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  • Mark

    I want an FNM4!

    Actually may we have a Browning M4 Midas Grade?

    • Mike Knox

      Actually, a lot of the current M4s ans M16s are made by FN..

      • Daniel E. Watters

        Current M4 carbines with FN markings are simply armory rebuilds using former M16A2 lower receivers. FN has never delivered a complete M4.

  • FourString

    Eff yah. Fabrique Nationale <3

  • Nmate

    I wish FN made consumer ARs.

    • Esh325

      Perhaps they might if enough people ask them about it.

    • You can, however, at least buy their barrels. Palmetto State Armory uses them, for example.

    • John D

      Spikes Tactical uses their barrels for their CHF line, which is what I’m running & love it. You can also buy the FN barrel through JSE Surplus & last I looked they had a few in stock.

  • mlk18

    That comes out to something like $650 a rifle with a built in profit margin. Not too bad.

  • scw

    can colt (or remington) protest again?

    • No it’s a done deal now

      • Daniel E. Watters

        Actually, I believe that the latest award could still be protested to the GAO. The odds of a successful protest are nil, but that has never stopped anyone before.

  • Lance

    Though Colt still gets royalties and makes barrels for these weapons. So its not all FNs gain. But they still make M-16A3s for the Navy and M-16A4s for the USMC so they got the experience for this.

    • Anonymoose

      FN started making M16s for the US Government when the M16A2 was still considered hot sh*t!

  • Darryl

    What does that thin part of an AR barrel do. Is it for a bipod?

    • Eric

      Pretty sure its for a bayonet

      • Eric

        Sorry I meant grenade launcher

    • Anonymoose

      No, it’s for attaching an M203, Masterkey, M26, or any of the myriad of other underbarrel shotguns or flare/grenade launchers. With the acceptance of systems like the M320, where the launcher mounts to the forearm rails, it’s kind of a trade-off, since it allows grenadiers to only have to carry one weapons system, but it decreases accuracy and durability of the barrel. If you attached a bipod directly to the barrel that would make it even less accurate, which defeats the point of using a bipod in the first place.

      • Esh325

        The M203 profile barrel is a bit silly these days imo.

    • Mike Knox

      For barrel device clamps. Started for LAR clamp bipods then flashlight clamps then underbarrel devices. The Green Berets started that trend..

  • Anonymoose

    inb4they come out with “SCAR-15” to compete with Colt’s APC, Remington’s R5, and the HK416.

  • 032125

    Every M4 I was ever issued was an FN. About half of our rifles were Colts. The FNs were vastly more reliable than the Colts. Now, perhaps some of the Colts were older, but it certainly wasn’t all of them. FN makes a fine rifle IMO.

  • ravenx386

    most of the “HARD” part will be made in Belgium … a LOT of browning barrel is made here in the Belgium manufacture. I think it’s very weird for the country of the M16 to buy there product from an EU company. “Proudly made in USA” what a joke.

  • (Sorry for the double post Rx386) most of the “HARD” part will be made in Belgium … a LOT of browning barrel is made here in the Belgium manufacture. I think it’s very weird for the country of the M16 to buy there product from an EU company. “Proudly made in USA” what a joke.

    • FN already makes a lot of the weapons we use, and it’s not a new situation. Small arms are a very tiny portion of the military’s budget, and getting a good deal should override any protectionist philosophical position. Belgium isn’t China, their labor is probably more expensive than ours. If they can compete on a cost basis with Colt and Remington, it means the latter two need to make some changes.

      • Yeah it’s right, but, when i see the number of AR/M4/M16 and other variant manufacturer in the US (it’s not common at all in Europe, and fucking expensive; thanks ITAR), it’s the king of the weird for a US soldier to carry a weapon made at 75% by another country over sea. “Patriotism” a nice joke. (sorry for my english)

        • MacAttack

          All the M16’s and machine guns have been made in SC, the only exception is the SCAR which is assembled in the US from both US and Belgian parts.

  • Criticalthinkingiscritical

    While I’m not for military overspending surely in an economy like ours we should be looking internally for the manufacture of EVERY item the government purchases.

    If we get gouging bids then the government should publicly shame the bidders.

    Just my IMO. For the record my cars and electronics are foreign while only my guns are American.

  • John

    This is kind of funny… Colt and Remington have been squabbling over the contract forever and it finally goes to FN

  • MacAttack

    These rifles will be made in SC at FN Manufacturing, not in Belgium at FN Herstal…

  • Tenacious221

    But I can’t buy one…

  • Six8

    FN is a top tier manufacturer. I wish they’d got a DoD contract to start pumping out Robinson XCR-L’s by the hundreds of thousands. In Standard config, mighty 6.8 SPC II, heavy profile 16″ barrel that is… Robinson has serious QC issues and simply lacks the production capacity to ever get a gov contract, but oh my, the design of that gun is absolutely perfect. Hands down the best rifle on the planet: excellent materiels -built like a tank-, AK reliability and operation, better than AR ergonomics and modularity, with a little FAL blended in. Brilliant. If Alex only had FN’s infrastructure… FN or not, the M4 is still the M4.

  • t-bird

    $641 per? Yes, please!

    • n0truscotsman

      Not for you! (slaps hand) bad! 😉

  • Colt can’t compete with manufacturing here in CT. What a shame.