous iterations.

Scrap heap of previous iterations.

Previous versions that kept evolving.

Previous versions that kept evolving.

Combination of stamping and machining can give very good results. Here, position of the locking block must be perfectly flush with top rails, otherwise the timing of unlocking the barrel will be off.

Combination of stamping and machining can give very good results. Here, position of the locking block must be perfectly flush with top rails, otherwise the timing of unlocking the barrel will be off.

It was written that Gaston fired his prototypes left-handed in case of gun blows up. If you’ve built a Glock, you’ll understand that he either did not design or understood it. The greatest knowledge comes when you screw up. It starts with frustration and throwing objects in immediate vicinity against the wall. Then comes liquid medication and a pensive period of self reflection. When you finally understand what went wrong, you commune with the designer and see the depth of wisdom that was put into every single little part

One interesting aspect of Glocks is the infamous angle and the grip that seems to shovel sand into some people’s privates. Although it was written that this angle was chosen as the most ergonomic to some Austrians, I think that the real reason is quite different. Magazine well angle is smaller than overall grip. My thoughts were to simply use that angle for a different feel, except that I could not. The grip must be close to the slide to avoid limpwristing and problematic cycling. That trigger mechanism housing with the ejector is just too bulky to hide anywhere else. There is no real solution here. If you want a different grip, that housing must be at least twice as short. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking with it.

Iron over plastic, you can see how mag well angle is different from the regular hold.

Iron over plastic, you can see how mag well angle is different from the regular hold.

Grasping the iron frame you can see that there is a large void that's filled in an actual Glock

Grasping the iron frame you can see that there is a large void that’s filled in an actual Glock

I haven’t got around to dress the iron frame in anything other than quick solutions such as wrapping it in duct tape or unicorns. There is a potential to add molded grips, even to bond wood. In a 180 reversal I am coming back to plastic as the final solution. My guess is that airsoft manufacturers had to increase the size of their “replicas” to avoid the wrath of Gaston’s attorneys. This suits me just fine as the steel frame fits well inside the plastic that I was trying to replace to begin with.

No comment.

….. and last but not least, the obligatory garden tool mutilation …..

Come at me bro!

Come at me bro!


When Austrians make garden tools for Americans and Americans are building “Glocks” … oh, the irony!

When Austrians make garden tools for Americans and Americans are building “Glocks” … oh, the irony!


Son of Kalashnikov.


  • Tango Down

    Technically, the addition of the “garden tool” attachment would make this Glock illegal as it would be adding a forward grip allowing for a 2-hand grip. I don’t like that law either but just mentioning it so no one gets screwed up the rear but the BATFE. 🙁

    • Always-Question-The-Government

      Would the BATFE have any say in it other than it was a homemade firearm? It has no serial number and how can a non serialized firearm be registered as a AOW or SBR or whatever? How could they regulate it? Could you even call it a Glock since it was not manufactured by Glock? True it was made “with” Glock components, but it will be called by whatever the builder/designer wants to call it.

      • Darryl Hadfield

        Actually, home-built units are still regulated under NFA, GCA, etc… Too easy to get whacked for producing an NFA item without the appropriate paperwork (and more importantly, tax stamp paid for!) completed in advance.

      • Tango Down

        Homemade weapon’s, as long as they DO NOT break the laws governing AOW’s, SRB’s, Full Auto’s, are out the BATFE’s legal range to govern. That’s why you can go out and purchase an 80% lower that has no numbers and finish it to completion with purchased parts (upper, trigger kit, bolt, carrier, etc.) and it’s fully legal.

        With that being said,. there are states such as California that feel they have the right to stop folks from doing this. So, all I could say is check local laws as well as federal.

        But you can build your own weapons and as long as you DO NOT break the laws I mentioned above (there might be a few others as well), you’re clear and good.

        • A Mericano

          Yes, you can make your own gun legally.

          But it still can’t be in an illegal congifuration. Homemade or not, if you mount a forward grip on a handgun that is “manufacture” of an “Any Other Weapon” and must be registered with BATFE, the $200 tax paid and all the rest of the NFA requirements met.

          It’s not just NFA either. Build a semi-auto rifle from an “80% lower” and it needs to comply with 18 USC 922(r) as well. Not usually a problem with an AR build, but if you’re rolling and welding a G3 or MP5 receiver flat then it can be an issue.

    • JT

      Would be interesting to see what would happen if someone tested the NFA in a FFA state. Adam Kokesh should have tried that instead of loading a shotgun in DC

      • BryanS

        The full force of the IRS would come at you for tax evasion.

      • Samuel Suggs

        Ah adam Kokesh the crazy little fucker who hates the U.S military

    • felidstar

      If your chosen state of residence allows AOWs you must submit a schematic for approval prior to building said AOW. I doubt this was done and if you were found in possession of such an object you would probably have a visit from the party van.

    • TheQuickestBrownFox

      I believe that the attachment method (Namely that it isn’t actually attached or retained in any way) would render it not actually an AOW. They could, of course, argue constructive intent, but for all intents and purposes, the handle of the garden/impalement implement isn’t really attached any more than the cloth it’s resting on, it’s just leaned up against it so that it looks as if it’s solidly a part.

  • Samuel Suggs

    this is the best thing ever I am practically speachless

  • Steve Truffer

    Looks like the “glock” is resting on the mutilated tool.

  • Bill Katt


    I was going to msg someone I know on another forum about some ‘competition’. That is until I saw who did this. 😉
    You’re creativity is amazing, Boris. [cheers]

  • djibouti

    “oh the ‘iron’y”
    my sides

  • GlockLove

    why no pics of the final product i cant believe the iron lower fit in the air soft lower perfect !! tis this is freakn awesome please add more pics !!! please please please

  • Samuel Suggs

    your great Boris i hope you get a chance to post here agian

  • Ben 10

    boris, son of kalashnikov? hey, is this the guy who made a working ak-47 from a manure shovel?

    • Samuel Suggs

      yes he’s awesome

  • mikewest007

    Wood grips, backstrap of some sort and you’re done. 😀

    • fred foster

      try some sugru amazing product


    Can’t believe you ran away Sunday, we missed you and you missed hilarity.

  • C-Money

    What an awesome article! I WANT MOAR!!!!!!!!!!

    • Samuel Suggs

      me to

  • Sherlock Gnomes

    Ok…why ? This is retarded.

    You cant seem to decide if you are a Russian or an American.

    A Russian wouldn’t use a “v” for “version” ( picture 5 ) since the Russian word is:


    I suspect Boris is as Russian as the “FPRussia” guy on Youtube.

    • Samuel Suggs

      he’s an actual real russian hes just engageing the stereotype

    • Geez Sherlock take it easy— what does it matter. He’s done something here most of us couldn’t myself included. I have to admire his innovative work. I couldn’t care less where comes from.

      • Samuel Suggs

        i think he’s just trolling

      • Samuel Suggs

        whats with the dashes after “easy—” you guys do that alot what are you trying to confer

      • Guest

        I think you could do it if you where absolutily forced you would be surprised how easy it is to whip up stuff like this its mostly just a matter of finding time and the determination like this sort of thing that I totally didnt build at all ever that would be illegal

    • User

      I know the man in person, and you’re an idiot.

  • YouHanoiMe

    That’s not only awesome but also the perfect article to convince soccer moms to join in the battle for gun rights.

  • Jordan Bear Pollard

    Please, PLEASE take some time to learn how to weld before you build guns. Bad-looking welds aren’t just visually unappealing, their strength can be seriously compromised due to nitrogen inclusions or nonfusions.
    I love the idea, but you’re building something that’s going to fall apart.