FMAP-DM CAM 1: The Argentine Stg44 Clone

A was very surprised to learn from Mr. Ronaldo Olive that Argentina once manufactured a clone of the famous StG 44! Ronaldo wrote …

Thought you might be inetrested in the attached photo of the Argentine CAM 1 rifle. “What’s that”? Simply, a locally-made carbon copy of the German StG 44 (ou MP44, if you like) of which FMAP-DM (Fábrica Militar de Armas Portátiles Domingo Matheu, Rosário) completed some hand-made examples in the early 1950s. The idea was to have an, well, “indigenous” assault rifle for the armed and police forces that could be produced by the State factory. A most remarkable detail was that it was chambered to a 7.65 x 33 mm “Kurz” round created in Argentina by State-owned Fábrica de Cartuchos San Lorenzo, since the standard Argentine military round at the time was also 7.65 mm (7.65 x 53 mm Mauser). Some time later, in 1955, the FAN FAL in 7.62 x 51 mm was adopted and put into production in 1957 by FMAP-DM, which put an end to this project.

The below photo shows the Argentine manufactured 7.65x33mm round next to some more modern cartridges …


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  • freakn awesome !!!

  • MP-43 or StG-44. The StG-45(M) was a prototype that lead to the CETME/G-3 series of rifles.

  • SKS

    Why doesn’t anyone create a StG44 in 7.62×39 ….

    • I’d imagine that it’d have something to do with cost restrictions. That’d require manipulation of the design and that would raise end-user price. I’d like to think it’s been seriously considered before, but the price tag would be so high that it’d be considered a niche market that few would have reasonable access to.

    • Ian

      Lengthening an action is always a difficult process often fraught with function and reliability issues. It’s not as simple as the spoiling people are used to these days when you can put one of fifty different cartridges inside of an AR-15. That and it does nothing better than any other more modern rifle.

      • John184

        Or how about just dressing up an AK47 to look like the STG44 and have the same ergonomics? That would be awesome too.

        • they have a stock set to make an AK look more like a FG-42

    • Esh325

      the 7.62×39 has a longer overall length than the kurtz round therefore it would require modifying the rifle which may not be practical or even worth it. Personally I would prefer just a semi automatic only STG44 in 7.92×33 Kurtz like PTR91 imported years ago, but cheaper and more plentiful in numbers.

    • you mean an AK? 😉

  • mi6

    That’s almost a 300 AAC Blackout!!

  • snake

    at that time we had a major political change, we had a military government, which banned all weapons including police ones

  • Schizuki

    Gee, I wonder where they got the blueprints from? Señor Beinrich Bimmler?

  • Denny

    Have a question nobody has asked as far as I can see. This is why Argentinian maker has used odd 7.65×33 instead of original 7.92×33 caliber?

    • Schizuki

      Lots of 7.65 bullets left over from the Mauser.

    • Yves

      7.92×33 was choosen because you can work that barrels with 7.92×57 machinery.
      7.62 Tokarev was choosen because you can work that barrels with 7.62×54 machinery.
      (In Stalingrand a Mosin Nagant barrel cut in two equal pieces give you two smg barrels)
      7.65×33 was tested cuz you can work that barrels with 7.65×53 Argentine machinery.

  • Carl

    Interesting that they tinkered with the Sturmgewehr concept. Would have been a nice idea had they adopted the FAL in their 7,65 x 33 mm caliber. The early FAL prototypes were built around the German 7,92 kurz cartridge. Too bad the Argentinians jumped on the 7,62 x 51 band wagon and so the FAL never got into service with its initially conceptualised intermediate cali er anywhere. Argentina produces its ammunition on its own anyway, so they could have gone their own separate way.

    • Komrad

      I think Brazil manufactured some FAL derivatives in 5.56x45mm.

  • Lance

    Too bad he cant sell some here!!! Over 7.92 Kurtz was too much of a oddball caliber to be used by both police and military in this hemisphere. But so repo of a awesome WW2 weapon this rocks.

  • Big Daddy

    Looking at those rounds the 5.56mm looks puny.

  • spencer

    Sturmgewehr – It even sounds sexy.

  • Markost