Crimson Trace LG-917, A Cocobolo Laser Grip For The 1911

For the purists among you who rightly believe that a 1911 should have wood grips, Crimson Trace have added Cocobolo to their line up of wood-based grips, which also includes Rosewood and Walnut. Their new LG-917 laser grip has cocobolo side panels with a rubber overmold only covering the laser itself and the button to activate it.

The grip will retail for $399.

From the press release …

Crimson Trace, the leading brand of laser sights and tactical lighting products for firearms, continues to expand its popular line of Master Series™ Lasergrips®. The latest addition is the LG-917, a wood-based laser grip that’s designed for the popular full-size Model 1911 pistol. As part of the company’s premium line, these laminate grips have a rich and stunning cocobolo finish. The new laser sights feature Crimson Trace’s innovative Instinctive Activation™ pad that allows the user to activate the laser by simply taking a natural firing grip—with no additional switches to search for, find or press.

“This laser grip is a continuation of the popular Master Series, a product line that offers customers a wide variety of colors and materials,” stated Fred Karl, Crimson Trace Product Manager. “Crimson Trace strives to always meet—or exceed—the expectations for laser sighting capabilities.” There are more than a dozen products in the Master Series line and represent a wide range of materials, colors and textures, including rosewood, walnut and G10 in gray, green and black.

Sighted in at the factory at 50 feet, Master Series Lasergrips are user-adjustable for windage and elevation. These innovative grips feature the most powerful laser available by law. The new LG-917 laser sight permits windage and elevation adjustments (tools are provided), features a precise red laser diode optic, and is precision machined to exactly fit the firearm’s frame. This cocobolo laser sight is crafted from all natural laminated wood materials. Batteries are included—and this product qualifies for Crimson Trace’s free batteries for life program.

Steve Johnson

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  • Nicks87

    “The grip will retail for $399.”

    I was going to make a snarky comment about 1911s but… This ^^^ is just ridiculous.

    You would be much better off spending $400 on some concealed carry classes and some ammo.

    • I know $400 is a bunch. They sure sell a lot of them though. They do make a good product so it’s up to the shooter to decide if it’s worth the cost.
      Hey you didn’t waste a snark Nicks I’m doing some 1911 reviews soon:-)

      • Nicks87

        I cant wait! lol

  • Jacob Wadsworth

    I’ve never seen a laser sight so small that you wouldn’t know that it is even there. The design of the grip is superb as it hides the laser sight from people’s view. –