New Glock Magnetic Laser from CAT


I examined a new laser for Glocks which I believe will be a hit for Glock users. This unit is made by CAT in Argentina. I spoke with Ana Contessi the manager at CAT. She gave me the tour of this new product.

This sight appears to be very well made with a polymer body. The laser activation button is just under the rear CAT sight. It’s a straight forward push for on and push again for off. This laser is a red variety.

The most unique thing about this made for Glock laser (fits all but the slim model 36) is the fact it is held on to the Glock slide by a very strong magnet. This magnet is indeed strong and takes a good pull to remove it.There’s is no way it will move during recoil much less come off.The laser mounts by placing it over the Glock rear sight. A backup front and rear three dot sight is mounted on top of the laser if needed. The unit is also adjustable for windage and elevation. MSRP on this unit is a bargain at $134.00.


The photo above shows the on/off push button switch

Phil White

Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m the Associate Editor and moderator at TFB. I really enjoy answering readers questions and comments. We can all learn from each other about our favorite hobby!


  • kevinp2

    Very nice. Any chance of a range report?

  • boardsnbikes

    Do non-Glock rear sites compromise the CAT laser? I would think so.

  • So the rear sight stays on? In the event of failure you can just pull it off?
    If yes to both, I’m ordering one asap…. hell, night sights cost that much.

    • True on both counts. That price was given to me today and I could not believe it and asked again. Yep it’s the right price.

  • David

    No point in having a laser that you need to turn and off with a button. BIG liability in a gunfight

    • It’s pretty conveniately located. I tried it as a draw from the holster and hit the button as I made my grip and just pushed the button as my thumb came around the frame.

  • matt

    lol@ the 1″ sight radius

  • I’d love to see one of these for stock-sighted 1911A1’s!!!

  • nobody

    Am I missing something here? Why not use a picatinny rail mounted laser instead of having a magnetic attatchment that goes over the rear sights and gives you sights with what looks like a 1 inch sight radius? What advantages does this have over a picatinny rail mounted laser?

    • AD

      I think the idea is that it will work with most normal holsters, and the laser is closer to the normal sight line (and for that matter the barrel) and so points of aim will diverge less.

      • True I just like the idea and I could remove them anytime I wanted. Like daytime carry leave it off. At night put it on for home protection work.

  • Sign me up! (if it will work with metroprolite sights or XS….)

  • Nash

    Where can I buy 1?

  • I have a couple of Glocks that I switch between, this will work perfect.

  • Fred Vinca

    Will there be one for 1911 in the near future?

  • Soulstealer

    Im interested, but…. Im curious if this will scratch or damage the “cerakote” finish on a glock slide? Is there a lot of friction or play on the magnet to slide contact? Thanks Phil

  • RollingThunder

    So it says it comes with a backup 3 dot sight setup. But in the photo, there’s no 2-dot rear sight.. I’m confused. Does the 2-dot rear sight just come in the packaging and if you want to use it, you remove the rear sight that is on the piece itself (shown in photo)? I’m confused. I would rather use a 2-dot rear sight with this than the glock factory rear sight. When you read this it sounds like you use your own rear sight, but you can tell the rear sight in the photo is not a factory glock rear sight. Confused again. I’m only asking because I want this! Any help understanding this would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!