Nifty Butler Creek Tactical Sidewinder Flip Covers

Traditional scope flip covers require clearance for the cover to flip up (or to the side). This is problem if you have two optics, such as a red dot and a magnifier, mounted closely together. Butler Creek have solved this problem with the Sidewinder cover that rotates to the side and then flips to the side. You can see it demonstrated in the video below.

The Sidewinder Flip Cover will be available to fit 30mm eyepiece lenses and 38mm objective lenses. It will work on scopes such as the Aimpoint CompM2, Bushnell TRS-32, Burris 332 EP and Sightmark Tactical Red Dot. The MSRP will be $21.95 later this month.


Steve Johnson

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  • Woodenplank

    Shame that Butler Creek seems to have gone downhill. The last objective cover I bought lasted less than a week before failing.

    • Julio

      This. These look like they work well, but that’s only a benefit if they prove no more durable than BC’s regular models.

  • Arron

    I like this idea and hope they did a good job on it. I haven’t been impressed with butler creek products ive owned in the past.

    • CrankyFool

      Weird. I have Butler Creek scope covers on my 308 Savage that I’ve had for about 15 years or so now, and continue to operate like new.

  • that is cool