SAAMI Specs on 17 Winchester Super Magnum


Earlier this year, Winchester announced the new 17 WSM (Winchester Super Magnum) rimfire cartridge that is capable of 3,000 fps.  The SAAMI specs for the cartridge and chamber are now online and available for download here.

Although I have not been able to find the pressure limit spec on the SAAMI site, I have seen the limit reported as 33,000 PSI.

Richard Johnson

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  • Bubba

    Eargesplitten Loudenboomer 2.0?

  • someone

    33,000 in a rimfire? I wonder if that will lead to any problems such as failures to fire or heavy trigger pull due to how much force is needed to crush the rim (.22 lr has a .043 inch thick rim).

    • Julio

      AFAIK it’s not the trigger pull that needs to be heavier but the camming action of the bolt – which is why Savage’s B-Mag .17WSM rifle cocks on closing. It will be interesting to see if Browning have modified the action of their .17WSM 1885 or whether Ruger will do anything to the 77/17 as and when they make a .17WSM version.

  • Daniel E. Watters

    It strikes me that if you necked the case out to a straight wall configuration, it would almost be big enough to accept a 0.251″ jacketed projectile like those intended for the .25 ACP. You’d get a magnum version of the old .25 Stevens rimfire.