The Latest Saiga 12 (Version 340)

Izhmash produces more variants of the Saiga 12 than we can keep up with. The latest version, Version 340, features a large muzzle brake, an oversized flared magazine well and a AR-15 compatible butt stock that resembles (or is) a Magpul CTR Carbine Stock. The shotgun was on display at IDEX last month.

Many thanks to Giorgio for the photo.

Steve Johnson

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  • Where can we find this at?

    • Esh325

      Not out yet, but the VEPR-12 looks like the closet thing you can buy in the USA at the moment.

  • Spencedaddy

    at your local gunstore, then….5 minutes after purchase, on your local firearms classifieds for double the price

  • SOmeGUy

    What is the model shown below the 340?

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Best gun sale I’ve ever made was just recently, I bought a Saiga before the ban “scare” a bit back, put $400 worth of parts, $100 into working the gas ports, then sold it just recently for $1600…. I… HATED… that gun after actually learning how to run a shotgun for real.

    IMO, the Saiga is good for exactly two things. Competition use where it doesn’t matter how dumb the gun is because all the guns are dumb and non-practical, who cares if it runs 96/100 birdshot rounds on a static unrealistic course of fire, it’s about as truly useful as a racegun 1911. OR as an SBS, I will give it that, that with $1500-$2000 worth of custom work, you can have an 8″ 12ga that can still utilize a good number of rounds (albeit in a stupid large and clumsy magazine).

    Issues I discovered with the Saiga that no one talks about…

    – At least my Izmesh Saiga was worse in fit and finish than any AK or even 7.62 Saiga I ever held. It ran fine when I was done with it, but these are $300-$500 guns, nothing more. If you can get one for that, good to go.

    – The 12ga round is NOT NOT NOT designed to fit in a magazine! Any amount of prolonged storage in one will bulge the case out and it will start ‘leaking’ filling from loads like Federal 00buck that have it. The rounds quickly physically deform enough to fail to feed and eject.

    – Magwels are REQUIRED, but that means you’re going to be fitting each mag by hand. Own two guns, and it’s likely the two mags may not interchange, unacceptable.

    – No Saiga I’ve ever physically seen even a finely “tuned” Tromix or my own gun ran 100%, 95% was absolute best. This may not always be the gun’s fault, the 12ga round was NOT designed for a box magazine!

    – Those giant brakes are absolute eye candy and are 100% ineffective in 18″+ barrel lengths.

    – If you feel you need 8-10-12-20 rounds of buckshot…. You need a rifle. End of story. Shotguns in real world have become less primary and more secondary. They’re useful for being able to accept a huge number of ammo types from less to very lethal. They’re useful for breeching. They’re useful for animal control. They are not as desirable as say an AR-15 for general and defensive use.

    – Saiga owners for the most part are completely delusional about what they own and what it’s practical application is.

    -80% of people pronounce it SEGA which is WRONG and I’m tired of correcting people in person. It’s SIGH-GAH!

    In short, after taking a couple defensive shotgun classes, and really getting some time on M1, m2, m3, m4, 500, Nova, 590, 930, 870, SXS, 870, 1100, 1187, Saiga12s, MKA 1919, KSG, Ithica 37, and a couple others, I could not possibly rely on anything but the Benellis and the 870, imo, everything else is inferior for one reason or another.

    On topic, the whole point of a shotgun with it’s large easily handle-able ammo, is that you can continually load before being actually out of ammo. Yes, a good tube shotgun holds 5-8 and when you have time, you reload round by round, you can do this without major effort or taking your eyes off of a target, and from a pocket if you have no gear. You can swap a single round of a different type of ammo at any time, adding major versatility to the platform. Saigas, whether new model or not, allow none of this.

    So great, now that I’ve sold my original version, go ahead and bring out all the new types you like! I sure as hell will never made that mistake again (although it did pay off in this instance).

  • FourString

    looks kinda front heavy loool