Side Folding Stock for MPA Guns

MPA stock kit

MasterPiece Arms (MPA) is now selling a side folding stock kit for their firearms.  The kit comes with a stock, but will also accept any standard AR-15/M-4 stock as well via an included adaptor.

The kits come in two sizes depending on which of the MPA guns you are looking to outfit.  The stock locks into place at both the open and closed positions.

MPA is very clear in the literature that attaching this to a pistol makes it into an NFA item: a short barrel rifle (SBR).  As silly as it may sound putting a stock on a pistol is a serious crime in the United States.

The kit retails for $129.99.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is


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      I missed the part where this had any topical relevance whatsoever to the posted article.

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  • Ben 10

    Do you need to drill holes in the back of the receiver?

  • Panda

    Does anyone know if they sell just the adapter without the stock?

  • macmechanic

    That hinge assembly looks alot like the ACE LTD(Double Star Family Company) modular hinge, except for the 3 hole arrangement.. Since the main block appears to bolt beneath the receiver in the factory supplied stock hole, I have a feeling that the ergonomics are off.

    Maybe you flip the buttstock arm upside down for use wth optics.

  • Suburban

    I can tell you from experience that straight-line stocks are much better. There is a huge difference in muzzle climb. The Lage Max-11 stocks are great, but I don’t know if they will fit the MPA semi-automatics. I guess you would also need some kind of riser for sights. The Max-11 upper is about an inch taller than a standard Mac upper.

    • noob

      interesting. I heard that dogleg stocks like this one are mainly for people who have to wear a ballistic visor – the visor goes into the curve of the stock, no cheek weld possible.

      I am interested that the company sells a mac11 receiver with a 5.7 fn barrel.

      With the comparatively milder recoil of the high velocity light weight projectile, could this be a poor man’s H&K MP7?

  • The inappropriate comment is gone.

  • TKC

    I prefer the AR style stock on mine. It just fits me better.

  • cmblake6

    “Shall Not Be Infringed” ring any bells? I wouldn’t mind a folding stock on my pistols.