Never-Empty Double Gun (NEDG) Carbine Stock For Two Pistols

A company called Florida Discount Guns Inc. have developed a concept pistol carbine conversion stock kit which would accommodates two separate pistols at the same time. The idea is that if one pistol jams or the magazine runs empty, there is a backup.



The kit is just a concept at this point. They are trying to fund the development of the project by taking pre-orders from military or law enforcement agencies.

Steve Johnson

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  • Murdock

    Always good to see something major made with PMG. This is an interesting concept.

    • Gumby

      This thing is shooped :C

      • Casey

        This, all of this.

  • Jerry Minor

    Wouldn’t it be easier to just carry two pistols?

    • LMAO.. good point.

    • better accuracy with a carbine length barrel… I actually shoot both left and right handed, so kinda interested in this, although I doubt I would like the price, lol

      • Anonymoose

        not sure this has a carbine length barrel…

        • Duray

          Longer barrel shouldn’t have an effect on accuracy anyway, all else being equal.

          • Anonymoose

            At longer ranges barrel length makes a BIG difference.

          • Duray

            In trajectory; not inherent accuracy.

  • JMD

    The derp is strong with this one.

  • J. Grigg

    At least this is a way to accurately shoot 2 pistols at once.

  • Risky

    If this is the answer… I don’t want to know the question.

  • Avery

    Unfortunately, this uses a stock, so it would be considered a SBR no matter how the guns are mounted. Here, I was hoping someone would make a pistol-pistol combo to get around the “no vertical grips on pistols” restriction.

    • Uberyeti

      Maybe you should look into the Doppelglock?

  • Gumby

    This gives Pimp my Gun designs a bad rep….

    • Casey

      This, all of this.

    • Jean Luc Picard

      90% of the stuff made with PMG are uninspired and crap.
      Very few designs stands out and are good quality
      I personally saw various dual gun designs in such layout, so there is no innovation here

      • Gumby

        I don’t suppose you view the flickr group, do you?

        • calool

          I think you know my stance on the pmg group nowadays, yet even i find this concept pretty badly made, it isn’t hard to find free modelling and drawing software, why use a flash game to make a concept for a serious weapon? it seems like either a joke or a really bad decision.

        • Jean Luc Picard

          heh; sure I did as well as random forums featuring PMG art.
          So that means the lasting 10% are the cool stuff

    • Masoo2

      So true

  • Gumby

    This gives Pimp My Gun a bad rep….

  • mo

    im sure the idea is if you have the target in sight in a situation where you would not have time to switch between pistols and your primary jams you can take the shot without having to switch and not thinking about it.

  • KKP

    why use .6?

    • Gumby

      Hey KKP,
      no glock in .7. Unless they use the PMG flickr group.

  • Anonymous

    One is none, two is…definitely one, I guess?

  • Nathaniel

    The gun industry just jumped the shark.

  • jharris

    Ok good idea few questions based on the photo whats the plan for charging /manipulating the slide and hows the barrel going to fit through the slide if its carbine length and how are the frames going to be mounted in the stock it all seems a bit of a weak prototype to me

    • Duray

      Look at the stock. I see charging handles. Also, there’s no “carbine length”barrel. It’s just 2 Glocks in a chassis.

  • Kai

    I am having trouble deciding if this is just stupid, or if it is genius and we just can’t see it yet.

    • Simon_the_Brit

      I don’t think it’s genius, I go along with your comment “stupid” and will add “FFS”

      • Kai

        Yeah, after sleeping on it, I have come to the same conclusion as you.

  • The only advantage over two pistols seems to be the ability to reload while shooting. I wonder what ATF has to say about this one.

  • imacanadian

    Why just shoot one gun at a time? You can have a twofer with one simultaneous trigger pull! (I’m totally kidding) this is pretty ridiculous :/

  • schizuki

    Needs a zombie paint job.

  • noob

    Somebody needs to do it with double barrelled 1911s as the pistols

  • twofistedgenius

    two g18s, and rotate the one in front 90 degrees left like sten magazine and its perfect. maybe a bayonet too.

  • Is this some sort of early April Fools joke?

  • gunslinger

    yo dawg! i head you like shooting glocks. so we put a glock in your glock.

    while top gun (2) may be a good carbine rifle, gun 3 would then be a SBR. and we all love paperwork.

    and i don’t see what this solves. the only thing, as someone mentioned is if you had BG in sights, but gun jammed and you didn’t have time to drop and draw pistol. but even then, i’m hving a hard time…

    • Cymond

      The top pistol doesn’t have an extended barrel, so they’re both SBRs.

  • bbmg

    Far from being a new idea, and not one that’s going anywhere.

  • aka_mythos

    I think this would make more sense if it was intended to accomdate two different handguns… say mounting something .410 or .50 or .44 with something .45, 9mm, or even .22 … then it becomes about having a combination of utility in a single frame as opposed to double the weight and big frame to do something that many more compact carbine kits effectively do.

    I guess the only redeeming value, might be in a not too distant future where we have low-capacity magazine requirements, that this might present a possible work around.

  • West

    I heard you like guns so I put some gun in your gun so you can shoot while you shoot.

  • tincankilla

    somebody show this to Senator Feinstein – it’ll give her a brain aneurysm.

  • Ray

    Wassup dawg? So I heard you liked Magpul’s PDR… so we put a PDR inside a PDR and combined it with a Glock!

  • Yup I can definitely see the military pre-ordering a stock that holds 2 Glocks inside made by a company called “Florida Discount Guns”. It’ll definitely be in the next Call of Duty though.

  • NWF

    A solution in search of a problem

  • schizuki

    Game changer.

  • Brandon

    Coming soon, to a Call of Duty near you….
    All joking aside, that’s just stupid

  • The new site looks fantastic

  • awful.

  • Ryan

    If you’re buying a product from a company that goes by the name “Discount Guns Inc.” you have far greater issues to take into consideration then if their product is a “good idea”.

  • yo… i heard you liked guns… so i put a gun on your gun so you can shoot while you shoot

  • Yo dawg I heard you like Glocks…

  • People can make fun all they want but I want one, looks fun as all for the range. Until the gun in the rear position malfs and blows your hand off of course.

  • Hunter57dor

    this made me facepalm so hard.

    twice the gun, twice the parts, twice the failure rate!

    this is about as silly as the arsenal double barreled 1911.

    • Sam Suggs

      the arsenal double 1911 was meant to be silly in an awesome way this is non funtional in a less than awsome wa well unless one or more of the pistols has an exstended barrel

  • Michael

    How about a 9mm pistol in one area and a Taser in the other, just make sure youknow which one is which

  • Kill Roy

    Just get two full-auto G18-type machine pistols put them in this and badda-boom!!! A new reson for anti-gun people to cry!

  • Jeremiah Thompson

    if done right it could be the next big thing. unfortunately, the company’s name brings into doubt the “done right” part.

  • Legman688

    Coming soon to a Michael Bane film near you…

  • Lulz

    “Florida Discount Guns Inc”

  • Sam Suggs

    never empty is a bit strong dont you think