KNS AR-15 Spade Grip, Tripod Mount and GoPro Picatinny Adapter

KNS Precision manufacture a number of AR-15 accessories including a rifle machine gun-like spade grip, a tripod mount and a GoPro video camera mount. At SHOT Show they had all three hooked up to a short barreled AR-15. The end result looked awesome and must be a lot of fun to play with. The GoPro camera could be used to capture plinking sessions at the range or be used by law enforcement or private military contractors to document live engagements or training sessions.



Steve Johnson

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  • Jared

    When will the GoPro Adapter be available? I don’t see it on their site.

    • Chuck

      Its available right now by Strikemark, the company that pioneered this product.

  • Guest

    Do not want.

  • big daddy

    I can see a small country with limited funds take an older M16A1 and use with with a high cap magazine on a vehicle. I think they call it a technical with the bigger weapons on the truck bed. Why not on the side or passenger door to augment the bigger gun. LMGs and GPMGs are a lot more money than a full auto AR. Ivenco make a mount for the MGL 6 shot 40mm, even a dual one. One of these and a 6 shot 40mm would make a formidable combination instead of a M60 or MAG. One of the generals at the DOD said recently you go to war with what you have not what you wish you have. Even a pair of these could put out firepower and cheaper than a Minimi/M249. Didn’t Redjacket do something like that?

    • noob

      How many rounds per minute sustained before the barrel shoots out and you are keyholing every shot? I guess you can swap the whole upper when it gets warm, instead of doing a proper barrel swap.

      • big daddy

        Like I said add the 6 shot 40mm. Also the removal of the hand guard would help cooling. The new Russian GPMG used as a SAW does not have a quick change barrel, it has forced air cooling. I’m not talking about the US Army or Marines I am talking about a poor country that cannot afford having a M249 or M240 or PKM on every vehicle. Even our forces were short and had to scrounge for more firepower. No not the best answer but better than trying to fire your personal weapon from a moving vehicle. This will give you a much better platform and give you some accuracy on full auto. Just enough firepower to maybe get out of a situation like an enemy combatant pointing a RPG at your vehicle at 50-100 meters. You have a much better chance of breaking up the attack with a mounted weapon than trying to aim from your seat. Even before WWII they had vehicle mounts to use the BAR on a pintle mount, all 20 rounds and no barrel change. I’m not sure if they actually used them during WWII but they had them. If I were a platoon leader and my choice in the passenger side of a jeep was my issued weapon or maybe this contraption, I would like this one on a pintle mount off to the side of the windshield. I can go to my weapon if the AR jams or the barrel burns out. Scenario, a guy jumps up from a hiding place about 50 meters away, you grab the spade grips put it on full auto and let loose with a 20 round burst in his direction. Either he gets hit or flinches when he sees and hears a machine gun firing at him. The RPG round goes flying over your head. I read that story a hundred times in Vietnam books I wonder how many times it happened in Iraq and Afghanistan?

  • pikid89

    this would be sweet with a Lightning link and a shrike upper

  • Feinstein omitted the spade grips from the new law … oops 😉

  • Falcon

    Combine that with a belt red upper and you got a homemade lmg.

    • Anonymoose

      An LMG has to be able to be fired while being hand-carried for it to be “light.”

      I’d like to see this spade grip stock on a Class 3 lower with 20-24″ barrel C-Mags or SAW-Mags. :3c

  • gunslinger

    um.. i think all 3 accessories could serve a purpose. i just don’t see the spade/tripod being useful on a SBR. that seems more suitable for a longer rifle for use with a c-mag or one of the surefire mags for a sustained suppression. but if you need that, you’d probably want a more appropriate rifle.

    as for the camera, i can see it as a “gimmick” for the range plinker, but useful for capturing training sessions.

    • I can see the camera as useful when placed behind a red-dot sight, wired to a small screen inside the vehicle. Suddenly, it’s much harder to get shot while returning fire.

      Definitely something the military would enjoy – but it just occurs to me that it’d be like the one good Land Warrior feature for turret gunners.

  • Looks like I’m getting a buffer tube stock adapter for my heavy barrel rpk then to my jeeps sun roof I will go!

  • Would really like things like this for AK’s in California. It would do very well with bipods. 🙂

  • Sam Suggs

    why the sbr I would go with a realy long barrrel

  • el gato diablo

    now you just need a matching dress and purse for it and you’re all set