Coonan .357 Mag. Automatic Compensated Pistol

Coonan have unveiled a 5.7″ compensated barrel version of their .375 Magnum chambered 1911.

With an extended barrel length to 5.7”, the Compensated Pistol is ideal for reduced recoil resulting in greater accuracy from a top-of-the-line performer.

“The Compensated Pistol is real pleasure to fire,” says Dave Dietz, Marketing Director for Coonan, Inc. “There is not another pistol on the market like the Coonan .357 Magnum Automatic, and when you combine that with such amazing light-recoil, the Compensated Pistol is truly a shooter-friendly addition to the Coonan family.”

With all the standard 1911 features of the traditional Coonan, the Compensated Pistol .357 Magnum Automatic comes with dovetail front and rear sights, solid stainless steal slide and frame, 7 rounds +1 magazine, and finishes out with smooth Black Wallnut grips. The Compensated Pistol is 48.8 oz. empty and 52.8 oz. loaded, and has a height of 5.6” and width of 1.3”. With the increased barrel length, the pistol is 10.5” in overall length.

Steve Johnson

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  • Daniel Stein

    Wow that’s pretty sweet. I’d forgotten about the Coonan 1911s.

  • I just wish they weren’t so frakking expensive! Ah well. My .38 Super with +P+ has the same ballistics.

  • still ant got nothing on the good old 10 mm

    • Anonymoose

      Unless you’re being attacked by bears (in which case you better be packing a .44 Magnum or LARGER), .357 is adequate for a defense pistol. Unfortunately 10mm Auto will never gain the popularity it deserves in the US since .357 revolvers are still ubiquitous and .40S&W has pretty much overshadowed its parent in automatics.

  • what’s the cost and are they available

    • Bubba

      A three sixteenths of a metric ass-ton of Ukranian kopecks.


    • They will be very soon. With the extras on the one I handled and spoke to Dan Coonan about the MSRP was right at $2000. Base price is $1500.

  • Frosty_The_White_Man

    Just think, this pistol will be the only redeeming part of a crappy Death Wish remake in 2017.

  • SiloZen

    See, whenever it says “Automatic” I actually think it means Automatic firing, which it doesn’t. >:C

    • Anonymoose

      “Semi-automatic” denotes automatic reloading- you can blame the 19th Century engineers who came up with the distinction between “semi-automatic firearm” and “automatic firearm.” Lots of American gun companies these days have tried to change the definition of “pistol” to exclude revolvers to avoid the confusion (and possibly stigma) around the phrase “automatic pistol.”

  • akim

    so coonan is comeing out wit a new cal .375 auto?

    • Anonymoose

      “.357 Auto” doesn’t real. Some companies have begun marking their .357 SIG stuff as “.357 Auto” just like HK, Glock, and some other companies mark their .45 ACP stuff “.45 AUTO.” The Coonan is chambered in good ol’-fashioned .357 (S&W) Magnum.

      • akim

        hay goober it’s a joke on the typo read it before you post a come back!

  • Best variety for Connan.357 would be to fit it with a high capacity mag for 15 +1, new trend in pistol vs. crime prone people. . .

  • Jacob Fuerst

    But it only holds 7+1. I can get the same 8 rounds in S&W N-Frame. If someone wanted to impress me with true .357 mag ballistics in a semi auto, why doesn’t anyone try and revive the 9x23mm Winchester. That in a double stack would be a force to be reckoned with.

    • Anonymoose

      9×25 Dillon is easier to convert to.