HS Produkt VHS-2 Assault Rifle

Of all the assault rifles designs put into production released since I first started TFB, the Croatian-made HS Produckt VHS Assault Rifle has been one of my favorite (and the only one I have not had the opportunity to shoot). This is partly because the sleek/skinny design appeals to me and partly because it pleases me to see that the bullpup concept has not been completely abandoned.

The original VHS-D. Photo (C) REMOV.

The original VHS-D. Photo (C) REMOV.

A few weeks ago HS Produkt unveiled the next generation VHS called the VHS-2. The VHS-2 is significantly different from its predecessor and should be considered a separate rifle in its own right, not just a line extension of the original VHS.


HS Produkt VHS-2

The first and most obvious difference between the original VHS and the VHS-2 is the addition of rails. The original just had one under-rail for attaching foregrips. The carry handle’s integrated sights have been remove and have been replaced with a NATO Accessory Rail. Side rails have been added to the front handguard. Like the original, the handguard can be removed and replaced with HS Produckt’s 40mm grenade launcher.

The most interesting change in my opinion is the addition of a six position adjustable stock. This may be the only production bullpup rifle to feature an adjustable stock.

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 8.12.28 PM

Adjustable Stock and shell deflector.

The VHS-2 retains the ability to switch shell ejection to the right or to the left, but to allow impromptu use of the rifle on either shoulder during combat, the gun now features a large shell deflector which prevents the shell from being ejected up or back onto the operators body or face. Judging from the video below, shells will eject forwards in a downwards trajectory. The shell behavior may indicate that the VHS-2 operates at a higher pressure internally and so is ejecting the shells with more force against the shell deflector. For comparison purposes, a correctly tuned AR-15 should ejects shells slightly rearward (3 O’Clock to 4:30).

The trigger mechanism has seen some significant improvements as well. Instead of the confusing toggle switch inside the trigger guard, the VHS-2 has an ambidextrous 3-position (safe, semi, full auto) selector switch above the trigger. The trigger guard has been significantly enlarged to make the gun easier to shoot with gloves.

VHS-2 Trigger. Thanks to Vicario for the photo.

VHS-2 Trigger. Thanks to Vicario for the photo.

The VHS-2’s new features are demonstrated in the video embedded below …

The VHS-2 looses the simplistic sleek design of the original but gains significant improvement. While the original VHS feature set looks like the bare-minimum required to Croatian Army specifications at the lowest possible cost, the VHS-2 looks like the rifle HS plans on marketing for export.


Many thanks to Vicario, Milo, Nigel, BR and Japanac for information about this rifle.

Steve Johnson

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  • Al

    nice exterior

  • Robert PARIS

    Its…. Beautiful.

    A Drum mag away from the Helghast Rifle.

    • Wosiu

      On some photos, VHS 1 had drum mag of unknown capacity, perhaps 50-70, so VHS 2 should also have such one.

      • FLUFFY

        Our dreams are about to come true. It’s actually more like a helical magazine, really…

    • Garrett

      You read my mind. Hopefully it is US bound.

    • FourString


  • bbmg

    The 30 year old FAMAS has a very similar layout and fires the exact same cartridge… whither progress?

    • Kralizec

      Thing is, the FAMAS is rather known for its lack of reliability and its BCG which completely mangles brass cased 5.56- forcing the French to use steel cased for the rifle. So, yeah- definite progress.

      • Bill

        over-pressurized steel 5.56 at that, If I remember correctly. We (US Army) were always told not to used any French 5.56 ammo if we ever came across while deployed because of the higher pressure that their 5.56 is loaded at which is required to cycle their FAMAS. So that negates the entire purpose of NATO commonality.

        • SSO-Mike

          NATO: SS109

          U.S.: M855

          both are totally different ammo’s the british ammo has as well a different load then the french/belgium ammo.

          Today most of the official military suppliers are adjusting the ammo to the in-counrty used weapon systems.

          The NATO commonality doesn’t exists…..

        • n0truscotsman

          which explains why any french unit deployed alongside NATO troops will use other arms (416, SIG 550, G36, etc) while the conventional units will use the FAMAS, although the FAMAS seems to be less prevalent.

