Washout Remover For Meprolight M21

The Meprolight M21, best known for being the favorite optic of many IDF soldiers, has one flaw: if you use it in relative darkness and are aiming at a very well lit target, the reticle brightness can be on the dim side, making it hard to aim. The M21 is lit by a fiber optic collector, with additional light coming from a tritium lamp, not by batteries, so it works well both during the night and day just so long as the target is not lit up brightly relative to the optic/operator.

This problem is well known and would not stop me buying a M21, in fact I wanted to buy one earlier this year but when the company stopped returning my emails I gave up and spent my money elsewhere, but some ingenious person came up with a solution: a little battery powered light that attaches to the M21’s outer-case to shine light into the the fiber optic collector.

Go ahead and read the review of the WOR (Wash Out Remover) at The Bang Switch.

Unfortunately The Bang Switch did not say who makes the WOR or where you can guy it. My Googling did not turn up any retailers selling it. If you know where it can be bought, please post a link in the comments below.

m21 wor


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  • Joe Schmoe


    As tough and good as the Mepro-21 is, that will forever remain one of their most critical flaws (one I have experienced as well). It’s one of the reasons the IDF announced a few years back that they were changing over to Aimpoint’s. I actually did see an Aimpoint in use in the IDF as one of the trial handouts. I don’t know what happened in the end to the acquisition (it was supposed to take place already).

    Meprolight also realized this and offers the Mepro-MOR which is quite popular among the SF and commanders in the army.

    • Dannyboy

      Not true – there is a new tender for reflex sight for the IDF – a winner hasn’t been awarded yet. at the meantime the IDF is buying more M21 from Meprolight instead of the ITL MARS (the M21 sight is not consider to be a good sight among IDF troops ) – please see the link (in Hebrew ) http://www.israeldefense.co.il/?CategoryID=483&ArticleID=4733

      • Joe Schmoe

        Here you go with the original article showing the IDF testing the adoption of the Aimpoint:


        I did see these tested in my unit, so I know the IDF was definitely thinking about adopting them. It’s probably the cost (especially with the budget cuts) as well pressure from Mephrolight that is pushing off the adoption.

        • Dannyboy

          Only the x 3 magnifiers got in the IDF (Made buy ITL / Meprolight )

          The Aimpoint pic in the Article is just a sample – has for the rest of the sights in the Article – cancelled

          • Joe Schmoe

            The magnifiers have been around forever and pre-date the article. I haven’t heard a lot of good things about them though (I hear they are rather unpopular).

            As for the rest of the sights, I haven’t seen anything further. It could either be on hold due to the budget cuts or outright canceled; I’m not sure.

          • Joe Schmoe

            Talk about the devil, guess what pops in the news today:


            The IDF is testing the MSE AQC sight. MSE is a company who’s CEO is the former head of all marksmanship, gun and gun optic procurement in the IDF, Mickey Hartman:


            Now we probably know why the Aimpoint failed to get adopted despite its merits.

      • Samuel Suggs

        yeah I didnt exspect the IDF to tolerate mediocrity

        • Joe Schmoe

          Budget cuts as well as under the table payments to the procurement guys hit hard.

          I’ve noticed an increase lately in the gear I’ve been getting in the IDF that is pure shit, or at best mediocre, and should have never held up even under the most basic of tests before buying. There is definitely a lot of bribery going on in the IDF procurement office as of late based on the crap equipment we’re getting lately. I don’t want to list individual cases for obvious reasons.

          That’s what happens when you have the colonels and generals in charge of procuring the equipment immediately go work for the same damn companies right after being discharged without even any downtime in between.

          If you have some particular “IDF” equipment you are interested in buying but want to know if it’s any good, feel free to ask me. If I know the equipment, I’ll tell you an honest answer (some gear is very good and ingenious). Just be warned, some of the gear listed as “IDF gear” is bullshit and aren’t used.

          • DiverEngrSL17K

            RE : Your Third Paragraph

            That same problem ( conflict of interest ) unfortunately exists to varying degrees in almost every country’s armed forces, including here in the United States.

            I personally really like the Mepro MOR — reliable, durable, versatile and well-integrated, and at a not unreasonable price point.

          • Samuel Suggs

            that is a cross all militarys must bear be glad yours still particpates in small arms devlopment at all. in the US most of the BS procurments are centered around large weapons like planes missles, convoluted autocannons and multi trillin dollar naval laser weapons that can take out an outbaord motor if its made of plastic and its not raining or foggy that day and do absolutily nothing else.

