Spuhr’s Innovative NV Cantilever Mount

Spuhr AB is a Scandinavian company that specializes in high-end scope rings and scope mounts. Their rings and mounts feature the SPUHR Interface, a mounting interface that allows accessories to be easily bolted on (you can see the interface on the photos below).

At IWA ’13 they had a very nifty prototype  accessory that allows an image intensifier to be mounted on a rifle without a full length rail. The extended cantilever mount bolts onto the Spuhr scope mount. This setup allows law enforcement and hunters to use image intensifiers on lower cost rifles like a standard Remington 700 without having to pay for a very expensive (and heavy) stock/rail system.

I wish I had thought of this idea!




Many thanks to Dom for the photos and information.

Steve Johnson

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  • Black_Viper

    Got me a Spuhr for my AI-338/Nighforcce NXS. Great mount and love the options available for it. Pricey yes, but worth it in quality. If they go into production with this I may grab it for my future IR/NV purchase.

    I love my toys.

  • Genuine hero

    I prefer ERA mounts. Does the same things and more + better. http://era-tac.de/en.html

    • Curious

      What more can ERA do, and better in what way?

    • Håkan Spuhr

      Genuine Hero
      It seems to me that you don’t know much about the mount.
      Could you please read this PDF and after that tell me what ERA can do that not our mount can?

      • Genuine hero

        ERA has a similar system for mounting attachments for example. Recknagel which ERA is a part of has been around since the late 1800s and did not have to steal the mauser logo to try to impress someone. Sorry. It is an established brand and not some unknown entity. The “spuhr” scope mounts are probably nice but I prefer tried and tested and well known brands.

        • Håkan Spuhr

          Recknagel is a great company, and over the years and have used a great number of their products and the quality is very good. In a number of occasions I am still using their producs.
          However their interface system is very limited compared to ours and there is a lot of things that you not can mount on to their mount.
          Now, please read the PDF, as the discussion is now you it’s like you are telling me that your Dads 1953 Wolksvagen drive faster than a 1998 Lambourghini because he says so……. But you never looked on what the Lambourghini can do……….

          When it comes to our logo it’s not a copy of Mauser, but it’s a logo style that was very popular 80-100 years ago in Germany and we find that the quality of that time is very appealing and fit our productline very well.
          At the time mostly of the big companys as Zeiss, Leitz, Hensoldt, Mauser did have similar styles in their logos.

          • Genuine hero

            That all might be true but I also am interested in the ethics behind a company. I do not know Swedish but I can read some of the things here: http://imgur.com/a/whUTS
            And they give cause for concern.

          • Henrik Bergdahl

            Om du är en Svensk vilket jag misstänker så finns det ingen anledning att snacka skit och sprida skitsnack. Du hjälper ingen.