          I think they’re slowly figuring out that the FAMAS is overpriced junk and there are much better options out there (like the cheap M4 carbine for one).

          • snmp

            in Fact that’s for Special Force, SIG SG55X wase replace by HK G36 who were replace by HK416 in Navy,

            Other SF have replace theire Colt M16/M4 by HK416 …. But some unit have replace the HK416 some are replace by SCAR L (black version).

            Explanation, the SG55x are old & heavy, HK G36 not enouth rugged & HK416 is heavy and like many HK firearms, obtain spares parts are nighmare for have its on time.

      • bbmg

        I’m sure it’s a slightly better rifle, but looking at other tech, this is what a cellphone looked like around the time the FAMAS came out: http://www.teledynamic.com/Portals/129603/images/first-cell-phone.jpg

        Compare that dinosaur which could only make calls with the sophisticated and compact smart phones we have today just three decades later.

        Sure it’s progress, but not quite.

        • Esh325

          The reason it looks like a FAMAS is purely coincidental. When the Croatian SF was trialing it they wanted a smooth profiled rifle, which ended up looking like a FAMAS.

        • Hazzim

          Two items with different functionality. I find the comparison inadequate.

          Rifle design has always been centered around Ammunition size.. the 5.56x 45 hasn’t changed, hence improving on existing designs is done at small increments where mechanism efficiency is concerned. As any firearm, its singular function is to send pieces of metal down range as accurate as possible.

          Cellular phones is a different matter.. It is not constraint by any external factor hence advancement and miniaturization in semiconductors and energy storage allows for smaller phones with multiple functionality.

          My 2 cent.

          • bbmg

            Fair point, lets take something mechanical then in the form of the automobile. Take a group of equally competent drivers and give half of them cars from 1945, and the other half cars from 2010, and hold a competition (say speed, manouverability, mpg etc.) and see who does best. I think it’s fairly obvious that the modern card would win hands down.

            In the same vein, take a group of equally competent soldiers and give half of them antique StG44 assault rifles, and the other half VHS-2s, then organize a firefight. Unlike the previous example, the outcome of this latter competition would in my view be much less predictable.

          • anon

            do the modern cars have their electonics turned off? you know without engine mgmt electronics they won’t start.

          • bbmg

            If the electronics are part of the development that has made them better vehicles, why should they be turned off?

      • Davey

        The reason it mangles brass cased ammo is because it is operated by some kind of blowback (not sure if lever-delayed).
        Blowback weapons in rifle calibers tend to have some pretty extreme extraction, as often the pressure in the barrel will not have reached safe levels before the weapon begins to extract.

    • wetcorps

      I don’t see how progress could help you rise your iron sights so you can aim comfortably, in a way that is drastically different form the Famas sights/carry handle combo. (Appart from that the two rifles just have pretty standard bullpup layouts).
      Going this way, the Famas partially copied this form the M16 ^^

      If you want real progress in that field you still have the Famas FELIN 😀 It looks impractical as hell BUT you don’t even have to shoulder your rifle to aim.

      Cartridge evolution is something else, I guess selling a new rifle is hard enough without having to introduce completely new ammo.

      • bbmg

        That’s pretty much my point, it’s the cartridges that need to evolve. Someone who is shot (the “end user” of the product really) by a Vietnam era M16 will suffer just the same as someone shot by a VHS today.

        Unless a new rifle design is so ergonomic and recoil free that it improves hit probability by say 50%, I doubt it can really be considered an improvement as opposed to a newly manufactured version of an old design.

  • Ghostalker

    Adjustable stock on a bullpup you say? How novel.

  • Julio

    Nice idea that it may be, the adjustable stock looks like it just goes from long to extra-long. Even minimum L.o.P. looks a bit of a stretch, at least for the guy in the video. Are the dimensions published anywhere?

    • denny

      Same thought as mine. The B-pups have all ‘problem’ with LoP to begin with. My sense is that they aim into skirmish for nexr British/French service weapon. But that is HK territory, right?!

    • David

      You have to remember that Croats are in the top 10 tallest nations on the planet. The Dinaric Alps specifically has the tallest average height by region in the world. The Dinaric Alps run through Croatia. In general, Europeans have started to widen the height gap with Americans over the last 10 years.

