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  • Teknix

    Well i guess cartridge cases cost just as much as gold anymore…so why not make jewlery out of them?

  • milo

    as long as it doesnt cost $400 like those “bullet” earbuds, still i’d rather give my girlfriend one of these “hollowpoint flowers”. pic related.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      arrghh, I hope thats a joke. Those are very sharp.

      • milo

        well thats where a couple minutes with the dremel can help

        • noob

          I would also have them made in silver using some kind of casting technique because toxic lead.

          • JMD

            Lead is only toxic if it’s ingested. Does your gf spend a lot of time licking her jewelry?

          • milo

            1. lol.
            2. electroplating should help with sealing in the toxicity

  • Giolli Joker

    I wouldn’t buy anything from someone that calls “bullet” a cartridge case…


    • Yes but how many people out there recognize bullet but have not one clue what a case is. Magazine —- clip thing all over again.

      • Giolli Joker

        Yes, true… but we are talking about someone that shows ignorance about guns and calls this line of “jewelry” Outlaw… two things that makes my alarms ring… I hope I’m wrong…

  • Boe

    Like it!

  • noob

    Oh thank goodness. I read the title and thought the Feds were going to take my glam away.

  • Bob

    I happen to like this type of jewelry very much.

    It’s very well done and a lot less expensive than gold.

  • RLR

    I LOVE this jewelry. You better buy it quickly before ammo is outlawed.

  • Bobbi

    What a great valentine gift! I’m buying one for my wife.

  • northor

    never been a fan of mixing weapons with conventional aesthetics. What makes weapons attractive to me is the functionality and simplicity made for a specific purpose. When you start mixing those themes it becomes gross and absurd. Its simply not good gun culture. Same reason I feel the urge to throw up every time I see pink camopatterns.

  • CMar

    Pretty cool idea. Like the look of it. Everyone’s tastes are different, pink camo sells like crazy Northor. Women have made an impact on the gun industry, it’s a fact, gotta change with the times or become a fossil.

    • northor

      It’s not the feminine aspect of the pink camo that bothers me. It’s that it’s turned the gun into a goddamned fashion statement instead of being a tool to treat with respect.

      You know what regular camoflge, cartridges, picatinny rails and such have in common?

      They’re FUNCTIONAL. They are not there to look cool, or attract attention or accomodate your stylistic tastes, Like the gun they have a very specific function. once you start taking away that functionality, like adding colors whose purpose have nothing to do with concealment, adding stylings (and god forbid BLING) on your gun and putting picatinny rails on your damned coffe mug, you loose that initial purpose and you end up looking a bit like a pretentious git.

      I have the same problems with military stylings like regular camo on civilian clothes in general. They are all trying to associate the wearer with something they are ultimately not. It serves none of the purpose of the original and is ultimately a rather tasteless fashion statement.

      • Robert

        I guess you don’t like etching. Guns have had ornate features since there conception. Like all weapons ever created, some were not built with functionality in mind.

  • Jimmy

    What a great gift….forget the thoughtless flowers, this is great