Inteliscope: Use Your iPhone As A RifleScope

The Inteliscope is a picatinny mount for the iPhone which unlike, other phone picatinny mounts which we have blogged about before that mount a smartphone for use as a ballistic heads up display, allows the phone to be used as a digital scope.


An app for the phone overlays a reticle on iPhone camera’s video feed, as well as other useful ballistic and weather information. The app also allows the user to digitally zoom in up to 5x and can act as a shot timer.

Instagram-like video filter effects can be used to simulate shooting using a thermal scope (see the photo above). This may be gimmicky, but I can see people writing clever apps that can highlight movement on the screen, maybe drawing a box around moving objects (like a digital camera’s auto-focus) or highlighting a moving object in a bright color.

The Inteliscope (iPhone Touch, iPhone 5 and iPhone 4/4S) goes on sale next month and will cost $69.99.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Maybe we can get a reliable mount to mount cameras to take photos of sight reticles next?

    • No Whammy

      You’re welcome.

      • Thank You.

        • cbibb

          Need to have this set up for other phones such as motarola and other smart phones with center mounted cameras that would sell like crazy

  • GlockLove

    I wonder if the Iphone itself can withstand the stress of the recoil and not have internal problems like the gyro that flips the screen i doubt its made to be rouged passed the basic use ive droped my Iphone 4 a cuple of times and it was fine but not 30 times in a row lol…buts besides that it looks Awesome !!! i hope everything works out with this idea maby sum type of anti shock mounting system lol

    • I would think it would be pretty hard on the gyros.

    • RocketScientist

      I work in the aerospace/defense industry, and a large portion of
      my work is doing environmental testing on nav/guidance units for a variety of
      missile and space programs. This involves performing MIL-STD 810 vibration and
      shock (and pyro-shock) testing on a variety of packages filled with
      accelerometers, ring-laser and fiber-optic gyros, etc. Unless Apple specs
      components that cost almost as much/more than the phone retails for, I can’t
      imagine it would survive the recoil of a rifle for very many shots, even a ‘low-recoil’round like a 5.56. If there is some sort of viscous damping or compliance in
      the mounting hardware it might dissipate a fair bit of the energy, but a rigid
      mount would not bode well for any COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) components.
      We have pre-defined shock profiles developed in our controllers for a variety
      of weapons systems from 5.56 M4 to 105mm M119 howitzers. When bored, we willsometimes secure standard everyday items (cheap wristwatches, old
      radios/phones, eggs, coffee cups, etc) to our fixturing and see how long/if
      they’ll survive. You’d be surprised how quickly an M4 will beat up even
      relatively robust designs. Electronics, unless specifically designed for this
      level of abuse, typically stress light weight and heat dissipation over
      strength. Connector pins, board edge connectors, solder joints, and the boards
      themselves are common failure points.

      • GlockLove

        damn mr RocketScientist u hit the nail right on the head bub !! i bet u love your job man …..33.

      • Squirrel Nut

        How you guys ever tested the robustness of a mechanical watch before?

        Specifically a Rolex Submariner?

        • I’m guessing but from some experience. Since the Rolex is a mechanical watch rather than electronic I would think intense vibration would trash the sprockets on the internal wheels large or small. After the test I’d think the thing might not even run but if it did I bet it wouldn’t keep time worth a darn.

      • Excellent feedback. We are working to deal with these concerns.

    • NorThor

      This was my concern as well. It’s a good way to ruin your phone.

  • noob

    one day your red dot optic will be a backup for a digital scope. (and you’ll probably still mount irons too).

    FLIR already makes a true thermal camera about the size of two sugar cubes called the Quantum. smart digital scopes with anti-camo motion detection/image analysis and auto rangefinding/bdc would give a tactical edge.

    • noob

      whoops. FLIR’s tiny thermal camera is called the “Quark”

      • Komrad

        Up, Down, Top, Bottom, Strange, or Charmed?

        • No Whammy


        • MLinIN

          Or German cheese?

        • Komrad

          Those are varieties of quarks, not just funny names.

        • akmarksman

          no’s up,up,down,down,left,right,left,right,B,A,Start.

        • Uguestp

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  • Mystick

    So, does the phone simultaneously collect information about where you are, what you are shooting at, etc? I can see this being nice for a shot-camera kind of thing, but I just can’t buy that a smartphone can reliably take a good picture or video, much less serve as a precision instrument to determine where you are putting rounds downrange.