      I hope the Springfield licenses/leases the design/tooling for production in the US, it’s the only sure way to get around the pesky importation laws. That way Springfield could offer a 5.56 platform that, in my opinion, rivals and sometimes beats the Tavor in terms of features. Springfield would also have a great product portfolio when it comes to product positioning. High quality traditional hand guns and rifles with their 1911 and M1A lines, and high quality hand guns and rifles with their XD and VHS (or whatever they name it) lines.

      I wish CZ would bring their 805 Bren to the US, too. I know people say it’s a SCAR/G36 amalgamation, but variety is the spice of life.

  • Juice

    I liked to original look more, it was much more fluent.

    High Speed; Low Drag

  • sianmink

    G36 mags? Hope the export version can run far less expensive ar15 mags.

    • noob

      Are those pins around the magazine well holding it on to the receiver? Maybe the magazine well can be swapped out for a stanag well?

      • sianmink

        Could be, or it might be g36-looklike mags that are actually compatible. The old VHS clearly had no problems with standard mags.

    • Wosiu

      If I am not wrong, it is genuine HS Produkt mag compatible with AR15 mags.

    • marcellogo

      Can confirm, what said above , proprietary mags, straight insertion like AR15 ones, assembly together like G36 but they com together a little scaled in order to fell them by touch also at night.
      Same about the magazine well, it is designed for being easily swapped on (istitutional) customer request.

  • noob

    Please please please Springfield import/mfg a semi auto as the Springfield XDR or XD556 or something. HE Produkt has been good to you in the past. Also disassembly video pls.

    • Tim Underbakke


      I love my XD. I want to see this join the XD family in the US.

    • n0truscotsman

      what a interesting idea that sounds pretty possible!

    • mig1nc

      I was about to post the same thing. You read my mind two days ago 🙂

  • A catastrophic failure on a bullpup is something i just want on my enemy, they also have way more recoil, fast shooting on target is not as good as in other platforms.

    • What??? More recoil and not as fast on target. You’re joking right:-)

      • tomaso

        i really wish people that actually have shot a variety of bullpups and standard layouts would make statements with validity. not some guess statement like Xaviers!!! may be he shouldn’t drink beer while shooting. ; )

        • I have shot the Tavor a lot and the recoil is minimal as it is with most any 5.56. Handling is much faster to get on target than anything I’ver shot. I do love the Tavor!

  • TangledThorns

    I’d rather wait for the Blu-Ray rifle instead.

    • jabrauwnie

      how about the Beta-Max version …LOL

    • FourString

      Good one, I wonder why anyone would downvote this. Maybe they didn’t get it.
      *Scratches head* Ugga ugga *downvotes*

  • Michael Pham

    I was going to say inb4 someone made a betamax joke or that same tired “it looks like a FAMAS thus they must have copied the FAMAS omgiclearlyknowsomuchaboutfirearms” but alas, I am too late.

  • Wosiu

    Another video for those which dont understand Serbo-Croatian:


    PS. New, very interesting gun from HS Produkt – targeting US market – is on the way!

    It is in 9×19, but it is no pistol….

  • Frosty_The_White_Man

    A bullpup with a normal sight radius! Praise be to HS Produkt! Yeah yeah the French did it first. I still want 2.

  • jabrauwnie

    hmm… looks like a mutation of 3 guns in 1 got its looks from a g36,famas,m4

  • Wosiu

    As to the sight, it is patented common product of HS Produkt and Institute Ruder Boskovic, named CT 1.5x, and it is compact red dot sight with magnification 1.5x, in two versions slightly different in shape.

    In video on site which I linked in first post, Dubravko Gvozdanovic said that “magnification is up to 6”, but it seems like some kind of mistake.

  • -Rogue-

    Love the design philosophy.

    Certainly is high speed, but “low drag” it is not. Looks like it can get snagged.

    Either way, I have been looking for a bullpup to update my M17s and this looks like just the ticket.

