3D Printed Firearm Smuggled Into Israeli Parliament By Reporters

Reporters from an Israeli news program entered the Knesset, Israel’s Parliament, twice with a 3D printed pistol based on DefCad’s Liberator design. Haaretz.co.il reports (click through to watch the video) …

Team program “Night pipeline” of Channel 10, the cameras gun printed using three-dimensional printer, and managed to enter the Knesset with him twice. Written plan also came just a few meters from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Tested plastic gun firing range under the supervision of a retired police stands, and successfully fired a live bullet at a target made of cardboard.


Steve Johnson

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  • Clint Notestine

    oh crap

  • floppyscience

    This was a functional pistol with the metal firing pin installed? And they had ammo?

    Also LOL at the gun exploding after one shot. I guess they didn’t use the much recommended metal reinforcements.

    • No way they couldn’t have been loaded or had a firing pin. If they had they would all be locked up right now.

      • floppyscience

        So they smuggled in a nonfunctional piece of plastic. The humanity!

  • Ben 10

    sound like a bunch of anti-gun liberal journalists trying to get all 3d printed guns banned everywhere. and nothing like the threat of assassination to get politicians to ban guns. liberal journalists are the enemy.

    • It sure wasn’t because they liked them so much. I can tell you for a fact they weren’t loaded or they never would have gotten in with them.

      • anton

        Maybe they were just trying to prove that anyone could get a gun in.

        Israel has pretty tight gun control in the first place. I don’t think you’re allowed to print one regardless of what a bunch of journalists do.

        Either way, there will be a time when anyone can print a gun. I’m not sure why you wouldn’t make something out of steel tubes you can pick up at a local DIY store for under 50 bucks or whatever, but there ya go.

      • Renato H. M. de Oliveira

        In short, they got in with an expensive version of a Lego gun.

    • Juice

      I still can’t believe the liberal media blames the gun for this. Those journalists smuggled a weapon (A faulty prototype weapon that melts after a few rounds 80% of the times) into a parliament.

      Did the gun smuggle itself into the parliament? no.
      Did the gun come up with the plan to get smuggled into the parliament? no.

      The journalists did,

      Arrest the journalists for this and fire them, as they are willing to put others in danger to get their stupid points across.

      • Samuel Suggs

        its what they do, its their nature

      • Auto Griebel

        So you support gun laws for liberal journalists? Only lib journalists? What if it was a right-winger who pulled the same stunt, like Yigali Amir, the assassin of Primer Minister Yitzhak Rabin?

  • Cornelius Carroll

    I mean, yeah, big deal, you got an ineffective .22 derringer within a few feet of a prominent politician. You couldn’t also been carrying a carbon-fiber knife that would be far more lethal/effective in a close quarters situation.

    Given the choice of entering two crowded rooms, one containing a random pissed off guy with a Liberator Pistol and one containing a random pissed off guy with a carbon fiber knife, I’ll enter the room that contains a random guy with a 3D printed pistol, thanks.

    I really don’t see what the big deal is.

    • Samuel Suggs

      yeah knives would have been better thn the orginal metal liberator also

      • Samuel Suggs

        fun fact their are four guns that include the word liberator in the name

        • Samuel Suggs

          sorry five

    • brian

      but,what is more effective when there is a security team surrounding the prominent politician, but the likelihood of the gun actually killing him is about as likely as a assailant getting close enough to the target to stab him without alerting the security team.

  • Lutr

    the lesson here is reporters shouldn’t have handguns.

    • Renato H. M. de Oliveira

      Even more so if they are idiots, like Haaretz’ ones. Haaretz isn’t even one of the mainstream newspaper/channel in Israel, it has less than 5% of the market share – Yediot Ahronot, Israel HaYom each have some 20-30% of the marketshare.

      • Samuel Suggs

        so this was obviously an attempt to garner a larger percentage of the market share. that exsplains how they rationalized the inherent risk of carrying a sorta gun looking object into the Knesset

      • Joe Schmoe

        It was actually a TV program that did the whole act called “Night Tube”.

    • Jacqueshacques

      Are you saying that you want to take my guns because of my job? Because that doesn’t seem like the right message to be spreading around. I’ve always been proud to keep my CCW permit next to my press pass.

      • Martin Low

        Mainstream media shills need no ccw, as your superiors all want you to support the UN Small Arms Treaty and take guns away from all non-military and non-police personnel worldwide. All mainstream reporters lie. If mainstream media reporters are ordered to make the public believe something you just preface a lie with the phrase, “New studies show…” I feel sorry for you having a CCW and being a reporter. You are working hard to remove the rights you enjoy. Congratulations on your success as a reporter, may it fulfill your masochistic desire to feel the boot of the police state on your neck soon.