    • I don’t know about that but you can get a program that you can use to set up shooting points and store them. It’s for an Android and most likely the I Phone.

      • noob

        one more thought. You know facebook autotagging of your friends?

        or android face unlock?

        Imagine a system on your phone that scans people in front of you for biometrics and then highlights the ones with outstanding warrants.

        If it’s time to arrest them and they read as “high risk”, you can click “send backup”. When backup arrives, you can then pop the phone onto the QD sight mount on your rifle and move in.

        I think Department of Homeland Security recently published an RFI titled “RFI for Mobile Electronic Biometric/Biographic Data Collection Device Solicitation Number: HSHQDC-13-R-00052” which basically asks for magic bad-guy highlighting binoculars which will be built by the lowest bidder for some insane price.

        Could your iPhone already do this?

        Phil, as LEO, what do you think?

        • Nicks87

          That’s scary.

          Whats wrong with doing Law Enforcement the old fashioned way?

          What’s next? Prosecuting people for thought crimes? Even worse is that the govt is using tax dollars to develop this crap. We are paying them to take our freedom away.

          • noob

            not really develop

            The RFI specifically asks for a “Commercial Off-The-Shelf” device that is ready to go today. Many companies have already developed this stuff using private investment. The government is only one customer for biometric identification out of many.

            I would, however, object if somebody starts widely deploying a rifle that is dynabolted to a roof in a camouflaged hide and left unattended for years, with a biometric targeting computer set to recognize a specific individual and autonomously shoot on sight. That would be the kind of thing that would worry me.

          • Not a thing. Smaller communities still do it the old fashioned way and these types of smaller agencies far outnumber larger city departments in total number of officers. These small agencies don’t have in car computers and the other high speed stuff so they have to keep the old methods. That and in these smaller communities officers know most of the bad guys anyway and what’s going on in the town.
            Some tax money is being used for development of of these systems. What you have to remember is individual companies spend their own money to develop these things then try to sell them to other companies or government agencies.

          • Nicks87

            I see your point I just start to worry when technology moves so fast that it feels like we might be moving closer towards Nineteen Eighty-Four. (The book, not the year).

        • I think it’s very possible if not already being developed. I know we already have systems that scan license plates all around the police car and automatically run the plate for warrants, expiration etc. A small alarm goes off on the car computer alerting the officer to a violator. I’ll say this it’s more about revenue than anything else and I don’t really approve. It would take a lot of convincing before I’d be comfortable with this system.

          Of course we already have facial recognition in public places that can run through a ton of criminal photos in a database and alert the agency or officer of a felon with a warrant, terrorism watch list—-

          As far as a specific phone app I certainly don’t see why it wouldn’t be possible. Sorta like an upgrade to the facial recognition software.

          • noob

            Thanks Phil! Good to see the officer is still in the decision making loop, to screen out false positives.

  • Be great to get a call during a fire fight!

  • bbmg

    Can it be zeroed? If so do you phsically move the mount or digitally shift the reticle?

    • We will be digitally shifting the reticle.

      • tincankilla

        great looking app, super interesting feedback below – does it assist with targeting (ie, ballistics calculations)?

      • wpjokari

        Also, if “Custom Reticles” means I can create my own like the Pulsar n550 or n750, I’d buy an iPhone just to use your product. It’s amazing that only Pulsar has that so far, a true programmable reticle via their Reticle Manager 1.0.2

  • Bull
  • This is cool….I am a gun geek always willing to experiment….now if I just owned an Iphone

  • If we can use it, so can they.

    • Aaron Russell

      Lol, a new MOS, combat hacker. “Our sights wont stop playing porn sir”!

      • noob

        Ever seen Ghost In the Shell: Stand Alone Complex?

        “Oh I forgot I look dead to you. Sorry I had to hack your eyes.”

        • Jake Dorsey

          +1. Good call.

    • tincankilla

      considering that most of “them” are dirt farmers, i wouldn’t be concerned.

      technically sophisticated opponents (ie, the kind with access to smart phones) will have govt-grade systems and, besides, that kind of war won’t be decided with small arms.

  • John184

    Instead of requiring a $200 iPod or a $700 phone, why can’t they make one with a built-in screen.

  • Lee

    I could see this being fun with a 10/22 though. I’m not into tacticool, but you could mount a discreet rail on the front of one. Also, if this could be set up with an app to actually track point of impact versus point of aim, this could potentially be auto zeroing. Which would be so good it’d get boring.

