Argentinean Special Forces Evaluating Beretta ARX 160 reports that Argentinean Special Forces are evaluating the Beretta ARX 160 and its grenade launcher the GLX 160 (translated) ….

At the request of the Argentine Army (EA), representatives of the Italian Beretta , in Argentina, donated a rifle ARX 1605.56 mm and a grenade launcher GLX 160 40×46 mm caliber, to be evaluated by the Special Forces of the force.

Many thanks to Albi for the tip. 

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  • Big Boss

    no si ademas de boludos son finos los muchchos

    • Drebin

      Traductor de Bing no es perfecto

      • No it isn’t. I go back and forth between Bing and Google.

      • Kosme

        Big Boss said: “They are not only idiots, but they have “good taste” also”.

  • Rijoenpial

    I am anxiously expecting the US version, the ARX-100, to be reviewed, because I am curious to see if the quick-change barrel maintains MOA accuracy, as well as other changes to be expected in the civilian version, such as a different bolt release and fire selector… Hopefully, in the next two or three months, we will be seeing more of it… As for the Argentinian SpecOps evaluation the ARX-160, I hope the full frame polymer is not an issue… All in all, from an all-polymer weapons POV, I would rather go with the F2000…Probably cheaper, too…! Cheers!

  • denny

    Where is argentinian own rifle research?

  • Big XPEH


    • 5.56 is the caliber

      • Mr Crown

        I think Big XPEH is referring to the photographed rifle. Look at its ejection port and its magazine. It’s probably a 22LR version.

        • Drebin

          I remember hearing they were going to make a .22 version. That’s the version I want.

  • Callum King-Underwood

    Kinda worries me that this is announced at the same time as the argentinian foreign minister announcing the falklands/malvinas will be “returned” to argentina within 20 years on a trip to the UK.

    Anyway. Firearms not politics. It looks to be a pretty nice gun. I reckon it would certainly serve any soldier well.

    • Tom

      The Argentine military has been massively underfunded for years. No matter how much hot air they spew they are in no position to challenge the UK in a military contest. A few rifles which they will most pobabley not buy anyway will not change anything.

      • FourString

        Right, it’s the heavy firepower that matters more than the small arms, if you’re looking at the (no pun intended) big picture.

        Though it wouldn’t hurt if our boys overseas had some nicer small arms, too.

  • Lance

    Wouldn’t be surprised they used FALs and FNC for years so a upgrade to modular gun for Spec Ops is normal.

  • Henry


  • Mr Crown

    I worked with the Albanian Special Forces who use these in OEF. Apparently beretta hooks them up since they use these and the PX4. They weren’t huge fans of them and preferred our M4’s and their old AK’s.

    • Lance

      I agree the M-4 series is still the #1 rifle of Spec Ops old but reliable and modular.

    • Esh325

      One man’s opinion.

  • Frosty_The_White_Man

    It looks a tad front-heavy. Maybe put some hand grooves just forward of the magazine well?

  • Hadi the great

    Its damn threatening looking thats for sure….

  • Lee Brett

    Your translation is a bit clumsy. Here is the rest of the article, translated:

    They also confirmed to Infodefense that the Argentinian Army is weighing the acquisition of several sets of both weapons, in order to replace the existing weapons in the arsenals of the Special Forces. The weapons were received by the General of the Army, Lt. Gen Luis Alberto Pozzi, in the Liberator Building, the headquarters of the Defense Ministry.

    The ARX 160 rifle and the GLX 160 grenade launcher are both the latest developments from the Beretta company. The rifle has as a characteristic the option of being multi-caliber and a capacity of 30 rounds with a rate of fire of 700 rounds per minute.

  • Murdock

    i cant’t wait for the .308 and 7.62×39 versions of the ARX 160

  • alex

    Argentinian special forces snort coke too if that’s on there bucket list for SOF use. Berretta should give away one with the purchase of every new Fiat 500 because they are the same build quality.

  • gallan

    Beretta sounds desperate. There is no way they didn’t bribe someone in the Argentinean military to try out their stuff for publicity points.

  • First of all… yes, that’s the .22 LR version.

    Second: who said that the ARX-160 has a proprietary magazine?

    Third: have you EXENSIVELY TESTED the ARX-160 to talk about it so bad? It’s actually probably the best assault rifle available today, but… whatever…