  • denny

    Just a note on complexity of form vs. cleaning and de-contamination. When looking at this new “shout-out” it comes to me that if it excells in anything visually it is the mentioned complexity. Look at all those nooks and crevices! Can someone imagine how easy this would be cleaned in NBC environment? Or even after being drawn thru puddle of mud? Or is this not a qustion anymore since we belive it will not happen? This is a military arm first of all, not a range toy, is it not?!

    • Wosiu

      Yes, you are right. And what about Israeli Tavor which is much more complex in form? Perhaps for some people Tavor is perfect, because is jewish….

  • mechamaster

    Bullpup rifle with adjustable cheek piece, this is new for me.

  • matt

    Is that a FAMAS?

  • Esh325

    This and the Tavor seem like some of the best bullpups out there. If French army wants to replace their Famas, they should look at both of these.

  • Hazzim

    That’s one beautiful rifle.

  • Jon

    If a Tavor and FAMAS had a lovechild…

  • Paul

    do want!

  • noob

    Innocent question – where is the rear sling attachment point?

  • Vitor

    I don’t want to be that guy, but c’mon people, the insides of this gun are totally different from the FAMAS. The frenchie is a blowback operation, closer to a G3, while the VHS has a long-stroke BCG, one of the most massives I’ve ever seen.

    • Marcellogo

      Neither one or the other:Scar tappet-like, hot gasse stays in it and doesn’t reach BCG .

      Doesn’t know in the new one,as the arming lever is way shorter, so maibe also BCG was changed accordingly.

  • Lance

    Looks like a upgraded FAMAS rifle maybe France should look at this. I know commercially this gun is available in the Philippines too bad its not here.

  • Madeline

    That’s some Deus Ex shit. Gimmie gimme domestic model.

    • noob

      with the target tracking upgrade

  • I trust those side rails are user-removable?

    • Marcellogo

      Yes, but also the older model can accept tons of that ,up to four short ones in the FAMAS styled hand guard.
      That is also the main difference between an actual rifle and that of eighties: rails, rails, rails and rails.

  • milo

    apparently there is two Milos that frequent the site… this is awesome… but just like the highlander there can only be one.

  • bsnighteye

    Any news on Russian VS-121?

  • myfirearmblog

    Anyone knows when approaching the release in 2014 or 2015 ( guess )…which forum webside would be the authorized organizer for a group buy ??? Thanks in advance

  • Will a Beta Mag work in that?

    • noob

      Beta C-mag has been trialed with the F-88 austeyr, and it can fit in the crook of your arm.

      keeping it jam free is another thing

  • ForTehNguyen

    when does it come out in Blu Ray

  • schizuki

    The XD (HS-2000) is a superb pistol, but we’re in a standardized world, and Glock’s got it sewn up. Same with this and the AR-15. But choice is good.

  • I want to know more about that optic.

    • Wosiu

      So, check out my post 10 hrs before your.

  • tomaso

    i like alot of the new features, but it still looks like the Tavor has the edge in ergos even with out the adjustable stock. will state I have yet to shoot the Tavor though so I’m being a bit of a hypocrite >>>>lol

  • Wolfgang

    The only real progress in bullpup design as far as I’m concerned is the capability to eject the spent rounds forward, as in the Kel tec RFB. Everything else either will not work for a lefty or requires additional parts, and both are no goes from my point of view…

    • The Tavor can be changed from right hand to left hand in about 5 minutes or less depending on your experience. The safety goes to the other side for lefties as does the ejection port.

      • Dani

        tavor takes 5 min but this takes 1 min. take out a pin, open the cover, turn and put it all back, Or you dont even have to and just shoot

  • Gringo

    Can’t help myself, but it looks like a FAMAS and a G36 met in a bar, got REALLY drunk, went to FAMAS’ home and performed some nasty stuff in bed…

    But I like the idea of the adjustable stock.

  • Clubber

    Why is this drunk allowed to handle the rifle in this video!

  • Guest

    Why is this drunk allowed to handle a weapon in video!

  • Šimun Moomy Mihanović

    just beautiful and powerful

  • Marko Tomljanović

    Phil W “Senior Writer TFB” you take the Tavor I take the Vhs 2. Guess who wins ? Common dude, seriously ?