Gun Shaped Cakes

Trend Hunter have posted photos of artist Scott Hove’s cake gun exhibition.

Renowned sculptor Scott Hove is wowing audiences once again with this latest art exhibition called ‘Guns & Ecstasy,’ which showcases a variety of different weaponry that are designed in the shape of cakes.

While these cake-like sculptures look good enough to eat, these art pieces are actually made from foam material, with the addition of several cake-decorating tools. This exhibit by Hove gives the illusion that these guns are made from edible material, while in fact they are simply made from ordinary, inedible objects. The blending of these sweet confectionary colors and textures with the outline of these violent pieces of weaponry provides an interesting theme that compares aggression with a completely innocent hobby.

I agree, shooting is an innocent hobby.

Steve Johnson

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  • Punny

    Well I guess we can finally have… *puts on sunglasses* an A Cake 47.

  • confused

    Ok if knowone else is gonna ask, why does one of the 1911 cakes have a dildo on it?

    • confused

      Sorry the beretta cake