The Tavor SAR Rifle is Shipping!

It has been a long time coming but finally consumers in the USA will be able to purchase a Tavor rifle. Pricing starts at $1,999. From the press release …

IWI US, Inc.,  a subsidiary of Israel Weapon Industries (IWI), has commenced shipments of the long-awaited TAVOR® SAR bullpup rifles to their distributors. Shipments have been carefully choreographed for product arrival to various distributors across the country at relatively the same time. IWI US continues to ramp up production and shipping in the coming weeks. An assortment of black and FDE TAVOR® SAR rifles in 16.5″ barrels and several black, left-hand rifles along with a small quantity of the TAVOR® SAR IDF model are among the initial product shipments.

The body of the TAVOR® SAR, specially designed for the US market, is crafted from high strength polymer, and will be offered in black or Flat Dark Earth colors. Features include full ambidextrous controls, removable 16.5″ or 18″ barrels, Cold Hammer Forged (CHF) CrMoV chrome-lined barrels with 1:7 twist, a full-length top-mounted integral Picatinny rail and another short rail forward at a 45° angle for mounting accessories. A stock left-hand model with 16.5″ barrel and an “IDF” model with integral MEPRO-21 reflex sight round out the product line. The TAVOR® SAR uses standard AR-15/M16 magazines and can be easily field-stripped into sub-assemblies for routine maintenance. The standard caliber is 5.56 NATO (.223REM), with conversion kits available in 9mm Luger Parabellum and 5.45X39mm. MSRP starts at $1,999.00.

I have shot the Tavor SAR and it performed well. We will be publishing a full review of it shortly.

Steve Johnson

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  • floppyscience

    Neat. I wonder what the prices will be in stores. Will they be sold for a normal price (maybe $1700-$1800) or start off sky-high because of the hysteria?

    • Well retail is $1999 but my guess is around $1700 once things calm down. Right now will all the hoarding idiocy going on they will be some places charging more than retail.

      • Anonymous

        $1700 is probably a long, long ways off based upon the dealer pricing that’s currently being charged. It might get to that point someday, but at $1700 the dealer would be making far less than most would be willing to sell it for. Even at $2k the margin isn’t terribly impressive.

        • I do know there’s been some discussion about some possible measures to head off ridiculous prices. Whether anything came of it I don’t know at present.
          I really believe if somebody were to charge a crazy $3500 price they might find themselves not being able to get anymore of them:-)

      • floppyscience

        Yeah, I know MSRP is $1999, but guns rarely if ever go for MSRP (except in times like this). I think $1700 is a reasonable pricepoint in more normal times. As for now I wouldn’t be surprised if they hit the shelves for $3500.

  • the plastic wrap makes it look blue

  • mosinman

    I figure once they get enough of them here, and start to manufacture them here and the buying frenzy ends…… we might see them for sale @ 1000 usd 🙂

    • They are made here in a new factory. Right now the barrels are made in Israel but everything else is made in the USA!

      • mosinman

        Even better! I sure hope the price goes down as supply goes up.

  • Joel

    Congratulations to those who made this happen. I hope that their work and their risk taking is rewarded.

  • Aaron

    This rifle was a real treat to shoot at Media Day. Very accurate, lightweight, and a good feel. The ergonomics of the bolt, and magazine being in the rear takes a little getting used to, but the weight shift to the rear, instead of the front like AR’s and AK’s, was noticeably beneficial. I’m hoping that they can keep the prices down even during this hysteria.

  • Way too rich for my blood. I blame import restrictions. With the economy the way it is, that’s replacement vehicle in our household.

  • In Canada, for a while now they are selling for $2800

  • Hipoint is better than Glock

    Hopefully the beretta arx-100 is next!!! I got a sgl-21 and a arsenal slr-106u that will be traded immediately when it finally comes out.

  • storm96

    I am a dealer & I have a distributer that is suppose to be getting these in this week or so. They have not said what the wholesale price is going to be yet but my guess is if things were normal & since MSRP starts at $2000 retail would probably be around $1850 or so. Since they are new & ALL guns are getting incredably hard to find, my guess would be in the $3000 range.

  • david

    Mine wil be here tomorrow. Have an Eotech and Troy sights all ready, Dying to shoot it

  • I’m so pleased this is finally happening.

  • Thomas Albert

    I want one ASAP! Time to buy is now!