Winchester .338 Lapua Ammunition

Winchester 338 Lapua

Winchester Ammunition introduced two new loads for the .338 Lapua cartridge this year.  One is a competition cartridge, while the second is designed for large game hunting.

The first load uses a 250 grain boattail hollowpoint (BTHP) for a high degree of accuracy in long range shooting competitions.

The second load uses a 300 grain Accubond CT bullet for deep penetration and good expansion in larger game.  According to Winchester Ammunition, this round is excellent on deer, elk and brown bear in the plains and mountain regions.

Richard Johnson

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  • ethan

    jesus what kindof deer is this meant for…

    • Mabey

      Caribou and Meese.

  • Guest
  • Black_Viper

    I’d like to see price point and estimated FPS for them 😀

  • MIghtyGrey

    The perfect round for billionaires who enjoy travelling back in time to hunt T-Rexes.

  • Michael

    Most NATO countries have gone to the 338 for snipers, but the US has gone to the 300 Win Mag.
    The cheapest I have seen 338 is $80 per box, are these any cheaper?

  • Guest

    “According to Winchester Ammunition, this round is excellent on deer, elk, brown bear and Taliban in the plains and mountain regions.”