Oh My Gosh, This Might Be The Most Beautiful Pistol I Have Ever Seen




At IWA SIG Sauer Germany had a selection of handcrafted prestige guns that were engraved by SIG’s master engravers. This particular pistol is named Barracuda and was engraved by Hanns Dösel. It took my breath away. This is one of the most beautiful objects I have ever seen.











Steve Johnson

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  • Jacob Romo

    Rear sight is off center…

    • Anonymoose

      It’s adjustable.

  • Spudro Spyrdenstein

    Almost as nice as the hitman’s 1911 🙂 http://unblinkingeye.com/Guns/HMG/hmg.html

    • Vermin.308Winchester

      Ah the lesbian orgy gun you haunt my nightmares with your horrorfying uncanny vally Faces. You have followed me around the Internet and past pernitions flames never more information just the same horrorfying images burned in my retina forever

    • BryanS

      Thats one NSFW gun….

  • Giolli Joker


  • Robert Thorne

    Ugly ass fishgun,
    Would rather go the Sig route…

    • bbmg

      Much more attractive design and better executed than the “Barracuda” IMO

    • Anonymoose

      I’d rather have the Majesty or the Viking. Then again, I am a fisherman so I wouldn’t mind having the Barracuda either. I have to wonder how those scaled grips feel also.

  • SSO-Mike

    from the Craftsmanship skill point of view……f****ing awesome

    would i buy it ?!? never ever

  • RoCr

    “This is one of the most beautiful objects I have ever seen.”

    That word; I do not think it means what you think it means.

    Actually, if they had just stuck to the fin and scale motif, it wouldn’t be half bad, but then they had to stick on the fish head which looks like a shitty tattoo you’d find on someone whose given name is “Bubba”.

    • violater1

      Watch your badmouthing of the name Bubba you butthole mouth!

      • RoCr

        Does your mother know that you’re using her computer?

        • violater1

          As a matter of fact she does! LOL! The better question is do you even have any idea who yo daddy is?I rather doubt it! Do you comprehend E.S.A.D. motard narcicist Puta!

  • M.M.D.C.

    While matters of taste cannot be disputed, I will say he has very artfully integrated the engraving and the features of the pistol: a fin echos the slide release, the cocking serrations blend with the stripes of the fish, the beaver tail becomes the fish’s tail and scales are used as checkering on the grip. Not really my thing but pretty cool nonetheless.

  • Boner Stallone

    that could easily be mistaken as a large northern pike.

  • allannon

    With the exception of the head, I agree it’s very well done.

    That fish head, though…

    • UnderPo

      A fire-breathing fish. Everybody panic?

  • wetcorps


  • hami

    Haters gonna hate

  • therif

    sig…..the downward spiral continues

  • Mystick


  • Esh325

  • Gilgamesh

    You have some shit tastes if you think that’s the most beautiful.

  • zeraa777

    Beauty, beholder’s eye, etc etc.

    I guess it’s a pretty snazzy handgun anyway.

  • Sig_Sauer

    I haven’t decided if I like it, but if Sig wants to send it to me I’ll take it. I bet it’s not cheap! I think my Sig 1911 full size stainless XO, with Crimson Trace grips and Night Sights is beautiful. Most importantly, it’s a tack driver.

  • Leigh Rich

    In my old eyes it is not beauty.

    • creeper

      Agreed. “Beautiful” is my Sig Sauer P226-9…loaded with fifteen, one chambered and comfortably resting in my purse. If the day ever comes when I need it, that will be the most beautiful gun in the world.

  • gallannd

    I suggest a dragon, china design for the rich chinese to buy.

  • Mike
  • Nomar Abdiel Vazquez Vazquez

    I WANT ONE IN 45 ACP!!!

  • idahoguy101

    Nice, but I prefer the engraved Browning Hi Power I have. What is the price on this SIG?

    • violater1

      2,700 big dollars without the engraving work! I would prefer the Browning or a Para USA over all the fansy pantsy crap! Just a good Solid built firearm for protection and shooting wild muslim hogs!

  • MOG

    You are kidding? Right?

  • MOG

    I guess good natured ribbing is obsolete?

  • Seamus


  • MacCaskill

    You, Sir, have the aesthetic sensibilities of a badger. A blind badger. It’s a homely pistol defaced further by fugly engraving. A testament to the old saw that one can never lose money by underestimating the taste of the market.

  • GI JOE

    I don’t know, seems fishy.