Strike Industries AK Keymod Rail

The Keymod system, a standardized method to attach accessories to rifle fore-ends without the need for picatinny rails, was first unveiled at last year’s SHOT Show and later open sourced by VLTOR allowing any manufacture to make KeyMod accessories. Strike Industries has developed what might be the first Keymod fore-end/rail for the AK platform. One of the main advantages of the KeyMod system is that is allows very slim rails, as you can see in the above photo.


Steve Johnson

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  • Wolfgang

    That thing looks horrific!

  • Nick

    Not a fan of railed AK’s

    but whats with the dust cover that doesn’t look like it reaches all the way to the rear sight block?.

  • Why does everyone want to put rails on the AK?

    • Nick Pacific


    • lal

      For the same reason they put rails on the M4/AR15/whatever?

  • Dave M

    Hmm, the upper rail doesn’t appear to be low enough to co-witness with an AP Micro. However, I like seeing keymods on rails.

    • DougE

      You may be right, but it’s hard to tell since they swapped out the rear sight for some sort of rail.


    I put a rails on my ak so I could waste ammo with a secure fore grip and a slidefire/bumpski stock.