Double Rifle Mounts for Trijicon RMR

RMR DoubleRifle

The RMR mounted on a double rifle. Image courtesy of Trijicon.

The Trijicon RMR is being found on more and more handguns due to the optic’s small size and rugged durability.  However, those going on safari might just see more of them as well.

Trijicon is now offering adaptors to mount the RMR sights on double rifles.  The rifles for which the mounts are available include models from Sako and Blaser.  Additionally, Trijicon is offering generic mounts for custom rifles with various sized ribs, plus a steel block mount for custom shaping by a gunsmith.

Richard Johnson

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  • Komrad

    Surprised that I haven’t seen this before. It makes perfect sense. In a very high stress situation where seconds can mean life or death just as easily as combat or home defense, it makes sense to reduce acquisition time with a red dot. I just wonder about how well many red dots would hold up. If Trijicon is marketing it for double rifles, then it should be able to handle at least .375 H&H or 9.3x64mm, but I wonder about how well even a high quality optic would hold up under the recoil of bigger calibers like .505 Gibbs or .577 T-Rex.

    In any case, good that safari hunters have another option.

  • Shooter13

    I cant imagine someone putting a $1k sight on a $25-75k rifle… not that I wouldn’t, just saying the sight should cost at least $100k lol.

    • t-dahlgren

      A problem easily solved by sending the Trijicon off to your favorite bespoke gunsmith, who can then clad it in pre-ban ivory, and gold filled engraving.

  • Frosty_The_White_Man

    Rumor has it that Trijicon ACOGs are popular optics for various bolt-action safari rifles. An RMR on a fine double makes perfect sense. Sure it’s tactical sight on double rifle costing $12,000+ and all. Apply the correct spin and it’s almost a retro futurist or steampunk look.

  • reddotsights

    Hey, if it can work on a single barrel why not a double? The RMR is pretty great for shotguns in general – low profile and can take the kick without losing its zero. In my breakdown I talk about how their versatility is a big plus. Shotguns, rifles, handguns, you name it and it has a place on it.