Mossberg 802 Plinkster Rifles

Mossberg 802 plinkster

Mossberg introduced several new rimfire rifles in the 802 Plinkster line.  These bolt action rifles are all chambered for the .22 LR cartridge and come in a variety of styles.

All models come with open sights, but also have grooved receivers to accept 3/8″ scope mounts for the installation of a scope with an objective diameter or 32mm or smaller.

Mossberg 802 plinkster

Stocks are available as traditional wood or as a pistol grip style synthetic in black or pink.  Barrels are either blued or brushed chrome depending on the model.  All barrels are free floating and 18″ or 21″ in length.  Weight runs from 4 – 4.25 pounds depending on the model.

These guns are fed by 10 round, detachable magazines.  A single magazine is included with each rifle.

Mossberg 802 plinkster

Mossberg 802 plinkster

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  • MOG

    I like the wood and steel. No frills.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    No pice listed, but I already know this is 1/2 the gun the CZ-455 and 452 are. No thanks.

  • Lady Silversweetheart

    Agreed. Between the scarcity and costs even running a .22LR nowadays is proving to be a challenge either for fun or training. -_-

  • Anonymoose

    Pink camo .22s- perfect for hunting small animals in Victoria’s Secret!

  • Andrew

    Now if only spare magazines could be found for the 702/802…

  • 032125

    I have a 701 plinkster (painted purple camo for my wife). It’s not sexy in any way, but it was $85 and it feeds cheap ammo better than any other .22 I’ve ever owned. This bolter might be a good starter for my girls, given a very short stock.

  • Mike Knox

    My little sis would love this..

  • jpcmt

    Be nice if you could find extra mags for this gun. I’ve looked for a couple years for them.