Fostech Outdoors Bump Firing Bullpup AK

Fostech Outdoors had a prototype bullpup bump firing stock for the AK platform on display at Media Day. Its design was striking, to say the least, and most people will either love or hate it. Personally I loved the look.

FosTechOutdoors 6

When the trigger is pulled the AK moves backwards with recoil. The operator keeps constant forward pressure on the foregrip, push the gun forward. If you keep applying pressure on your trigger finger, the trigger will be depressed again as the gun moves forward to its original position. Repeat until the magazine is empty.

In order to accommodate the AK magazine, the pistol grip is mounted at a slight angle. This configuration is reminiscent of the bullpup Bushmaster Arm Pistol.

I hope Fostech bring this product to the market. It would make for a great plinker.


FosTechOutdoors 1

FosTechOutdoors 4


UPDATE: I incorrectly stated that this gun uses a return spring. This is obviously incorrect since as many people wrote below in the comment, such a system is not BATFE-legal. I must have remember incorrectly.

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  • Nick Pacific

    Did you say spring return? As in… Akins Accelerator?

    • WoodenPlank

      Exactly what I was thinking. Return spring pretty much guarantees the ATF will kill it.

      • Deliveryboy

        He gone… (Duck Dynasty)

      • WillLeach

        Even if this is decided to be legal its gun hater bait. Is now really a good time to be making ban fodder? Im not making a political statement, but this seems like a counter productie business decision, especially when they could just try to make a really good bull pup stock and forget the bump fire.

        • Komrad

          You could apply similar logic to any scary looking accessory.

          • WillLeach

            I wasnt talking about this stocks appearance, which I cant help but like quite frankly. I was talking about its functionality.

          • Komrad

            There are numerous other bump fire stocks and crank fire triggers already on the market. One additional stock isn’t going to scare people any more. And then, we shouldn’t self regulate out of fear.

          • WoodenPlank

            Those same stocks and crank systems are also explicitly banned in Feinstein’s bill. It’s only a matter of time before some part of the anti-gun crowd starts screaming and yelling about them.

          • WillLeach

            While Im not a fan of bump fire devices, to the point that I think that they would make a rational regulatory target, Im not for self regulation out of fear, as you say. I am, however, all for self regulation out of thoughfullness, predence, or feelings of responsability.

            All that is besides the point. My initial comment was to the effect that this is, in my opinion, a poor business decision. Id say “politics aside,” but business operate within political enviornments. Some companies do self regulate out of fear, some, like LaRue and Barrett, take strong positive stances that also make for smart business, while others might not think things through. If this product, or other bump fire products (many of which have already turned a profit), really catch on, which is what you should want your product to do, they will cease to fly underneath the current political radar, and thus could become victims of thier own success. More importantly, such absence of prudence could potentially give ammo to the gun banners, hurting the firearms market that drives the accessory market.

            More than this though, I feel like this is a poor investment of R and D and all that, because a better investment could be made. There is a market for bump fire products, how big Im not so sure. I would bet that there is as big, if not a bigger market for good AK stocks, bullpups included. Invest in greater quality, perhaps focusing more on ergonomics (especially for loading), heat management, bedding, a better trigger, things like that. Compared to simplicity and quality, Im not sure bump firing will drive sales.

          • WillLeach

            Granted, this product could have been in development well before the currenf anti gun crusade began, but businesses must adapt, and my main point about just making a good stock still stand. To my knowledge no company has yet earned the title of the “cadillac of bull pup conversions,” and doing that might make better sense. If its just another mediocre after market stock, taking away the bump fire might lower price.

      • erwos

        Yep. The criteria has always been “if you had a bar pulling back the trigger in a gun vise, would this gun continue to fire itself?” And the answer seems to be yes for this device.

        They should dump the rails and just release it as a bullpup AK stock.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      I must have made a mistake, sorry guys. Posted updated.

  • Raoul O’Shaughnessy

    Needs more rails. It looks like it fell into a tub full of Tapco.

  • exoskeleton

    I think I am missing something, why does it need to recoil back?

    • John

      To reset the trigger

      • exoskeleton

        I were not familiar with bump operation until now, I must say I am amazed with what people can come up with! Thanks for the info John

  • Burst

    Looks like something Rob Liefeld would draw.

  • bull

    ive seen a vid that said “no spring”

  • John Jonny

    Theres a video of this on youtube. The Barrel vibrates really hard, and it looks terrible.

  • chucky

    Some people make a gun with rails. Then there are those that make rails with a gun.

  • 1. Looks like a bad videogame gun.
    2. The method of operation sounds exactly like the Akins Accelerator.
    3. Hide yo kids, hide yo dog.

  • ccw1911

    I like good food way too much to produce a bump fire stock with a spring.

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    Offsetting the pistol grip and trigger is an innovative and practical way to eliminate fore-and-aft interference and obtain the necessary clearance for quick changes with the standard AK-type magazines while still preserving the bullpup’s biggest advantage — short overall length.
    Is the trigger pull on this Fostech kit better than on other bullpups?

  • MOG

    I would rather just have a rifle.

  • Dale

    As cool as this configuration is, the entire left-handed community can’t shoot this thing without getting slammed in the face by the reciprocating charging handle every time.

  • noobie

    What the gun is on the fourth photo? I know that it is a variant of saiga.

    • Masoo2

      You mean third? Fortech Outdoors Origin-12.

  • Avery

    These pictures are not enough. This really looks like it needs video of it in action to be believed.

  • Steve (TFB Editor)

    This is a little embarrassing Obviously I remembered incorrectly since many of you correctly stated that this could not use a return spring. I have updated the post.

  • John

    Prefer a Norincon 86S to that

  • That is nothing compared to a bullpup PKP machine gun.

  • Laserbait

    Looks like something Marvin the Martian would use.

  • What the hell is this thing?

  • Esh325


  • lex

    He’s more rail now, than gun.

  • box3rock

    been wondering since ive first saw this well this system be usable with the saiga 12?