ATK Laying off Lake City Army Ammunition Plant Employees

The Kansas City Star reports that ATK is implementing voluntary layoffs at the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant …

Hourly workers at the federally owned Lake City Army Ammunition Plant in Independence have been given voluntary layoff offers as part of a plan to reduce the workforce of 2,600.

The cutbacks result mainly from modernization efforts during the last eight years, according to Bryan Kidder, a spokesman for Alliant Techsystems, which operates the facility for the U.S. Army.

He also attributed the cutbacks to “recent drawdowns in military actions.

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  • LB Critic

    reducing workforce? when there’s an ammo shortage? go figure!

    • sadlerbw

      Well, this isn’t exactly a commercial plant. the US Govt. owns it and ATK currently has the contract to staff and run it for them. The plant primarily makes munitions for the government. It isn’t exactly set up to spit out MiniMag’s and Gold Dots.

      • borekfk

        It looks like it makes artillery shells. So it really shouldn’t impact the ammo crisis. Still it must not be fun to be one of those workers.

        • Technological structural unemployment in action. The list of things for which humans can be replaced by robots grows longer everyday, and that’s even putting people in Chinese sweatshops out of work.

          • Good!! I’m always glad when we find ways to stop supporting the PRC’s slavery.

        • politicsbyothermeans

          Negative. Lake City makes a wide array of munitions including 5.56, 7.62, .30 (not a misprint), .50…

        • Martin M

          LC is all small arms. Artillery (large caliber munitions) is manufactured at Iowa Army Ammunition Plant.

        • Gary Foster


    • You have to read the entire article. The layoffs are as a result of the installation of new automated equipment. This actually speeds up production.
      The equipment doesn’t get tired and can run 24/7. I hate it these guys are being laid off in this economy.

      • smartacus

        You have to read the entire article. The layoffs are ALSO as a result of recent drawdowns in military actions. This actually slows down production.
        The equipment does get tired and can’t run 24/7. I hate it if these automated equipment are being laid up in this economy (losing a shedload more production than several employees getting sick at the same time… until a local technician arrives or master tech gets flown in to fix it at his own sweet pace)

        • The people who repair this equipment are on site. There’s no need to call anyone in. Also, we only get ammunition from these guys when there’s an overrun.

          The article also says “voluntary layoff offers “

      • Then add more lines the demand seems to warrant it.

      • GunTotingLib

        Since taking over the plant in 2000, ATK has increased the production
        rate of 7.62mm ammunition five-fold through expansion, automation, and
        modernization programs.

  • Shmidt-Rubin

    Great article, but there is a problem with your websie. When anyone is actually trying to read the article, it only scrolls down 1’2″ or so, then you have to wait about 30 seconds and you can get another 1/2″, and so on. I had this same problem here yestertay when I tried to read the articles. Please have someone look into this. Thanks.

    • Ok we’ll check but I can tell you what it sounds like. This is not a knock on you or your computer. I’ve had systems that got a little age on them and full of all kinds of files not used anymore. That slows the machine down. Being a website that is photo intensive and maybe a machine with old files it does happen. Do pages of text open quickly and one with lots of photos to load load slower?
      I’ve had that same thing happen on my old Mac and before that an older PC.


      • Mystick

        I’ve noticed something like that, as well, but not nearly as bad. I have a brand new 3GHz machine with plenty of memory and a good ISP connection. The article portion works fine and scrolls smoothly – including images – but as soon as the comment section comes up, it gets… “twitchy”… loses it’s scrolling smoothness. I could attribute this to a script doing more work than it should. I would imagine it could cripple an older machine. Firefox here, if that helps.

    • B.

      Shmidt-Rubin – make sure your browser cache has been cleaned, and that you don’t have any registry errors. Both these things can slow down a system.


    “recent drawdowns in military actions”?

    • Martin M

      Drones don’t use small arms ammo, yet.

  • Gol

    Ok, this is probably a stupid question, but google was no help, so can someone please explain to me what a “voluntary layoff” is and why an employee would feel that it is in their best interest to take one?

    • David Hinerman

      There’s usually a larger severance payment offered to people who step down voluntarily. People who don’t take it will usually receive less if the voluntary layoff doesn’t cut enough costs, and they get let go in the involuntary layoff that follows.

      • yes sir that about sums it up. There’s always an incentive whether it’s cash or early retirement.

        • Gol

          Ok, now it makes sense to me, thank you both!

  • And what about the additional order of over 360,000 rounds on top of the 1.6 billion rounds DHS has ordered? Doesn’t sound like a slowdown to me.

  • JeffTD

    The Reps must be dancing and clapping their hands now.

  • Homie

    No layoffs till further notice they are having issues within the company

  • wall

    Lake city has the possibility to make any ammo type needed. The layoffs are the effect of atk trying to run at the minimum. And once again they are trying to do it. The modernization doesnt work as well as they thought or even at all. They are trying to cut out as many jobs as possible. Since atk has been there they have cut out a lot of jobs and also gotten rid of people that are necessary. They are outsourcing as much as possible. Dang near all the rebuilds of broken machinery, and the new stuff coming in is all contractors. They won a 7 billion dollar bid for this new contract and then turned around and layed people off. They cut the work force down past the point of doing good. The maintnance personal can not keep up. And to cut out more they are traing people to try and run jobs that normally take two or three people. So….. is what they are doing right?