Egypt Goes Czech: Adopts CZ P-07 Duty pistols, CZ Scorpion EVO III SMG and CZ 805 BREN A1 Rifle

Egypt has announced that it purchased 50,000 9mm CZ P-07 Duty, “several hundred” 9mm Scorpion EVO III submachine guns and an unspecified number of CZ 805 BREN A1  assault rifles from Ceska Zbrojovka (CZ) for an undisclosed sum.

Interestingly, just today I was emailed the above photo which shows two Sudanese policemen training at  the Egyptian Police Academy. They are armed with the Scorpion EVO and at least the one on the right looks to have a CZ P-07 Duty strapped to his leg, making me think Egypt started getting these guns a while back but decided to hold back announcing the acquisition.


CZ P-07 Duty

CZ Scorpion EVO III

CZ Scorpion EVO III


CZ 805 BREN A1

Many thanks to Ahmad for the photo and Albi for tip.

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  • mikee

    Anybody know why it is called BREN? The original BREN gun was a light machine gun of WWII fame where BR stands for Brno and EN stands for Enfield. This CZ 801 bears no relation to the original BREN – unless of course CZ is trading on the BREN reputation for reliability.

    • dp

      Precisely, I am originally from that locality and question it too. I had heard in speech from CZUB technical manager that the trade mark “Bren” was available so they just ‘picked it up’. To me it is just a cheesy sticker which does not add anything to quality or credibility of the product.
      If someone really added to name BREN in distant past, then it was mfg. company Inglis in Toronto, Canada; they had optimized the manufacturing process of the original (ZB-30 based) Bren-gun and even created experimental belt-fed version.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Chrysler reintroduced the HEMI engine in 01-02, even though almost all car engines use hemispherical heads now 😉

        I don’t care what they call it. Bring it to the states cheap and bring the price down on AR alternatives and I’ll be happy

      • Sulaco

        Was not the late 70’s 10mm effort pistol by Jeff Cooper “Bren” guns as well?

        • dp

          That was “Bren-ten”. Jeff caught the drift and tried to make buck on it; nothing that new really. After all .40SW proved to be more of success.

      • snmp

        The meaning of BREN is “Brno Enfield” for ZB vz26 LMG build by
        Enfield & Inglis; and not by Czechoslovak / German

    • Name

      BREN (Brno-Enfield) was indeed manufactured by Enfield, however it was heavily based on Zbrojovka’s vz. 26 with essentially all patents concerning the gun owned by the Czechs. At that time the arms factories in Brno and in Uherský Brod were part of the same conglomerate. The conglomerate was divided in 1990s, but legally, in a way, CZUB is successor to the Brněnská zbrojovka.

      Also today CZUB is based and manufactures most of its guns in Uherský Brod, but they make the hunting weapons in Brno.

      Thus CZUB has decided to use the name of its most famous WW2 gun, even though the BREN was made by the Brits.

      • Araxon

        BREN was 1 off 3 Czech machine guns manufactured under license by British. ( Other two are BESA 7.92 & BESA 15 ). British army tested ZB-27 in 1930. Because gun passed on tests, they requested version in .303 British. In 1932 British Army tested version modified ZB-30 in .303 British. These tests was attended by the designer, Vaclav Holek. British cordite ammo block in short period gas system. Designer shortened gas system in the local workshop what led to improved function. Holek designed a heavily modified version of ZGB-33, when he returned to Zbrojovka Brno. ZGB-33 passed on all tests and in 1933 and British Army received another 10 pieces for further tests.
        All documentation was converted from metric to imperial ( inches ) in 1935 as part of licence. First Bren manufactured in Britain left factory in 1937.

        CZUB was build in 1936 as a subsidiary company of CZ Strakonice ( after when Bren was adopted ) because of the Nazi threat in Germany.
        Zbrojovka Brno ( ZB ) and Zbrojovka Strakonice/CZUB ( CZ ) was competitors till 1948, when was introduced communistic central economy. CZUB used trademark “Bren” for simple attracting attention.


    The purchase was made in December 2012, the first P-07 pistols were send at the beginning of the 2013.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      Thanks REMOV

  • JumpIf NotZero

    That’s a pretty girl holding the Evo III… And that’s clearly nipple I see 🙂

    Looks a lot like my girl of you put too much makeup on her, and to top it off, that’s just about the expression she has when I get her to hold guns 😉

  • Jester

    Several hundred of the P-07 contract pistols were imported into the US earlier this month as an overrun item, they are fitted out with extended barrels (not threaded) and night sights.

    • J.T.

      I have heard a few people say they have been seen in Canada as well.

  • Drew

    A friend viewing this article with me said, “wow the stupid gun companies are copying the guns from call of duty why cant they just make their own designs.”

    And we wonder why stupidity is such a big problem.

    • Cowadoody

      Does he call magazines clips as well? :p

      • Drew

        as a matter of fact he doesnt, but he does get them mixed up. We were playing zombies once and with the kar-98 rifle he says to me, “I need sleight of hand or something, my mags wont go into the clip fast enough.”

    • Bernard

      Your friend need a pat in the back…. with a butt from SKS rifle.

  • J.T.

    Might explain why CZs have been a tad harder to find than normal.

  • Blake

    Awesome guns. Too bad the situation in Egypt at the moment means that some of them will likely be used against civilian protesters at some point…

  • PatrickHenry1789

    I wonder who wrote that check out, Uncle Scam perhaps? Courtesy of the US taxpayers, gotta love Amerika!

    • Patriooot

      Military Aid is granted under the condition that purchases are made from US manufacturers.

      Ah fuck that, ‘MURICA!!!

  • snmp

    Funny, cause Egypt have licence (include exportation right) for built AKMS (East Geramn Mpi-KMS with side folding stock) call MISR by Maadi Company. In plus they have licence build for the Beretta 92.

    • anon1

      They also have a license for the P226 and the Egyptian Interior Ministry already has thousands of USP9s in their inventory and a bunch of 226s transferred to them from the military.

      It’s called bribes. It’s a pretty big thing in Egypt. Contracts are awarded with little to no evaluation.

  • THW

    These guns are going to Central Security Special Operations who already have USP9s, P226s, SIG55X series rifles and Beretta SCP70/90s, not to mention the AKMs.

    This is what happens when your institution doesn’t have the ability to plan long-term and no evaluation process to speak of.

  • percynjpn

    Love to have a new Scorpion – but shouldn’t it be Skorpion?

  • UCSPanther

    The Egyptians did use some Czech weapons during the Cold War, namely the VZ 52 rifle and the VZ 52 LMG…