FN FS2000 Production Continues

Although this isn’t the first year I’ve heard rumor of FN halting production of the FS2000, the conviction has been much stronger recently. With so many forum threads starting up on the subject, including a confirmation from reputable source, I decided to call a few people that have been reliable in the past. On speaking with FN directly, I found the FS2000 Tactical and CQB (above) versions remaining on the FNH USA website is no mistake. The FS2000 is between runs but future sales have not been canceled.

Periodically the machines are shut down, cleaned up, retooled, and a different firearm is manufactured. Currently new PS90’s have been expected and the new batch should be on the market by early Q3. Once it is time for more of the 5.56mm bullpups to be produced, FN will retool again.

When the day comes for the FS2000 to be discontinued, I suspect NIB specimens will become worth quite a bit to purists. I plan to keep shooting mine.


FS2000 Standard (1.6x optic model)
This model was discontinued a few years ago


FS2000 Tactical OD

Ethan M

Ethan’s firearm interests are mostly with Cold War era select-fire weapons and their semi-auto counterparts.


  • TCBA_Joe

    Maybe should have made the phone call prior to the previous article?

    • Harris01

      In today’s world being first is more important than being right. At least steve actually admitted it was a rumor. most of the major networks would have declared it as fact immediately

  • FourString

    Whew. Still a nice rifle to have available. I didn’t know that the Standard with the 1.6x optic was discontinued, though.

  • Harold

    The barrel on the second picture (1.6x optical model) looks too short to be an FS2000. Perhpas that is an F2000?

    • You are correct, I have replaced the photo with the correct semi-auto model.

  • Schlep

    I love mine, cant imagine having one in the box and leaving it there.

  • Mike Knox

    WHEN -THE-HELL-aretheygonnacomeoutwiththeF2000PDR?

  • Anon

    I ask you to please credit DoctorNoob and Skipper Lee for use of Pimp my Gun

    • While PimpMygun is well done, it wasn’t used here. Note the FN logos and detailed markings. In fact, all three come from various official FN promotional releases and were chosen for this reason.

    • Harold

      I ask you to apologize for falsely accusing this blogger of plagiarism and theft of intellectual property.