Dynamic Arms Research DAR-15

Dynamic Arms Research is a high-end German manufacturer of AR-15 rifles. DAR manufacture their own uppers, lowers, rails and muzzle brakes. They use Lothar Walther barrels and Magpul stocks and magazines.   They are chambered in .223 Rem., .300 Whisper and 6.8mm SPC. The rifles sell for around €3000 (nearly $3,900 at todays exchange rate).  These photos were taken at IWA ’13.




Many thanks to Eric (3Gun.se) for the photos.

Steve Johnson

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  • The red ones go faster.

  • Crunkle

    Yawn, just what’s needed a few more overpriced cookie cutter AR clones.

  • That’s an Ace stock on the red one, not Magpul.

  • Nick

    Love the red one. Nice to see an AR in something other that black.

  • Max

    The very best fit and finish you can get for an AR, anywhere.
    They will customize every part of your rifle if you desire it.
    They also make their own piston system btw.
    Finest of German engineering, definitely!

  • Tierlieb

    To put it into perspective: The cheapest AR-15 in Germany costs 1300 EUR, roughly 1700 USD.

    I like their way of attaching the rail system. It is screwed into a flange on their proprietary upper, which beats abusing the barrel nut for that purpose, imho. Oberland Arms offers the same, yet clunkier.

    But still: more than twice the price for an AR-15 clone? Naaaaa.

  • Joe

    What I don’t get is why they chose .300 Whisper over .300 Blackout. You’d think they’d go for the SAAMI round, since it’s got a consistent standard.

    • Marc

      .300 Whisper has a CIP datasheet and SAAMI doesn’t apply anyway. So why should they bother with the clone when the original already does the trick?

  • Durham68

    Apart from the optic I can’t make the sum of the parts add up to more than $1500 on that red one. Maybe $3k for the black one if it was a high end can.

    • Matt

      You obviously have no idea how much any standard AR costs in Germany.
      $2000 is hardly a decent quality rifle here.

      The HK MR223/556 is around $3000 without optic or any accessory.
      You can’t just take your US prices and think everything costs the same all around the world.

    • Sebastian

      There is also a limit on the guns we can purchase that is why in Europe high end guns are much more common. Rather having one good guns that two or three bad ones.

  • Attention

    I am from Germany and have a lot of experience with AR15 systems! The DAR products are the highest quality available on the market! Every part is not just a copy of AR15 parts, it is new developed! They also use new ways to build the parts, e.g. the upper receiver! The price is high, but worth for what you get – best german engineering! You can have a Volkswagen or a Porsche – it is your decision what you want 😉