ISSC Straight Pull Rimfire Rifles

ISSC target rifle

ISSC has developed new straight pull action rimfire rifles scheduled for release in 2013.  The new SPA 22/17 rifles will be available in three calibers and three different configurations.  Caliber choices are .22 LR, .22 WMR and .17 HMR.

ISSC target rifle

The rifles will be available with a wood stock, synthetic stock or with a synthetic target stock.  The target stock will fold and come with a butt spike and adjustable cheek piece.

All models will have an adjustable trigger pull and a detachable 10-round magazine.  All guns will have a 20″ match barrel.  MSRP will run from $489 – $699 depending on model.

ISSC target rifle

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  • Arnie Fuffkin

    I wish they made these in a .17 Super Mag. for the same price.

    • Julio

      They may do so. At IWA last month ISSC only had a pre-production example of the SPA on their stand, so it’s early days. Also, only Savage and Winchester have come out with .17WSM rifles so far, though the Ruger 77/17 looks like a promising candidate, having been chambered for the .17HH now as well as the .17HMR. If the cartridge is successful, we should see a lot more rifles chambered for it. I’m not really sure why Savage built a whole new rifle for it when they already had the 25.

  • K

    Why are you posting about these again? Didn’t we hear about them during SHOT in January?

    • I don’t recall TFB posting these during shot. In fact, I don’t recall anyone talking about these during shot.

  • ahil925

    Those are pretty sleek looking, but I’m afraid those would be wasted on me. I plink, not punch paper. I wonder how good a varmint rifle they’d make.

  • Michael Pham

    Digging the accuracy international-esque stock with the SPA Target.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Very cool, but I’d have a hard time getting this over the T3 straight pull action on a 10/22 style receiver. In the T3 you have all 10/22 accessories and parts, in this it’s all unique with a very large 10 round mag.

    Although the stocks and overall idea is great and I’m glad to see it.

    • Julio

      But with the T3 you’re limited to .22LR: the SPA is also available in .17HMR & .22WMR, and likely to be offered subsequently in .17WSM if it’s well received. In .17HMR the SPA looks like an affordable alternative to Anschutz’s pretty but overpriced 1727, and it has a higher-capacity magazine.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Fair enough, but the interesting thing about the straight pull is IMO the speed it can be run. The interesting thing about 17 is the distance it can reach. I guess I just don’t see how many people would want anything other than a fast 22lr.

        • Julio

          Fair enough, but with a heap of .22LR semi-autos out there, many boasting 25-round magazines, where does a manually-operated rifle fit in? There are only 3 makes of semi-auto in .22WMR and (I think) just 1 in .17HMR, which has a poor record in semi-automatic actions. So, as I see it, a straight-pull in HMR or WMR brings more to the party than one in .22LR. I do agree with your initial point, though: if I wanted a .22LR straight pull, I’d build it on a T3-based action. Even so, it’s something of an apples-and-oranges comparison as regards both price and out-of-the-box readiness.

          • Matthew Hunter

            I for one, am looking to buy a new .17 HMR rifle, accuracy is very important to me and I had my mind made up on the CZ 455 Varmint because I owned a 452 varmint before and I never saw another .17 rifle that could match its accuracy. However, the CZ’s come only w/ a single 5 rnd magazine and replacements are expensive and not the easiest to find. For that reason, I would consider one of these, probably the wood stock, because it will hold 10 rnds. My only question is, how would it compare to the CZ in accuracy?

          • Julio

            Matt, CZ make a polymer 10-round magazine for the 455, which is easy enough to source in the UK, at least. I used a CZ HMR with the 10-round magazine and had no feeding problems (just the usual ammo problems, which led me to sell it on). As has been noted here, the SPA’s heavy trigger looks like its Achilles heel, and combined with its unproven accuracy, would make me go for a CZ, unless a straight-pull is required, when I’d look at a Browning T-Bolt first.

  • Anonymoose

    I’d like one in .17WSM.

    • Souls

      İ think they are available now ?????? At least in Europe

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    Interesting how the model with the standard synthetic stock has a fore-end reminiscent of the one fitted to many Rossi single-shot rifles and shotguns. All the ISSC guns in this article look to be well-made and correctly-proportioned ( implying that they are also well-balanced ) ; if so, the MSRP may be quite reasonable since actual retail prices will be that much lower. I’m looking forward to seeing a field comparison report highlighting real-world performance.

  • Really a shame there’s no 17HM2 version. I guess when Eley discontinued it the writing was on the wall.

    But otherwise this is excellent news. Straight-pull biathlon-style rifles are almost as fast as a semi-auto and usually as accurate as the best bolt guns. Wonder if any of them have a biathlon harness mount…

  • Mercaptan

    Needs a threaded barrel. Very nifty, straight-pull bolt rifles (Schmidt-Rubin) are fun.

    • Matthew Hunter

      are silencers often used for biathlons? these are entry level competition rifles

  • mikee

    Intersting! But is it as slick as the Browning T-bolt?

  • Limonata

    The information is incorrect. On the website of the importer Legacy Sports, it says the trigger pull is 5lbs and is not adjustable. Also, availability is May. MSRP of the wood model is $589. I think I just found my birthday present

    • Suburban

      Trigger pull over 3 1/2 pounds is a deal-breaker on a bolt gun. That money would buy a 10/22, Volquartsen hammer, bull barrel and stock to fit it, with lots of change left over.

      • Matthew Hunter

        yup and you’d still be stuck w/ a slightly better than average 10/22, yipee

  • mick

    can anyone tell me about the issc 17 hmr. very interested to know