  • jamiefty

    This is where technology is headed. Forget that this is a phone and apply it to a more refined optical device. True 1X magnification and up to 10X zoom (android phones), instant ballistic adjustments, auto focus on targets, can see infrared lighting, and can record the whole thing.

    They already say it’s just a mattee of a couple years before phones are capable of night vision too. Cool stuff.

    • jon

      Phones already are capable of night vision…

  • Aaron Russell

    Cool, a glimpse at the future.

    • Thomas Gomez

      Awesome glimpse of the future. They could even have a function that removes the IR filter on the camera lens allowing in IR light. You could broadcast IR light via the LED on the camera or a flashlight and have digital night vision. The phone could send the image to the end users goggles.

      • Hmm…

        • wpjokari

          They should just pop that high end sony IR camera chip “Type of CCD array: ICX659AL” in the iPhone, that the Pulsar n550 or n750 use. How hard could that be….wala digital night vision approaching Gen 2.

  • nothisispatrick

    I like my riflescopes with a battery life of 12 hours.

  • billb

    Smartscope for android has a bunch of reticles available, and is easy to resize and zero. Pistol mode has some different reticles, too. i’ve used it to record recoil and report levels for different weapons. Developer says they’ll soon have a “Felin” mode to broadcast the phone’s image to another phone/tablet for shooting around corners.

    • Plus, there are ruggedized Android phones which would eliminate the concerns about recoil. If only someone would make a pic’ rail mount for Droids…

  • Can I facetime while I am shooting?

  • Ripley

    Need iPad version, or vesa-mount for a 24″ monitor.

    • noob

      hmm camera on the forend, 24 inch monitor on your side, gunshield on the back. Vehicle mount.

      heck. just monitors and solid armour around you and you basically have poor man’s CROWS (weapon still moved by muscle power, not fancy CROWS automation)

  • Jeff Grey

    Dont forget the government can track I-phones in real time. It would probably be easy to get sat picture of everyone with this app active in real time for oppo forces to build a nice picture of their opponents disposition on the battlefield.

  • Nicks87

    Might be kinda cool for hunting. You could make your own hunting show and post it on youtube lol, but like others have stated you would probably destroy your iphone sighting it in on your hunting rifle.

  • WarriorClass III

    At a time when unemployment is at an all time high, “Conservative Tea Party” Senator Ted Cruz wants to EXPAND legal immigration, most of who will vote Democrat once they get here and take your job.

  • AtomicSpud

    I can see an add-on to the scope app that keeps a round count such as ammo on hand and amount in gun, like HALO. You enter your amount of ammo carried(say like 500) and then what type of mags your using (like say a 30 rounder) and the display will say 470/30 and the 30 will count down for every round fired and the 470 would decrease each time a mag was swapped.

    • You’ve been peeking at our screenshots??

      • AtomicSpud

        no,, but i think my idea would be cool… are you doing it?

  • Thanks for the write-up and excellent feedback from the comments. We’re taking your input and we think you’ll like the app. If you have any direct feedback, you can contact us at

  • I bet Steve is looking up and frowning at this. Ha!

    • AtomicSpud

      i see what you did there….


  • Robster

    Looks awesome!

  • Brilliant

    I’m having trouble sighting in a pulsar n750 on a m4. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • Brian

    I got 2 queries tho.
    Firstly the camera of the iPhone is off center from the rifle so will this affect the accuracy of the reticle?
    secondly is the material of the mount going to be rugged enough to allow the scope to be used over sustained periods?

  • This is a vital topic ‘Inteliscope: Use Your iPhone As A RifleScope – The Firearm Blog’. Diamonds and Elderly gentleman give us a blinding glimpse of the innovations that are coming our way—and that they are helping to create.
    Comment 2

  • This is an audacious and powerful article to read! Steve Johnson you show us how today’s philanthropists, innovators, and passionate entrepreneurs are more empowered than ever before to solve humanity’s grand challenges.

  • Dan

    Hi, I’m some random guy and I saw this and it looks cool…. I play airsoft and I was wondering if it would go on an airsoft gun? Also a question: I read in the comments about recoil, and I have a gas blowback m4, and an electric m4, would the recoil mess up my phone? Obvously I’m not looking for a direct answer, I’m just wondering what your thoughts on that are. Thanks.

  • Ken

    Can these be used with the FLIR One attachment on the phone?