Bianchi Cowboy Wild Clearwater Rig

Bianchi cowboy rig

If you need a cowboy-style rig for your 1911, Bianchi might have what you are looking for.  The new Wild Clearwater holster and belt rig was designed specifically for the 1911 pistol.  The entire rig is made of premium, full-grain leather.

According to Bianchi, the company developed this rig in response to increasing demand from the cowboy shooting community.  Although not specifically mentioned by Bianchi, it is likely that Wild Bunch shooters are the target audience for this gear.  Wild Bunch shooters use 1911 pistols along with lever action rifles and 12 gauge pump shotguns.

The holster retails for $110 and the belt carries a $120 MSRP.

Richard Johnson

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  • wa

    I wouldn’t use a holster that doesn’t have something between my body and the thumb safety, and also what the hell are you going to do with those single rounds!

    • schizuki

      It’s for Wild Bunch shooting. Pistols are holstered hammer-down with empty chambers and are racked after the draw. The loops can be used for the lever-action carbine ammo, which has to be .40 or larger.