Magpul MBUS PRO: All Steel Construction!

Magpul has announced their new MBUS PRO backup iron sights. Surprisingly these sights are constructed of steel, not the polymer that Magpul is famous for. The added durability of an all-steel construction comes at a cost. The rear and pro sights are about twice as expensive as their polymer cousins. The rear sight has an MSRP of $104.95 and the front sight has a MSRP of $84.95.

Steve Johnson

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  • noob

    the higher profile looks interesting. do they co-witness with a red dot and riser? also the plastic buis had the ability to hold zero by letting the protective ears deform on impact, absorbing the energy. i wonder what the drop tests will reveal about these

    • 1 With a Bullet

      They may not be taller. Look at the proportions of the sight relative to the rail interface.

  • Mike

    The front site looks very similar to the KAC micro.

  • Bryan .

    Looks like cast aluminum. Interesting to see if they are as durable as the poly ones. At least the frotn sight wont melt on a gas block.

    • Juice

      As someone who doesn’t own firearms (but has a huge interest in them), how often does that happen?

      • Bryan .

        How often does what happen? Magpul’s other MBUS sites are made of polymer… aka plastic. Very functional, very durable, but if you have a rail atop the front site block, instead of the standard AR15 sight, then you cannot use the poly versions because the block gets very hot when shooting. Just a 10 round string can get it hot enough to melt or effect them, I would suppose.

        As for dropping, happens all the time.

        • rob

          I’ve never dropped an AR, but banging them around is inevitable.

  • Esh325

    Wonder what made them want to make metal ones?

    • Nic

      I’d wager the popularity of mounting back-ups on railed gas blocks which isn’t quite possible with the polymer sight

  • cueguy

    Wonder if the “all steel construction” is MIM?

    • sianmink

      Is that a problem? I don’t see any drawbacks for MIM in this application.

  • Looks like either cast Al or pot metal.

  • Nadnerbus

    One of the things I liked least about the polymer MBUS sights was the square plastic around the rear sight peep, obscuring your sight picture. This one looks like it will be even worse with the larger housing around the small aperture peep. The less material obstructing the sight picture, the better, at least as I see it.

    • noob

      can you get your eye closer to the peep without the sights contacting your face? as in, instead of letting it ghost just look through it. I wonder if the front sight will still align correctly – since you eye is fixed relative to the tiny hole, the front sight should be on a line from your eyeball.

  • Suburban

    “Surprisingly these sights are constructed of steel, not the polymer that Magpul is famous for.” I’ve got a couple of their rail-mount sling loops (whatsit called, RSA?) that are made of metal. Perhaps they are branching out?

  • Part of the magpul appeal was cost, not any longer .