SHOT Show 2013 Optic Report: Israeli MEPRO 4X Combat Gunsight

Outside of the U.S. military, the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) is probably the biggest users of the Trijicon ACOG combat gunsight. Almost two years ago and to my surprise, which I found out an Israeli optic company was working on a four-power fixed magnification prism sight design that’s similar to the ACOG.

Detail of the new MEPRO 4X Day Sight with 4x magnification was unveiled to the press the week before the SHOT Show.  When I stopped by the Meprolight booth, I found the sight was being used as part of a thermal imaging sight system.


The MEPRO 4X is a compact roof-prism design with fixed magnification like the ELCAN Specter, Trijicon ACOG and Zeiss ZO. It has a huge 40mm objective lens and a smaller ACOG style ocular lens. The sight’s exterior is encased in rubber armor, which I found it’s less bulky than those used on the ELCAN and Zeiss. There’s a small sunshade build-in for the objective lens.

Due to the poor lighting and lack of sufficient clearance in the exhibition hall, I couldn’t verify the optical quality of the sight. What I can see was the field-of-view (FOV) is big and according to the spec sheet it is over 8 degree FOV. The eye relief is more generous than the ACOG 4×32 at just over 2 inches.


Adjustment System:
Unlike others, the MEPRO 4X used external recessed adjustment dials instead of capped adjustment turrets. From my experience of using Meprolight sights, those actually works quite well with no caps to come lose and no need for a tether. On the MEPRO 4X all adjustments are in Mils.

Reticle & Illumination:
The display unit has a simple crosshair reticle with BDC and thicken outer bars at 3, 6 and 9-O’clock. I told Meprolight and its US distributor, Mako Group, that they need a more refined reticle design like the chevron or horseshoe style for the US market.

The reticle illumination is powered by single coin size CR2032 lithium battery with over 250 hours of battery life at the highest illumination level. There are 5 brightness levels with shut-off setting in between each level. It also has a power saving function that will turn off the illumination after certain amount of time. It’s unknown if the reticle illumination is daylight visible or not since the display unit didn’t have a battery in it due to it was being used with the thermal sight.


Size and Weight:
The MEPRO 4X weights 15.25 oz. (350g) with the included dual QD mounts base and it has a 5.78 inches (147mm) total length. It’s marginally smaller and lighter than the 4×32 ACOG model.

Price & Availability:
The price of the MEPRO 4X will be $200 less than a comparable ACOG and it will be distributed in North America by The Mako Group, (631) 880-3396,



The Meprolight M5 red-dot sight was also showcased in the company’s booth. It’s powered by one AA battery for 8,000 hours of illumination. It will be available for around $400.

Writer and gear editor with articles published in major gun publications. A five year combat veteran of the US Marine Corps, Tim is also part of Point & Shoot Media Works, a producer of photography, video and web media for the firearms and shooting sport industry. Tim’s direct contact: Tyan.TFB -at-


  • 8,000 hours of illumination? That shit’s awesome.

    • gallan

      Reverse engineered aimpoints tech or did the patents expire? Maybe such battery life will become the norm.

    • Considering the M2 claims 50 THOUSAND hours and the new M4 80,000 hours, 8,000 hours doesn’t seem so revolutionary now.

  • Ray

    I’d rather spend the extra $200 and get the tried and combat tested ACOG…

  • Lance

    The ACOG is king of assault rifle optics prefer to spend more get a real ACOG. This looks like a NcStar copy of a ACOG. and is a copy in every way. I prefer the tried and true original stay with Trijicon’s ACOG.

  • Ingot

    Meprolight is standard-issue for IDF soldiers, and comparing them to NcStar is like comparing Mercedes to Kia. You may not have heard of Meprolight, but they make bomb-proof gear on par with Trijicon, Aimpoint, EOTech.

    • David

      I agree. Variety being the spice of life, I’m nothing but happy that an optic like this is entering the market. I’m glad alternative’s to the ACOG are showing up. The Browe Combat Optic, and now this. It will mean Trijicon can’t rest on their laurels due to competition. Meprolight’s are built like tanks. I now finally have an optic that I would fee comfortable putting on my Galil clone.

  • michael

    agree, buy the real thing but for anyone discounting IDF gear, do so at your own ignorance. IDF gear is as good as and in some cases, better than what our boys get

  • FourString

    I like the price point of that Meprolight M5… I might even buy one.