Hive Satchel: Blue Force Gear’s Non-Tactical Tactical Satchel

Blue Force Gear collaborated with Chris Costa to design a tactical satchel for carrying submachine guns or PDW-style short barreled rifles that looked as little tactical as possible. The result was the Hive Satchel with its very “un-tactical” semi-circular shape and without any obvious tactical features or colors.

Knights PDW in the Hive Satchel

Knights PDW in the Hive Satchel

The satchel is currently being manufactured and will be available for order soon. The MSRP is $195.00.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Practical over Tactical

    Great, now I can walk onto a school campus without anyone even knowing I have an SBR! Before I start shooting everyone, of course.

  • It looks a lot like some of the Motorcycle Backpacks out there on the market. I like it on the looks front, but it’s missing a lot of important details that I feel are required to demand that price tag. The zippers are not waterproofed, and it looks like that material will soak through in no time. So obviously you wouldn’t want to wear this if you were actually riding a motorcycle, and to me, as a daily rider, I find it disappointing. But if you don’t ride – Then this is pretty snazzy.

    • Dale

      George, I agree that this pack, while a good idea could be improved. Waterproofed zippers would be a huge plus, as well as some way to integrate load carriage for ammo etc, into the pack without it being overly obvious. The bag seems a bit low slung for my likes as well. Arc’teryx really hit the nail on the head with their Khard 30 and 45 bags I think for “covert” load carriage systems.

  • ?wwbd?

    By that logic, I guess we shouldn’t sell duffel bags, back packs or dusters for that matter. How about guitar cases? Some people are going to behave badly!
    Wish I could have an sbr in the nw corner. Maybe some day.

  • whats next tactical man purse?

    • Ian

      Non tactical tactical man purse.

    • Spectre

      Maxpedition already makes those.

    • Indiana Jones had one….

  • Zander

    Why did you have to show it with the one gun Knights isn’t producing?!

  • Hunter57dor

    195 dollars?!?!?! this is no different than a courier cyclists bag i can get for 40 bucks at target. complete waste.

  • TangledThorns

    Needs MOLLE straps :p

  • Nathaniel

    One of the better ideas I’ve seen.

    It would be handy for hiking.

  • arron

    defiantly not worth $200. There just trying to sell there name and costa’s picture with a cheap bag on the side.

  • Graham2

    Chris Costa- hero in a half shell.

  • fakefrank0002

    Cool bag but your review doesn’t do it justice. Dont know how you guys are with posting another reviewers videos on your site, but nutnfancy did a nice one on the bag and the new stuff from Blue force. I am not an affiliate, just a fan. Check it out: Maybe their price point makes more sense after you get the deeper review.

  • Steveweiser

    Or you could just put a Keltec Sub2k in a standard back pack and call it a day.

  • West

    No thanks.
    I can get a regular back pack at Wal-Mart for $15.

    • mikewest007

      I have a promotional Marlboro backpack that can fit a 1:1 MP5 replica (it does, I tried). This thing indeed looks overrated.

  • What do you MEAN it’s not TACTICAL TACTICAL OPERATOR HIGH SPEED LOW DRAG 5,000 POUCHES AND RAILZ FOR TACTICAL OPERATOR ATTACHMENTS?!?! It doesn’t even come with a tactical shemagh and beard so I can look like operatorz in afghanistan! And it’s not even black!!!!

  • Mallninja

    when Chris Costa touches something, IT BECOMES TACTICAL

  • J

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle approved… Costa in a half shell!

  • jbubba2

    Slap an Obama sticker on it.

    • openminded

      😀 🙂 😛 EPIC win!!

  • floppyscience

    Just curious, but who’s the target market?

  • Criticalthinkingiscritical

    The 5.11 Select Carry pack appears to be a far better option: it has a tab pull quick access pistol pouch, molle webbing in the inside, blends in far better as it genuinely looks like a “normal” bike messenger style bag, the pistol ouch isn’t pistol shaped, etc. This Blue Force bag is so distinctive I have a hard time envisioning even Chris Costa getting away with it (actually I don’t have to imagine it as there’s a pic in the post of him not pulling it off).

  • TG13

    get a large messenger bag for about 150.00 cheaper..

  • someone explain a need for this? even a high risk security civilian contractor would just carry it under his jacket, like the good old days. i could understand a sniper rifle in a backpack, something a bit more covert.

  • carter

    I’d call it “The Burp Bag”.

  • They are out of their minds with this bag. I can buy at Tom Bihn bag that will do more than this made out of DYNEEMA for about 20 bucks more. This thing is nylon or poly and has not waterproofed zippers. If I was going spend this kind of money on bag with chain zippers it would be a Red Oxx. In fact Red Oxx sells a nice bag for about 40 dollars with chain zippers. Chain zippers are great as long as they are not exposed to water. This thing will leak so it is useless out doors with out a cover. That being said if it was 100 bucks I might buy it. I like the look of it and I hate MOLLE on my bags. MOLLE draws too much attention. It’s pistol grip of bags……