Exclusive: B&T APC223 Prototype .223 Rifle

Folks, you saw it here first. Brugger & Thomet (B&T) has developed a prototype .223 Remington version of their APC9 submachine gun. We don’t have any specs on the gun, but we can see from the photos that it uses AR-15 magazines, has fully ambidextrous controls, a left/right swappable charging handle and a folding stock.




BoT-APC9-IWA2013-7 BoT-APC9-IWA2013-8


Many thanks to Erik @ www.rs6.com for the photos.

Steve Johnson

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  • looks like its a working prototype

  • I like the exterior so far (minus the grip), but I wonder what she looks like under the dress. 😛

  • Moose

    Hopefully this releases in the US once all this ban talk dies down. Since B&T uses DSA for an importer of the TP-9 hopefully they work out a deal for this one too.

  • Anonymous

    Why is every single Europeans arms manufacturer trying to clone the SCAR? What makes it so irresistible for them to emulate, that they can’t change the layout or design of the upper receiver at all?

    • bull

      probably because you can extrude the upper.

      • kalashnikev

        This. With the extruded receiver, plastic small parts, and simplified, square BCG requiring less machining operations, I’d guess these rifles are very cheap to produce and the profit margins are insane.


    Wiat till the OTHERS see this! They should sell these guns with a Pink plastic coating on them that peals’ away when you get it home,if it’s not a Black rifle anymore nobody will care and the Libs will think it’s cute!

  • Dale

    I like the idea of the APC223; It’s almost as if a FAL mated with a SCAR or ACR and out came this platform. It will be interesting to see how the internal operating system works, if the barrel is of quick-change configuration, the trigger will be of the mil-spec AR variant (doesn’t look like it) and the lower will offer the ability to change the grip for the final version. If that’s the case, this could be a really cool new contender. I’m also liking the ambidextrous controls!

  • Lance

    No looks like a ACR married a G-36. Darn wish they make a semi auto G-36.

    • Nadnerbus

      It’s called the SL8. It would be nice if they assembled them in the US to avoid the thumb hole stock and single stack magazine though.

  • Nathaniel

    If it weighs over 6lbs, I don’t care.

  • gvass

    “Folks, you saw it here first.”

    Ohhh, NO! I saw it in last March in Nuremberg, IWA-2012.

  • bbmg

    Ah, another conventionally configured 223 AR type rifle, just what the world was waiting for!

    I hope there’s something radical under the hood, otherwise nothing to write home about.

    • Esh325

      I don’t know if anything radically better/different can be made with conventional cartridges cases, it might might require a new type of ammo. There’s the LSAT project, but I don’t really know what’s the status of it. The Russian’s AN-94 and all their balanced designs were pretty interesting, but nothing became of them sadly.

      • LSAT has prototypes going through trials, if I’m informed correctly. If it passes those, it might be issued to special forces or included in the next major weapons trial, either the machine gun or carbine version. Otherwise it’s going back to the drawing board again for further development. The LSAT program isn’t so much about producing a single gun as identifying new possibilities, it’s not a failure until they completely run out of ideas.

        • Esh325

          I’ve heard they ran out of funding for the project, and it’s on hold. I would like to see other countries start developing their caseless and telescoped case designs.

    • It may not interest you, but anything .223 that IS NOT an AR is potentially exciting for Canadians. The more Non-Restricted black rifles the better.

    • FourString

      I actually like it. It seems pretty cool.

  • noob

    I really hope that they make the front handguard part of the receiver extrusion instead of being held on by like 9 allen bolts.

    Charging handle location seems to be a smart move though.

    • kalashnikev

      Maybe they had George Kelgren design that part, and then fired him immediately after, LOL. Hope it comes with some spares in a grip module. (Honestly this makes the HG more modular, which is a better solution than the SCAR Rail extensions)

  • Pierangelo Tendas

    You first saw it on our 2012 IWA special, on all4shooters.com!

  • David

    To me it looks like a Swiss version of the CZ 805 Bren. The charging handle is in the same place, the basic lines of the rifle are the same.

    Remember, the design teams for the Beretta AR70/90 and the SIG 550 series of rifles started out working together to develop a joint rifle. Split ways and made the mentioned rifles for their countries respectively. Both of those rifles entered service in the late 80s/early 90s. Italy is already replacing their AR70/90s with the next generation ARX160. Maybe B&T is hoping the Swiss are considering a similar move since the 550 series was introduced at about the same time.

    I think a lot of Americans tend to view Europeans as rather homogenous except for lanuage when in fact Europe is probably one of the most diverse regions on earth for the land area. Yeah, FN has done it, HK has done it, Beretta has done it, CZ has done it, Radom has done it, HS Produkt has done it, and now B&T are doing it. Next-gen fully ambi rifles are here to stay, and when it comes to adopting a military rifle, many countries in Europe feel the same way about adopting another’s weapon as an American would feel about it’s military adopting a Mexican designed and built rifle. So they make their own.

    Extrusions are very strong (grain of the metal aligned) and very cheap if the volume is high enough. Hence why everyone wants to go to an upper they can extrude. Monolithic ar-15 uppers can’t typically be extruded due to various details and have to be milled from a billet.

  • Esh325

    A very interesting design. Seems to take the look of most modern assault rifles. I guess the reason they made was because they figured out SMG’s aren’t as competitive. I wonder if they will intend it for civilian,police, and military export? Maybe this could be the rifle the Swiss replace their Sig 550’s when they get old.

    • Anonymoose

      Probably looking for a military contract, and just to round out their line-up since they currently have a sniper rifle, SMG, and machinepistol/”tactical” pistol.

  • Clodboy

    So is that the same stock the SMG uses, or something beefier?
    It almost seems like a distinctive receiver sandwiched between an UMP buttstock and a G36 forend.

    • Anonymoose

      BT makes a ton of accessories for HK, including those stocks and forends iirc.

  • Dan Cartwright

    If it comes in a version in the $400-500 range, I’ll take one, maybe 2.

    • Esh325

      I highly doubt it will go that cheap. Swiss guns are expensive generally, and to get through all the loop holes to get it imported in the USA, will add more costs.

  • Mike Knox

    If it’s lighter than a SCAR-L, I’ll be more interested in it..

  • zardinuk

    Looks a lot like the Robinson XCR http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robinson_Armament_XCR

  • Masoo2

    G-Mag? hrm? Kinda like the OA/O-MAG from that German company?

  • n0truscotsman

    let me guess…


    im tired of 223 rifles because you cant buy the ammo.

    5.45 baby.

  • PD2BP253

    I’m pretty excited about this rifle, but heres the bigger question, what will the price point be, MSRP? Will it be available in the US?


    Looks line a nice and seek, no nonsense rifle.