Ammo Prices Have Doubled Since December At Some Stores reports that ammunition prices at Hyatt Gun’s in NC have doubled since December …

We “immediately started rationing” as there are “a lot of unknowns for deliveries of products,” Hyatt said.

The 5.56mm was selling for $0.50 a round in mid-December.  Today it sells for $1.00/round; a 100 percent increase in price.

Mr. Hyatt also said that 50 rounds of 9mm were selling for $10.99 – but, they’re now priced at $24.00 per box.  This represents an increase of 118 percent.

Hyatt says the talk around his shop these days is that, next week, it’ll cut the number of rounds allowed per purchase in half – and the week after that, they’ll just show their customers a picture of a box of ammo.

There has been no better time to start reloading.

Many thanks to Jay for the tip.

Steve Johnson

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  • CrankyFool

    I’ve been dying to get into reloading, and was thinking to myself “this sure is a great time to get into reloading.” The problem is that while ammo is incredibly scarce, it sure does look like reloading components are also incredibly rare right now. I was looking at midway — is there another site with more availability?

    • Tough it out for now. Buy your press now, used if you can to save $$. Pick up any brass you see, even if you don’t use it, barter with people who do for what you want. Gun shows are great for cheap dies. Most old timers have 2 or three of the same and will deal to get rid of them. Prep all your brass now. When you get other components later this summer/fall load your ass off and never forget how it sucked to be without. I did this in 07 and am sitting pretty now. This drought will end like all the others. Good luck.

    • David Hinerman

      Buying powder or primers by mail will cost you extra for hazmat delivery fees. If possible, a local source is usually worth developing. If not, Midsouth Shooter Supply still has some powder in stock and expects backordered powders to be in some time in March.

  • Arrn

    Ammo prices right now are seriously hampering my range time. I checked my local ammo/gun store last week and 200rds of .223 was $299.99. Ridiculous.

  • Course the fact that Hayatt’s is damn near the highest priced place in the area does not help.

    • Noah K.


  • vash

    I just got back from my local gun shop, they wanted $75 for federal bulk blue box 22 lr!!? I use to be able to buy them for $16/box. They also wanted $299 for 1080 rds of 545 that I use to get for $125 at the same shop. It’s asinine and my only avenue if I want to shoot is reload for what I have been saving up or take up airsoft. On the brighter side, they had new brass case 7.62x54R for $15/box that is reloadable (that is the only reason I bought it). I really hope everything goes back to normal by summer and availability will be like it was before all this crap.

  • Dave

    Still cheaper than its ever been here in Australia, if you don’t care much for the increase in price, seriously look into reloading

  • I got one of those pictures today and they wouldnt let me hold it.

  • Junkyard

    Does anyone know how long it will take for the ammo manufacturers to complete the government’s orders and get back to producing ammo for us?

    • godbilla66

      From what I hear from employees at the local ammo manufacturer (govt contract server) it could be 3-4 years to catch back up with the consumer market. Not only is our govt buying but so are overseas countries and their law enforcement agencies. They have suspended sales to their employees too. Ammo is getting harder to get a hold of, even here.

      • Junkyard

        Thanks, depressing but thanks

      • n0truscotsman

        I heard the same thing. Lemme guess, lake city? 😛

  • Chadd

    I’m so happy that there’s still sane people who realize they’re going to alienate their customers by jacking up their prices that much.

    Every gun shop in my area(aside form one, Sante Fe Guns, where the manager actually BRAGS to regular customers about how much he’s been able to jack up prices on EVERYTHING by as much as 300 percent) has kept their prices pretty level(a few price increases but nothing more than 2 or 3 cents a round which is good considering the price of living is going up around here). Some times, I like living in southern California…only sometimes. 🙂

  • Criticalthinkingiscritical

    Crap. I’m starting to have trouble even finding 12g #7 for sporting clays.

    I’ve always hated reloading. Even when trying the ultra-expensive tricked out setups my friends have it’s A) Super Boring and because it’s super boring it’s also B) Super Dangerous.

    For anyone who enjoys it I can see it being a safe, even fun, endeavor. For someone like me who’s mind wanders almost immediately when doing a repetitive task like that it’s a recipe for gun kaboom.

    • Try to find primers right now.

