Hands On With New Magpul Products at the NRA Show

Magpul announced a slew of new products last week, and I had a chance to examine them firsthand at the NRA show in Houston, Texas. Probably the most notable were the MBUS Pro backup sights made of metal, not Magpul’s signature polymer.

Magpul MBUS Pro rear sight

Magpul MBUS Pro rear sight

At first I wasn’t sure why the MBUS Pro needed to exist, but I will say that they’re impressively small and low profile. In fact, they put a lot of “low profile” backup sights to shame, and they could fit under a lot of different optic mounts – Magpul said it was possible to fit the rear under a standard riflescope in a medium or even a low set of rings.

Given the rail height of the AR relative to the stock, I don’t know that many people will choose to utilize that setup, but it’s nice to have the option of such a small sight. Also notable was the width of the rear sight, which significantly reduced interference with a standard charging handle. This small size, however, means that they aren’t the easiest sight to deploy. However, if you want a small and light iron sight set which will stay out of the way until you decide to use them, this might be a good option.

Another interesting product line was the Magpul MOE AK 7.62×39 magazine and grip. They aren’t on sale yet, but they’re coming. Of course, Magpul’s focus on AR mags as well as their impending move to an as-yet-undetermined state has had an effect on production speed.

Magpul MOE AK magazine and pistol grip

Magpul MOE AK magazine and pistol grip

The display magazine was a very nice rapid prototype, not a production example, but it looked quite nice and locked into place very well. It has features similar to that of the M3 PMag, including a dot-matrix pattern at the base of the mag for end-user numbering purposes. The MOE version is all-polymer, but there’s another steel-reinforced product that will sit at a higher price point. Good news for AK fans is the price: between $12 and $16 for the MOE example.

Last but not least, there was also a rapid prototype model of a Magpul light mount on display. Available in right or left handed versions, as well as versions for the Surefire Scout light and standard 1″ lights, it puts the light fairly close to the top rail when mounted to the right or left side.

So far, Magpul has offered the most exciting new products at the show, but there’s more to come.

EDIT: Contrary to what I was told, the AK magazine on display was not a rapid prototype. Here’s a better photo, and another shot of the pistol grip.



Andrew Tuohy

Andrew Tuohy was a Navy Corpsman with the 5th Marine Regiment. He makes a living by producing written and visual content within the firearm industry, and he also teaches carbine courses. He prefers elegant weapons for a more civilized age, and regularly posts at Vuurwapen Blog.


  • Good Lord, now that’s an AK enthusiast’s dream comming true!

  • Moose

    I wonder if they’ll develop other AK furniture as well.. I have to admit, thinking about an AK stock in the same stylings as their recent Remington 870 stock would look BAD ASS.

    • Esh325

      Buy an AK to AR stock adapter and put a magpul stock, and there you go.

      • FourString

        Lol true dat.

      • Moose

        Magpul doesn’t sell solid ar15 stocks with the sling loop and same shape as the Remmy stock. Getting an adapter would do nothing, because those aren’t the same.

    • Nicks87

      That would look bad-ass and it might even be california compliant. Somebody get on the horn and call MagPul!

      • Aside from magazines, there’s not a single other product Magpul makes that’s NOT California-compliant.

  • Waiting for the forend furniture and stock

    • FourString

      True dat.

  • OmegaDR

    Bout time….

  • Ryan

    My 590 is waiting

    • FourString

      590 says, “My body is ready”

  • FourString

    “Another interesting product line was the Magpul MOE AK 7.62×39 magazine and grip”


  • Vincent

    I’m hoping they’ll do a 5.56 and a 5.45 AK magazine. And other furniture. Nothing says “I’m operator” louder than a tricked out AK.

    • FourString

      pretty sure wearing operator clothing is louder operatorness than a tricked out AK 😛

  • noob

    What is the red dot mount on the display ak?

    • justanothergunrunner

      it’s an aimpoint. do you even operate?

      • noob

        Sorry, to clarify – what is the mounting hardware that attaches the aimpoint to the side rail on the display ak? can’t see it from this side.

        • RS Regulate

          RS Regulate AK-300 Modular Side Mount

          • noob

            🙂 Thanks!

          • RobGR

            yeah, bro, “do you even operate”… lol…. holy shit. SOmeone just actually said that up there.

            Was wondering the same thing about the mount.

  • Bill

    I’m looking forward to the AK mags, especially the steel reinforced variant.

    • Komrad

      This. Really though, quality AK-74 mags are needed more than AKM/AK-47 mags. Plenty of cheap surplus for those, not so much for 5.45.

  • Zack R.

    I hate to sound like a fan boy, but Magpul is putting out some quality equipment.

  • John Manning

    great new shitty plastic parts for ak, so you can make your ak as girly as an ar, no thanks!

    • Komrad

      As much as I dislike putting a bunch of plastic on an AK, Magpul is far from shitty.

      Besides, eastern bloc countries used plastic all the time. Those orange “Bakelite” mags, Bulgy circle 10/21s, and the furniture on the AK-74M are all plastic of some sort.

      Nothing wrong with plastic so long as it’s high quality and impact resistant.

  • Garrett

    I’ve never really liked the polymer Magpul MBUS sights. These MBUS PRO’s however look quite nice. Hopefully they are cheaper than the expected price (I think close to $200 for the set).

  • Sillowine Sanderson

    This is always so cool! What is the the most important equipment to get when looking for magpul stuff? These are so cool and I’d love to get started!

  • Jameel Johnson

    This new Magpul equipment looks great! I can’t wait to get my hands on some.