My New Love Affair With Knives

Stunning knives from Chris Reeve collection

Stunning knives from Chris Reeve collection

Stunning knives from Chris Reeve collection

A couple of months ago a woman named Jill contacted me after she found my blog. She is from Texas and wanted to get in to Multi-Gun competition. We had been corresponding through email and made a friendship on-line. She mentioned she worked for Chris Reeve Knives and was going to be at Shot. Having heard of  CRK and their quality product I of course made their booth my first stop at the show. Until my husband bought me a pocket knife a year ago as a birthday gift I had really been indifferent to knives. A year later I wonder how I ever lived without one. I wear it and use it all of the time. Well, not when I am wearing a dress of course. I have not figured out what to attach it to. (Insert your jokes here.)

Anette Wachter, Jill Terry, Anne Reeve and Angela Robinson

Anette Wachter, Jill Terry, Anne Reeve and Angela Robinson

Not only was I happy to meet Jill in person but I was excited to see three women working the booth.  In fact everyone there was amazing. CRK was started in 1984 out of Boise, ID. One of these decorated knives is on my wish list. Of course I love the ones with the designs and color. (Don’t tell anyone but I “bedazzled” my Kershaw knife with black Swarovski rhinestones.) What can I say? I love the bling. I enjoyed talking with Bill Harsey the designer and maker of these gorgeous creatures. I was told the stainless steel is S35VN quality. A foreign language to me but to those who know steel it is top of the line. The handles are made of Titanium. What is most inspiring is that they present knives to graduates of Green Beret Qualifications. A Beret and A CRK knife. Something tells me those graduates don’t get the sparkly ones. Bill also took me over to meet another US knife maker Spartan Knives.

Bill designs a couple of knives for Spartan. My favorite piece Spartan had was the CQB Tool shown. Serious

Spartan CQB and training version

Spartan CQB and training version

Bad Ass! A close combat knife. Worn around the neck and used when someone invades your personal space a little too much. Again, for the nerdy knife know-it-all the blade is a CPM 154CM.  The most impressive thing to me about meeting the members of both CRK and Spartan is the pride they have in their companies and their products. Hand crafted and made in the USA.  As it should be.


Anette Wachter

From Seattle, WA, Anette is a Member of US National Rifle Team, 3 NRA national records 300 yards, 2014 – 3 National Team Palma Championships.
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  • if you love knives, you will love daggers, try rondel daggers, they are f***ing awesome

  • John Doe

    Guns and knives go together like pasta and tomatoes, or eggs and bacon.

  • Clayton

    As an FYI, I believe the knife that CRK presents to the graduates is this one, not the Sebenza’s pictured:

  • Doug

    Yeah if you’re gonna collect knives are use them on a frequent basis, you have to own at least 1 Benchmade, SOG, or Kershaw. The best in the industry.

  • Jill Terry

    Thanks for this Anette and it was great to meet you! We introduced you to so many people, but you somehow consolidated all the conversations and wrote a great article! Chris & Anne Reeve, Bill Harsey, and the Spartan Blades guys (Mark Carey & Curtis Iovito) are inspiring people to know. What I consider “old school.” Their attention to detail, quality and customer service is unparalleled. I’m proud that products such as these are still made in America.

  • David

    Go to for the best quality blades on the market. They have the best. I am a avid collector and I love all 7 I got from them so far.