          • evi1joe

            So do you think this M5 is an improvement over the T1 (or upcoming improved T1, the T2)? I like that it’s only $379 for preorder, but having been a longtime T1 user, I’m wondering if the cost is worth the extra 8 ounces and reduced brightness levels (no NV needed for me). I wish it had an auto-adjust illumination setting, but I suppose those can be bad in some settings…I thought the Trijicon RMRs version worked great.
            It’s a tough decision, because $250 savings is great, but a 4.5 ounce optic that can take one hell of a beating is also great.

        • Dannyboy

          The main problem in the IDF – is a lack of proportionality in choosing the right gear for the troops- the only real parameters in tenders is the product price and money saving in the short term. Those people do not look for a quality product that is save money for the long term or a product that give the end user a real tactical advantage.
          look for example the new IDF 338 lapua sniper rifle – we are the sole country that use HS precision sniper rifle for its military just because HS had the lowest bid on the tender. on the long run had a lot of difficulties with this weapon.

          • Dannyboy

            I meant lack of professional Human personal

          • Joe Schmoe

            Just be careful what you say, not all the issues are fixed (or will ever be fixed) and it is best not to publicize them too much. Please edit your post with the issues taken out (I am aware of those same issues and more if you want to trade points privately).

          • Joe Schmoe

            I don’t even want to begin to discuss the incredible screw up that is the Barak (the Israeli name for the HS HTR-2000 .338). It is a first class screw up from the top to bottom, and it directly affects me as a sniper.

            Whoever made the purchase should be sitting in jail for what he did and how much money he wasted. There is no logical reason in the world they can give me why they didn’t go with either the L115A3 or the DSR-1, both of which are proven and reliable systems.

          • Dannyboy

            Trust me I know!! HS delivery of the weapon only got late in 4 years!
            it took 2 years to get safety approvals to shoot the weapon, they chose the wrong caliber (250 grein while other armies choose the 300 grein for longer ranges), bad night sight that could not fulfill the weapon range arrrrrr. by the way the competitors of HS in the tender was Remington and they got much higher grades in the weapon testing the decision to go on HS platform was the low price only

        • Man pippy

          IDF is a conscript army, of course they will tolerate mediocrity in their equipment.

  • MrPotatoHead

    The W.O.R. is made by Homeland Guns:


    and can be purchased here:


  • Brandon Montville

    Also available on Zahal here:


    • Samuel Suggs

      Zahal is great

      • Beat me to it! Well done sir

        • Samuel Suggs

          I love your videos especially the one about different tavor “holds” and positions.

  • Wurther09

    For anyone who hasn’t used an M21 at all, or anyone who has used one but hasn’t compared it to other fiber optic / tritium optics, the washout is much less of an issue with the M21 than with other fiber optic / tritium optics due to the M21 having an additional fiber optic collector on the front, beneath the objective lens.

    • Snapperhead363

      I’m the maker of the WOR.I just thought it was needed.I love the Mepro-21.I do sell them on GunBroker and on the Bullpup Armory.You can email me at 1snapper@falcon1.net. Thanks!

      • Chrome Dragon

        Can you make one to fit the old Weaver Qwik-Point? The patents should all have expired by now, and your design doesn’t infringe them anyway. I might be in for one, depending on what kind of batteries these things take and whether it’s an all-or-nothing power switch or dimmable.

        • Snapperhead363

          I probably could the problem is my CNC guy doesn’t run the CNC machine for any less than 100 brackets at a time.

  • 13C Gun Reviews

    Thanks Steve, I’m glad you enjoyed my review. I apologize for neglecting to add where you can find the WOR, it’s been updated. You can find it at http://www.bullpuparmory.com and also on gun broker. The manufacturer is Homeland Guns out of Ohio, they don’t have a website yet.

    You can find my video review and some other thoughts on it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTpr-tGkm10&feature=share&list=UUNJoKDREi6mO24oe7d28Jjg

    Thanks again and if you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask. -Joe

  • Anonymous

    A lot of my guys who were issued the Trijicon Reflex, a similar design, they used to use 100MPH tape to tape the small chemlights to the top of the optic and black it out from external view. Low tech, similar idea solution from back at the start of the 2000s.