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  • Drebin

    Looks nice but i’ve already got my Tactical Girls calendar and I love it!

  • GreenPlease

    Girl on the left is my dream girl 😀

    • Exult

      Rosie Jones, no need to thank me.

  • i can get behind this

  • FYI, this exactly the same as Magpul’s calendar.

  • “gunner”

    wheeee, hubba hubba!
    (old enough to remember the vargas girl pin ups.)

  • Draugr

    They changed the date graphics a little but this is the same as the Magpul Hot Shots calendar. See how the right side of the photo has the dates running down, mine says 2013 MAGPUL HOT SHOTS Calendar, then the month and days

  • Could have sworn these girls were in the Multicam booth at SHOT. The two I talked to were very lovely, from London.

  • Tiwi

    This is an Edgar Brothers, Hot Shots calendar sponsored by Smith, FYI. Magpul was also a sponsor, hence they had their own calendars that were identical.

  • Just got it in the mail today. Fantastic photography, guns, and girls!!