Brilliant Backstraps

Brilliant Backstraps

Image courtesy of Brilliant Backstraps

Custom grips have long been appreciated by handgun owners.  General George S. Patton Jr, perhaps one of the more famous historical figures of the last century, had custom ivory grips on his revolvers.  For those that mistook the ivory for pearl, Patton had a harsh word at the ready.

Grips, or stocks, have often been an easy way for a shooter to add personality to his or her handgun.  However, in the era of plastic pistols with grips being a molded part of the frame, custom grips have been less important to many gun owners.  Brilliant Backstraps is attempting to change that with the latest polymer guns.

Brilliant Backstaps makes colorful backstaps for Smith & Wesson M&P and Springfield XDM/XDS pistols.  The backstraps are available in the sizes normally available for the pistols (small, medium, large).

Warning:  the Brilliant Backstraps are not subtle.  If you are looking for something low-key, these are not likely going to meet with your approval.  The colors are bright and the patterns are striking.  If you are looking for something bold, Brilliant Backstaps might just be what you are looking for.

Brilliant Backstraps green

Image courtesy of Brilliant Backstraps

Prices run from $30 – 40 depending on if you want a solid color or a custom pattern like the Lone Star, Old Glory or Glow in the Dark.  If you need old school grips for your SIG P226 or P229, Brilliant Backstraps can also help you with the same colors and patterns.  Prices run from $40 – 50 for these.

I’m not sure what Patton would say about these, but I’m not sure the General would cary a plastic gun anyway.

Richard Johnson

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  • bull

    seems like stippling is quite common though. and they had some nice stippled backstraps there 🙂

  • Serious

    The first choice for colombian narcos …. or for a member of Sinaloa Cartel …..

  • Real life

    Client list:
    Medellín Cartel, Sinaloa Cartel, Rappers, Chinese Gangs, Africa’s Dictators, ….

  • Ian

    I think a lot of the people who lambaste these grips/inserts/backstraps are the same ones who have tan, green, brown, etc painted rifles. I hope I’m not the only one who would see the irony.

    I think the red and blue look great.

  • allannon

    I know a lady with an early production from here (you know who you are, Mrs. Purple Zebra Stripes).

    If you want a more colorful gun, it’s a great solution.

    If you don’t like it, it’s not mandatory. :p

  • Whiskey1

    My only concern is for that particular color of blue; that’s a TRAINING color in LE & military. Possible mixup could lead to unforeseen badness….?

  • Rob

    These look like they’re just OEM backstraps with glitter and epoxy.

  • noob

    They should have an option to put a digital print of any .jpg across the backstrap. It’d be hilarious!

    Imagine the goatse gun!