      • n0truscotsman

        Yes ^this. Reloading is not even the solution now. Its that bad

  • Mr. Fahrenheit

    Price increases like this is why I get my ammo at the big box stores like WalMart, Academy, Bass Pro Shops. (Although, they’re out of ammo now as well.)

    A friend at the gun counter at Bass told me he kept seeing the same employees from the local gun shops coming in and buying all the ammo. F*** ’em.

    And while I’m ranting …nevermind…

    • WellArmedHippie

      Same thing happening in VA, ammo being bought at W***Mart and re-sold at insane prices at the local gun store. I personal like to support local…but i cannot support this type of business practice, it hurts all of us and also tarnishes the local business in my opinion.

    • n0truscotsman

      Theres also the “campers”. They have the shipping dates down pat and just wait to buy the store out. These people irritate me as much as the walmart locusts. Good thing i bought my DD AR last summer…i should have bought 20 and sold them.

    • NameNotGiven

      I don’t agree with the sentiments. Your local small grocery store probably buys their tuna fish cans at big box stores as well. The small stores wont be getting anything from the suppliers and they have to what they can. If those small stores go out of business which will happen if they cant get supplies for a year (and that is the minimum timeframe for recovery)

  • 5

    Reloading? Really? You can find bullets, primers, etc. and they aren’t overpriced as well? Supply and demand, period.

  • Fyrewerx

    Last Wednesday, I received an email from on of my local gunshops advertising that they just received 50,000 rounds of .223 and 5.56 (assorted brands), and were selling for $12.99 per 20 round box. Needless to say, they were gone in about an hour.

    They also received a shipment of 100,000 .22LR, but no price was noted.

  • Even .22LR is expensive and hard-to-find.

  • Lance

    panic buying is a waste spend time calling your Reps and Senators and say no flood them with emails is better effort than panic buying.

  • Glenn

    While I feel for the people who are outraged that a gun shop would raise prices. And there are defiantly certain places that have taken advantage wich I disapprove of. But you need to look at it from the shop owners view. If you we’re being told by your suppliers that it could be 6-12 months or more to see product in large quantity again. You would have to plan how are you going to pay the bills keep people on staff. if in six months your income is a third or worse. You’ll need that cushion to keep afloat. And to the remark about small shops buying ammo from large retailers to resale I know of two small shops that were told to stick it when they tried to place ammo orders worth over 10k because the supplier said the order was to small to deal with due to back orders. Selling something to them is better than sitting in a empty shop watching the bank account dry up all the while fielding 10 phone calls a min, looking for the stuff they can’t even order

    And yes I do work for a gun shop just happens to be one of the big box chains and even we have been told that company’s won’t take our very large orders

  • tincankilla

    The passive voice in the headline is misleading, it should be “Since December, some stores have doubled their ammo prices.”

  • Wtf

    You guys are just now noticing? I’m done with this blog.

  • n0truscotsman

    I own a AR and have a 1000 rounds or so and havent shot it much since that carbine course last fall. My plinking guns are my 7.62 pseudo AK (vz58) and winchester m1 carbine. 30 carbine is hard to find! So is 38 special! I can still find some 7.62 soviet but 9mm para, 308, and 223? Rare has hens teeth. I guess the next couple of years ill focus more on my wood carving hobby and muzzleloading XD

    As fsr as rationing and price hikes: i dont blame them. There is some douchebaggery but most of it is to survive. You cant sell ammo at 2012 prices and keep it in stock amd keep in business. Shoot, ammo was getting gripped back when obama was reelected! Sandy hook was the perfect storm to a industey that never really recovered from 08 obama. Be prepared to wait a long time gents…

  • Counter Jockey

    I work at a gun store in Fort Worth, Texas. As bad as it is for customers and consumers, we have it worse. We held out against raising our prices for as long as we possibly could, but in the end we couldn’t stave it off. Our phones ring off the hook, and our purchaser literally works night and day to keep ammo in the store, and we have to deal with the bad attitudes and derision that come with the raised prices. If people are looking to place blame, place it on the speculators and panic buyers who have assisted in artificially inflating the prices.

  • sportsmasher
  • Carterscastbullets

    People need to reload their own ammo. You can’t trust the supply or the stable prices we used to have. Check out carterscastbullets (dot) com for bullets for reloaders. If you don’t reload but would like to start, I can help you get all components and even presses and equipment. People close to Fort Worth Texas can get local pick up and a shipping and cash discount. I’m doing my best to help as many as I can through this crazy time.