B&T APC300 In The Works

The Swiss manufacturer Brügger & Thomet has confirmed they are working on an Advanced Police Carbine in .300 Whisper. The rifle is expected to arrive in early 2014 .

Positive cross-compatibility aside, in many non-U.S. countries outside the USA, the .300 BLK or AAC Blackout hasn’t caught on as a replacement to the .300 Whisper name. Europe has had its own parallel development of the wildcat round. Ammunition is currently being made for them in-country by RUAG using 5.56 virgin casings. I consider this further proof the appeal and popularity of the cartridge isn’t losing momentum.


The APC family currently includes the following production or prototype models.

Ethan M

Ethan’s firearm interests are mostly with Cold War era select-fire weapons and their semi-auto counterparts.


  • Benedict Tan

    When you say “Non-U.S. countries” do you mean countries outside the United States and their protectorates or do you just mean “outside of America”?

    Not trying to be funny; I found it quite curiously worded and was wondering whether it was actually a thing.

  • Marc

    .3oo Whisper has been a C.I.P.-standardized cartridge for several years now. No need for a marketing ploy.

  • bbmg

    Given that noise reduction is one of the main selling points of the whisper, they missed an opportunity to turn the front handguard into an integral suppressor, much more volume for more effectiveness without increasing bulk – they should take a leaf out of SIG’s book and see what they did with the MPX-SD: http://www.sigsauer.com/upFiles/catalog/product/MPX-SD-Detail-Hero2.jpg

    • Ian

      Or they’re trying to build their own “from scratch” AR-18 like the rest of the world makes and the use of 300 whisper is just an added feature rather than a tacticool gimmick.

      That Sig is an abomination and won’t last.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Well, the sig is a direct competitor to the MP5. The action I have seen listed as delayed blowback, blowback, and gas operated. If they get the styling toned down a little on hand guard and it works MP5 smooth without MP5 cost, hey might be on to something.

  • sianmink

    That’d be RUAG, not RAUG.

  • Ben 10

    too bad civilians arent’ allowed to own this.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    I want to like this. But that B&T TP9 burned me on their line. Not that it matters because until its available in the states it’s just a picture to me.

    Besides, no on is expecting a AR18/Scar/ACR from B&T to not cost less than $2,500 right?

    • Cymond

      If I may ask, what’s wrong with the TP9? I’m not familiar with them, but they did catch my eye a while back.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        In short… Over-engineered and over-priced.

        The gun was designed by Steyr, which is funny actually because its VERY similar in function to the RothSteyr handgun (you’ll have to look it up!). But aside from being an expensive design, it does NOT work well suppressed. I tried 3 different suppressors including a large volume mk9k, it just doesn’t handle the increased pressure. Works violently, and too much blowback after 2 shots to see anymore.

        The gun wasn’t so much expensive as were the parts. The gun cost me $900-some, but the barrel guide alone would be $400 to swap or replace. That’s dumb. Same with the rest of the parts, the top cover with a side rail was something like $250-350, and the cheek-slapped stock was $180 or so, mags weren’t too expensive. But the difference in having one as a range toy and one as a pdw/hd weapon was vastly different.

        My main issue was that it didn’t suppress well at all and there was no way to adjust that.

        And as a pistol it fails in every regard to a Glock 17. As an SBR, it was OK, but not nearly as nice to use as my much larger MP5.

        Someone might like them, but I discovered after owning one it was not for me. The sig MPX (updated mp5/mp5k type platform looks better), the Saiga in 9mm would certainly be cheaper, short of those, a classic mini-Uzi or fullsize mp5 are just better guns (I had an mp5k reverse stretch, also sold it, not nearly as good as the fullsize)

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Hmmm muzzle brake for unsuppressed… Because I want it REALLY quite or REALLY loud 🙂