  • Samuel Suggs

    The entire existence of the liberator is a political demonstration this is simply using it to the opposite effect the creator intended. I doubt it will change 3D printing regulation in Israel however all previous gun control regulation has been based on fabricated claims of terrorism potential of a particular weapon a claim that falters on the fact that terrorist know how to get guns from point A to point B regardless of where point B is or weather point B is a gun free zone rant OFF

  • Edgar Castelo

    Could be made of Ceramic, with Unobtaium engravings of Donald Duck, so what? That one-shot-maybe “gun” still has to be CARRIED and SHOT. same as any other.

    • Samuel Suggs

      you took my duck thing how dare you

      • Edgar Castelo


  • Joe Schmoe

    Just to clarify, when he brought it into the Knesset it did not have the barrel and also did not have any ammo (which would have showed up).

    So it was, for all intents and purposes, a plastic brick.

    • Samuel Suggs

      WOW! if your going to be a prick about guns then go full bore. not this whiny little “ow I just snuck in little bit of totally none funtional gunn to push for less freedom” thing is ridiculouse did the news report claim it was an actuall gun or was it a slightly higher form of media vermin

    • Cymond

      From what I understand, the Liberator can fire a few rounds with a plastic barrel. Since reloading is so slow, the user only really gets one shot, anyway.

  • Edgar Castelo

    Wait, I have a super-duper “automatic machinegun! 😉 ”

    A “gun”, for Commie Media Whores!
    -Made of Plastic;
    -Has a hole;
    -It’s an “automatic machinegun”! EEEEKKKK!

    • Edgar Castelo

      Feel absolutely free to re-post the picture, might get the Anti-Gun nuts to try and pass a Law against Plastic Spotlight pieces…

      • Samuel Suggs

        wait you made that fixture

        • Edgar Castelo

          Nope, and I do not know where it came from, I’m a devout junk collector… Seems like a base to fix a spotlight onto a drawing board, but I don’t know.

  • Lurker

    Until someone successfully sneaks ammo in with the 3D printed weapon, they’d might as well be smuggling in a Barbie doll.

  • Gidge

    Sounds more like a stunt intended to highlight security shortcomings and grab some headlines. And a very stupid, borderline suicidal, stunt at that.

    In Israel they take security VERY seriously because there are actually people out to get them. If security caught you with a gun in there they wouldn’t hesitate to just start shooting.

  • sevenbrokenbricks

    The last time they did this in the UK, they took out the firing pin, block of steel, and ammunition so that it would pass metal detectors.

    And nobody thought to ask the question: was it still a gun when they carried it in?

  • Mike Knox

    Oh noes, reporters, guns and ire inducing buzz-words, Oh-My..

  • Renato H. M. de Oliveira

    So they got in the Knesset with a luxury, costlier Lego gun. Wow. That’s more than I would expect from Haaretz’ personnel though.

  • Dackel

    “Hysteria Haunts Honest Johns”
    This would be a more accurate headline for any reputable media source viz-a-viz 3D hobbyist-printed “guns”.
    I eagerly await Fox’s investigative masterwork- “Amputatee by 3D printing guns gone horribly wrong” where Johnny Nobrane confesss:
    “Shucks, I was not EVER told plastics designed for trinkets could not handle gunpowder and now I have no hands and only one good eye. The Gubment should ban these things that I am mentally incapable of performing adult decisions about. Oh and the Gubment should give me money for my disability caused by stupidity.”

  • BryanS

    Reporters committed a crime to prove that… criminals dont obey laws?

    • Martin Low

      Reporters have been invited to parties at Bohemian Grove and other places so they feel that they are “part of the establishment” and therefore above the law.

  • Chase Buchanan

    Can you not get .22LR in Israel? What cartridge was that?

  • anon

    I’d guess this is probably a “lol check out how crappy this security was” type of thing, since IIRC Israeli gun laws are already quite strict. (need to keep the Israeli Arabs and African Jews from being able to defend themselves from hate crimes, natch)

  • hamsackbag

    Too bad they did not use it on Netanyahu, lots of world issues solved with one trigger pull. Once again, media does not deliver.

    • Samuel Suggs

      Go away, why do you think television is intentionally giving us cancer? Shoo crazy shoo

  • Samuel Suggs

    guys I was useing this to make fun of hamsackbag

  • Mr Silly

    Interesting the reporters deliberately omit that 3D printers essentially a create a foam- with microscopic voids- that has less strength than the equivalent conventional extruded product.

    A “3d printed plastic gun” is in reality a plastic firecracker case waiting for just the right stresses to fail.

    Nearly all 3D printers do not use DLMS or LMS (laser-sintered metal technologies- still being developed) but instead melt a polymer feed and deposit this as layers, without degassing or vacuum trapping tiny air bubbles.

    This weakens any component.

    BUT this microscopically swiss-cheese polymer, or metal is perfectly suitable for prototypes then are used to create casts & moulds for conventional, more rapid and cheaper manufacturing methods.

    The issue should be about informing those who make such 3D printer weapons and fire them that their eye and hand safety is in danger- NOT politicians.

    But still no HYSTERIA about fine pens and how a solid fine pen might disguise a fully safely operating firearm.