Radetec AmmoControl Digital Counter And Led Advisor

Another futuristic technology on display at SHOT Show was the Radetec AmmoControl Digital Counter and AmmoControl Led Advisor. The AmmoControl is a grip that can keep track of how many rounds are left a magazine and how many rounds have been fired over the lifetime of the weapon.  The AmmoControl Digital Counter, currently available for the Beretta 92FS, 1911 and AR-15, displays how many rounds are left in the magazine on a little digital counter attached to the grip. Radetec had a gas firing replica at their booth to test it (the replica had cartridges that were cycled and ejected). I felt like I was playing a game of Halo!

Radetec AmmoControl Digital Counter 2


The AmmoControl Led Advisor is the little brother of the Digital Counter. It has an LED that changes color depending on how many rounds are left in the magazine. Unlike the Digital Counter it does not have a display that protrudes out the side of the gun. The Led Advisor is available for the Beretta 92FS, 1911, S&W M&P and the Glock.

Radetec AmmoControl Digital Counter 1

The only modification required to retrofit the AmmoControl to a compatible firearm is replacing the grip and the magazine follower. No modifications are required to frame, slide or bolt.

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  • OMG it is the ammo counter off the rifle from halo!! Now combine it with a F2000 or a Kel-tech RFB! SO SO sorry,nerdgasm. Very cool idea though,could see it being VERY useful,I hope the durability is good,I would love to have a model for my 74.

    • milo

      while the MA5B series in halo was an independent creation the F2000 had a firing comp with a round counter similar to it too. i respect the designers for the human guns, since i spent my freshman year making CAD internals for them. the designs are for the most par workable.

    • I’d rather stick it on a PDR: http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2013/01/31/the-closest-we-will-get-to-a-real-magpul-pdr/

      Put a double-digit LED display into your reflex scope along with the aiming dot LED, run a couple power/signal wires up the Picatinny rails, and put the fire control system’s battery in the grip (it takes Magpul grip storage pods; use the battery carrier and add some contacts!) to make the whole show go. You could also use them to run the PDR’s integral tac-light (and, let’s hope, laser designator).

  • Icchan

    HALO my ass, this one dates back to Aliens. Cameron and company knew what they were doing…

    • Garrett

      Now we just need some M41A’s and those Frag-12 rounds.

      • I’m only interested in a digital counter if it’s on an M41A. 10mm Caseless API rounds…. I only need to know one thing… Where they are.

        • AK™

          My LGS is sold out of them,mosquito season starting soon in Alaska..

  • Esh325

    Who needs bolt hold open now?

  • Esh325

    Who needs a bolt hold open now?

  • milo

    this is cool, id want one

  • Esh325

    What if you loaded plus+1 in the chamber? Would the counter correctly pick that up?

    • milo

      good question, depending on on the tech it might….

    • Hking

      It looks like it reads what is left in the magazine, +1 in the chamber does not affect how many rounds are in the magazine. My guess is since you are replacing the follower it must monitor the position of the follower.

    • HSR47

      It sounds like it estimates the capacity of the magazine by tracking the relative position of the follower: “The only modification required to retrofit the AmmoControl to a compatible firearm is replacing the grip and the magazine follower.”

    • Mechman

      According to a promo interview on youtube, it does not. It tells you how many shots are in the mag, not how many are in the gun, so it his 0 when there’s none in the mag and one in the chamber.

  • Mike

    Its sweet but im not going to look at this technology until its built into the reflex sight. heh heh. I guess it’s the only thing electronic I would ever consider putting on my pistol after a light then a reflex. Though its a way way better idea than the electronic trigger that only functions with special accompanying wrist strap.

  • C. Baker

    The know how hard it is for us “gun nuts” to count to 10 after all… XD

    • AK™

      till the boom goes click..or something.

    • HSR41

      Counting to 10 isn’t a problem; it’s counting down from 19, 31, or more while in the heat of a gunfight.

  • Canadian_Gun_Owner

    Will these out out in a left-handed 1911 version? I keep my left thumb resting on the ambi side thumb safety.

  • I remember this guy’s prototypes. He’s come a long way! The LED Advisor is a neat concept. I assume the chip tracks the position of the special follower?

  • Anonymous

    They showed this off last year at SHOT, but still don’t seem to have any products on the market yet. Who cares about more vaporware – when will it be available for sale?

  • asdasdasd

    Worthless POS if it requires modifying magazines. Why not just use a magnet to detect magazine change, assume that the mag is always full to begin with, and use recoil or sound to decrement that number?

    • Kyle

      I’m pretty sure that’s what it does. It’s changing a follower. If you can’t do that, you need to learn your weapon better.

      • Mechman

        If it requires me changing out what I know to be reliable anti-tilt followers with their proprietary ones it’s crap.
        Especially since I’m willing to bet the followers aren’t cheap, and I’ve got lots of mags. Adding $5-10 to the cost of an AR mag for a replacement follower that is likely of lower anti-tilt quality is silly.

    • gallan

      Yeah sound and recoil would have been less expensive and obtrusive.

      • Recoil okay, sound….not so much. I don’t think sound would work well in a firefight or at the range.

  • Bull

    the SECOND aliens related news this week! the xenomorphs are comming! 😀

  • Not sure on how well it will work in rifles though. I mean electric circuts over long exposed distances could easily get dirty.

  • Lance

    Like ”smart gun” technology useful in a match but useless in combat. The Japanese has round counters on there mags for LMG in WW2 but when asked most Japanese troops never bothered to look at them in combat too busy so like this round counter never really help. But for matches they look cool.

  • I like this concept. I wouldn’t want to pay extra if it came with my handgun as it’s really just another gaget and may be usefull to certain people but I’ve gone 40 years without a digital bullet counter but it is a unique product that some people might like to have on their weapon.

  • Eggo

    “I know what you’re thinking: ‘Did he fire six shots, or only–” BEEEP AMMUNITION DEPLETED “… damn it”

  • Spade

    I want this a lot for no particularly compelling reason other than it’s cool.

  • noob

    It would be awesome on a race gun if they sold the clear plastic grips with the electronics showing

  • Hunter57dor

    doesn’t seem like a great idea.

    you know what would be fantastic? how about a red “flag” that pops out of the slide right in the middle of your sight picture when your magazine is empty.

    because too many times i have had the slide lock back and i can’t tell because im focusing on the handgun at an angle that i can’t see it. with this, it would be an immediate “I CAN”T SEE!” moment signalling time to reload.

    • Actually, that’d be an interesting way to implement a loaded-chamber indicator – the sight picture is obscured when the chamber is empty.

  • Matt

    Come on, no one else is seeing the potential negatives to this thing? This is a gun controllers wet dream! It’s bullet control to the max.