Custom Patterns Coming for Magpul AR-15 Furniture

The "Typhon" Pattern.

Tired of Flat Dark Earth and O.D. Green? Basic Black too plain, Foliage Green not different enough? Sports South will soon be offering Magpul MOE furniture for AR-15s in all the latest patterns and colors. They have teamed up with Matrix Diversified Industry and TWN Water Transfer Printing to create hyrdo-dipped furniture sets with matching forends, foregrips, magazines, pistol grips, and stocks. Some of the patterns are quite functional, like the new A-TACS pattern, and should be a hit with the tactical crowd. Others are just for fun, to stand out from the crowd, like the carbon fiber pattern or the “Muddy Girl” hot pink and black camo. Of course there’s a green zombie pattern, “Reaper Z”, and even Kryptec’s “Typhon”, a black-on-grey dragon scale pattern most notable for being featured in the Call of Duty: Black Ops II video game (see image above).

Water transfer printing has gone from being a novelty to being a staple of advanced firearm customization. With the announcement of this product line, the technology goes one step closer to becoming absolutely mainstream. Soon any AR owner will be able to enjoy a level of firearm customization that was once very rare and expensive simply by swapping out their factory furniture with one of these matched sets.

TWN Rifles

Good photos of rifles sporting these patterns are difficult to come by at the moment, but we are hoping that Sport South’s booth at the SHOT Show will have some examples for us to look at!


  • Dave

    I’d settle for a half-dozen black PMAGs..

  • Aaron Russell

    Cheers to firearms and not politics, keep it up folks

  • Hawk

    Whatever happened to purpose behind design?

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      I like the look of them.

      • Hawk

        Right, but why should that be a factor? If it’s a car, go for it, but this is a lifeline.

        • Steve (TFB Editor)

          Some of my guns are tools but many of them are toys I just enjoy plinking with.

        • allannon

          It’s not like it impedes functionality, so where’s the problem?

          • Hawk

            In my opinion, the color of your rifle should reflect the environment it will be used in.

          • allannon

            How do you color match to a shooting range? I’ll bet a pound of my beef jerky that there are more AR-pattern rifles in civilian hands than the US military. I mean, even if only a half-million or so gunowners own ARs, people with ARs tend to own several. Most AR owners I know have 2 (their first one, and a good one); several that compete have 4 or more, for different purposes plus spares.

            And Typhon and ACU are at least as good a pattern as any solid color; arguably better because even if they don’t color-match they at least break up the outline a bit.

            Then there’s the fact that you could replace every piece of MOE on a rifle in, oh, 5 minutes. So if you’re going to doom-prep it up anyway, just buy a spare set of whatever solid color you think is best. A bit of elbow grease takes you from day-glo ACU or whatever to OD, and none of this requires functional changes to the rifle.

          • Hawk

            Personally, I don’t view any of my guns as ornaments or weekend toys. They’re tools, and I will treat them as such. I’ll leave unnecessary firearm decoration to warlords and gamers.

          • allannon

            Something being aesthetically pleasing doesn’t make it an “…ornament or weekend toy”, and wanting something that looks nice doesn’t make one a “…warlord or gamer”.

            I’ve used mine about as seriously as a civilian can, and the effort toward aesthetics haven’t effected it’s ability to do so at all.

          • Hawk

            To each his own.

          • Schizuki

            Lighten up, Francis. We’re not all “operators” dropping tangos in the ‘stan.

    • Joseph

      … you do realize some of these totally blend in with some environments right?

  • Ken

    I love the motto, Firearms not Politics. Wish the guys at TTAG would realize they aren’t poli sci majors and get back to the gun talk and leave the politics to someone else. As if a non believer would stumble onto a gun website and be convinced by their 1 sided name calling and ranting

  • Ken

    Oh and this level of customization is going to be badass. Thanks for the report and definitely keep us posted if you find out more or get more pics. Kudos for the new web design

  • Mike Knox

    I bet they’ll be like vector graphics..

  • Ive seen a few other companies that do this

  • Frosty_The_White_Man

    Some Magpul Kalashnikov accoutrements would be most welcome.

  • noob

    Hmm. The sharp polygons actually draw my eye, rather than make me skate over it. Color me unconvinced

  • Adrienne

    WHEN…tired of the boring colors…drab greens and blacks…grab the attention of the ladies!