Pachmayr Tactical Grip Gloves for Shield, XDs

Pachmayr grip glove

Pachmayr is now offering the company’s Tactical Grip Glove for the Smith & Wesson Shield and Springfield Armory XDs pistols.

The Tactical Grip Glove is a slip on grip enhancer similar to the Hogue Handall.  The device is a soft rubber sleeve that is pulled over the grip of a pistol.  It helps absorb recoil and can help fill large hands trying to hold onto small guns.  The sleeves should also help keep a good grip on the pistol in wet conditions.

According to Pachmayr, there are no special installation instructions, tools or lubricants needed.  Just slide it on to your Shield or XDs.  MSRP is $13.98.

Richard Johnson

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  • AmbulanceMonkee

    I owned one of these for my G19 for an hour once. It’s too thick and the material is too squishy. It was like trying to hold a gun wrapped in jello. I was hoping it would help me get a better grip on my gen3, but it didn’t.

  • Nate

    The should make these for the Px4