Bushnell Trophy Red Dot

Bushnell Trophy Red Dot

If you need an inexpensive red dot for your hunting gun, Bushnell is making a line of optics called the Trophy Red Dot.  There are five different Trophy Red Dot optics in the line that Bushnell says are compatible with shotgun, rifle and handgun hunting.

All of the sights are non-magnified (1x) optics with a variety of reticle and brightness options.  MSRPs run from $99.99 to $149.99.

Bushnell Trophy Red Dot

Product Name

Product SKU

Dot Size

Reticle Brightness

Est. Retail Price




11 brightness settings


1x28mm Realtree AP



11 brightness settings


TRS-25 in Realtree AP



11 brightness settings


1x28mm 4-in-1 Red Dot


8 reticle options

11 brightness settings


First Strike



Self-regulating display based on ambient light


Bushnell Trophy Red Dot

Bushnell Trophy Red Dot

Richard Johnson

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  • Geo

    Unless you are shooting slugs, optics on a shotgun are unnecessary. These red dots were the idea someone in Bushnell’s marketing department. Anyone who want’s to shoot better with a shotgun should spend some time shooting trap/skeet.

  • Ghostalker

    All true Geo. that being said, the TRS-25 in black makes an excellent optic for an AR15, or a .22 handgun or rifle! I love mine, picked it up a year or so ago at Hoffman’s in CT, back then they had it for $69!

    • Geo

      A decent red dot should be a one of the first accessories on any rifle. Just keep them off my scattergun.

  • That Guy

    I have the TRS-25 on my Saiga 12, and am VERY impressed. It is a great little sight for very low cost. It has held up very well to the punishment of 12Ga.

  • Since when did TFB become an adblog?

    • January this year our format changed. It’s very expensive to pay for a blog that grew as much as TFB has. It pays the bills and doesn’t make any difference in content.

      • Juice

        Thank you for such an honest answer

      • sell out

        what content? Calling this article content is lunacy. Thought I had found a great website, opened up a dozen articles and they are all fifty word reviews (or less). Great for all the gear crazed mall ninjas that would not understand technical writing anyway, so if thats your target demograph congrats.

  • John

    The TRS-25 seems to be getting pretty popular for a made in china RDS that holds zero

  • noob

    do any lefties mind that the TRS-25 has the power and intensity control on the right? can you just leave it on low and have it ready anytime?

    • RD

      I have my TRS-25 on a Ruger 22/45 that came together as a package and in this application it works great for me being left handed.

  • Ghostalker

    The TRS-25 has a good battery life for an inexpensive red dot. I’ve seen it quoted at 3,000 hours on level 7. But if you are looking for a set it and forget it red for for your primary home defense weapon I would emplore you to splurge and get an aimpoint pro. 30,000 hours. That’s three years instead of four months. The TRS is a fantastic range optic though.

  • R Sweeney

    I have found the Trophy’s to be the cheapest red-dots without parallax shift in either axis.

  • sell out

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